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The Benefits of Elder Care and Companions for Elderly People

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Assisted living facilities are designed to provide 24-hour care and assistance with daily tasks. These facilities are staffed with registered nurses who provide a wide range of medical services and support. Residents can access as much or as little assistance as they require. Staff is on site to handle any problems or emergencies. An ALF may be a good choice for seniors who are aging and need a higher level of care. They also offer activities and transportation outside the facility.

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Companions provide non-medical care and can assist with shopping and household chores. These service providers can be scheduled on an hourly basis and can help a senior live on their own. The companions can provide assistance up to 15 hours per week. Some caregivers may want to consider hourly care instead of full-time live-in care, but there are other benefits to hiring a companion. They can offer emotional support and can help organize mail and paperwork for the resident. read more