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... Emails & Letters from DFW Moms

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I have grown to trust your name. It is just about a year now that I have been a member and in that time I have discovered so many products that I just would never have known had it not been for you. I have found in that time that I might not like the outer appearance of something but that if I see it on you site or at an event you have done the research for me and I can trust it. . . On the flip side if I do not see your name or endorsement of something I also need to wonder why. . . I felt that if your name was not associated with it, it was not worth my time.
-March Baremore

I wanted to thank you for the event last night! I had a wonderful time visiting with the new ladies I met at my table. I am trying to develop a social circle here in Dallas since I just moved back here from San Francisco and this avenue seems to be working ... I am looking forward to more fun events in the future!
Lasca Weiss

I was fortunate to be squeezed into my first MetroMoms event ever: The Best and Hottest Products from Pregnancy to Preschool. When I received the phone call that there was an opening (I was on the waitlist), I honestly felt that I had won the lottery! Have you all seen "Oprah's Favorite Things" episodes? Well, this was like that, except geared towards mommies and babies. I had such a blast and my son, Remy, enjoyed watching and interacting with the other children. I love that I made new friends with the same frustrations and delights of motherhood.

-Myha Nguyen

MetroMoms events are fun for moms and kids. It's great to be in settings friendly to kids while enjoying the company of other moms. The events are so well organized. The prizes are fantastic- popular brands and the newest products. I can't believe how cool the goody bags items are! It's even better than when I was a kid and got goodies at birthday parties!
-Lindy Kinnan

I feel very lucky to have been introduced to MM while my son was very young. We have been able to do a lot of fun things. Many of my friends with small children that don't live in the DFW area wish that there was a similar organization to MM in their area.

-Jeri Duncan

A great place to meet other moms, enjoying fun, kid-friendly activities at the same time.

-Staci Poindexter

I just attended my first MM event and what a blast! My son and I had so much fun we can't wait for the next.
- Roxanne Hotchkiss

Nice to be pampered and informed of the latest information on child safety and development.

-Misti Pearson

What I like best about MetroMoms events is that it's a way to meet other moms and learn new tips & tricks to being a mom.

-Carey Zarate

... Mom Blogs & Websites

If you’ve never checked out www.metroplexbaby.com …you should. Spend a few minutes browsing a world of information just for moms. You’ll find all kinds of great ways to connect with other moms just like you.

If you live in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex you need to bookmark this site. They have listings by date of everything pregnancy/baby/child related, activities, events, story times you name it they got it with a guide of what ages it is appropriate for and driving directions how to get there. This calendar had proven invaluable to my family.


I moved to Texas a year and three months ago. When I first got here, I was on my own because my husband was not fully "out" of the military yet. At this point in time, I had no friends, and I had no way to make them either. ... I came across the Metroplexbaby website. Of course I was looking around the site, and came across their events. So I went, not expecting much, because I didn't want to be disappointed. . . So I went to this event and had a blast. . . . Along with that, I also gained a few more friends, and maybe we'll actually get together outside of these events and really become friends. These events are awesome, I'm going to another one next month as well as a few other informational ones. I am excited about them. I love going to these events because I leave with some awesome stuff, and I'm finally making friends here in Texas.

Something amazing happens when you get a group of moms together without their babies. They have actual conversations, full of complete sentences and peppered with wit and humor. They drink wine and swap labor horror stories that probably make the pregnant girl at the table want to hurl/hide, but they can only laugh at the tales they recall. . . I had one such amazing experience tonight when I had the honor of joining some great gal pals at my second Metroplex Baby and Kids Best and Hottest event.

Okay so while I was all prego and stuff, i went to a All Stuff Baby Expo with my girlfriend Becca ... and we came across this booth called Metroplex Baby & Kids! So we stopped, checked it out and decided to attend one of their events just to see what it was all about! Well that was back in mid 2007 and here it is January 2009 and I gotta tell ya, if you are a mom you need to join this group! They do all these GREAT events, have all the "need to knows" on their website, and have a wonderful savings card!! . . . Every event I have gone to totally went above and beyond my expectations!!

I'm still enjoying the fun of my latest mom's night out- MetroMoms/Metroplex Baby & Kids Best & Hottest Products event Thursday night. If you haven't heard me rave about this, I barely know where to start! First, the website is a cornucopia of information about everything baby/kid/family in DFW. Plus, my favorite, the mom events! I love the informative lectures and culture enriching outings, but what warms the cockles of my shopaholic heart-the stuff! They go out of their way to find all the newest and coolest products out there to make being a mom easier and cooler. Love it! Side benefit? Meeting other moms and kiddos.

Amy is having a baby! This week, we have been celebrating her exciting news with All Things Baby! Today, I will be sharing with her the latest and greatest "Baby Must-Haves". With the help of www.metromomsevents.com, I am giving Amy some great insights into her registry.

The super-creative group, MetroMoms — Dallas-Fort Worth’s premiere events program for new and expectant moms and families — held their Best and Hottest Products event yesterday and dressed-up the event with a little Boon flair.


Let's face it, parenting is not easy... you need all the help you can get. But Dallas/Fort Worth is huge and can be difficult to plug in. Enter Tina Wysk and Barbara Arnondin, founders of Metroplex Baby and Kids, a one stop resource for all things kid-related and mommy-needed in the metroplex. http://www.beloblog.com/parent/2008/10/notsoperfect_pa_212.html

I was so looking forward to my metroplex baby luncheon on Thursday. Those events do not come around enough and it really was the one truly bright spot on my calendar (yes I have always had one of those, whether or not it is on the right month is the question). So I had a delightful lunch and speaker on managing children in the 2's and 3's.

Metro Moms is an amazing group of women. They have added a wonderful part of raising a child that I would have never thought existed. I signed up for the newsletter just after my baby was born and it took me several months to attend my first event. I didn't know anyone else with babies, and was afraid to go alone. After my first event I was hooked. Everyone is so friendly and inviting and we had a really great time. That was 2 years ago and we have attended everything we were able to since then. I have made some really great friends and have finally talked my friends that now have babies to go to events with me. They love it too!!! I have done so many things with my son that I wouldn't have braved alone such as The Dallas Museum of Art. But with 20 other crying babies I fit right in. I am so grateful to Barb and Tina for making being a mom such a cool thing!

So I'm a member of this awesome group called MetroMoms. I absolutely love this group!! Not only have I met some fantastic women in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, but I have been able to attend some very invaluable events. Some events are meant to teach us, like disciplining techniques, potty training, or starting your own company. Other events are just plain fun, like their quarterly Best & Hottest Products event. The tickets went on sale a couple months ago and sold out faster than a U2 concert! In fact, I believe they were sold out before they even had a chance to finish their presale offer!

A new Best and Hottest event from Metroplex Baby is coming up and I'm hoping that I will be able to go... I'm crossing my fingers that I get a good number at the Best and Hottest. Last time I got the last number (98), but I still got a wonderful prize! A Queen of Sheba doll from Madame Alexander! She is beautiful and even Mike liked her since she had the Lion of Judah on her and she's from Ethiopia. How perfect for this family! If you've never been to a MetroMom event then you need to go. They have the most fun, wonderful events in the D/FW area. Tickets are usually reasonable since they include lunch for the mom and we always get goody bags! I'm a sucker for goody bags.

I’ve mentioned my “mommy events” a few times. For curiosity sake, the events are hosted by Metroplex Baby & Kids. It was started by two moms who were looking for a way to meet other moms, get advice and do fun things together. I’ve been attending their events since May. A major perk to participating is the raffle prizes they give away each event. Yes, I like the speakers and networking, but the prizes are really good.

Two weeks ago, I went to an event put on my MetroMoms. I know I have said before how much I love their events but I don't think I can say it enough.

I had such a great time at the Best and Hottest last night. I am very grateful that Metroplex Baby exists. My life is so busy and draining that an event out with other moms and no kids is such a necessity. I have a lot of friends, but getting to spend time with my fellow metromoms is exactly what I need. I feel very lucky to be a part of this amazing group. Cant wait to meet more moms.


The Metroplex Baby & Kids event on Saturday at Pickles and Ice Cream was awesome. . . . In addition to the great stuff, we also met some really nice people and I'm looking forward to the next event!

Last night I attended yet another wonderful event hosted by MetroMoms/Metroplex Baby & Kids. This is the same group we've gone to the zoo and to other events with. Last night was their Best & Hottest event and they had tons of the newest and greatest baby/child/mom products there.

Saturday morning I picked up Lindy and we headed to a MetroMoms event -- love these! This one was for "new and expectant moms", and we enjoyed a light breakfast at the Plano Pickles 'n Ice Cream before drawing numbers to pick out a fabulous new baby product. I actually drew number 4 out of about 40! I still missed out on the awesome stroller and high chair, but I did get the coolest travel baby bed called a Baby Zabu that I will be taking everywhere.

The MetroMoms event was allot of fun, too. It was a "move and be healthy" type of thing, held at a Wiggles Play Center. Not only did the kids get to play on the playsets, but the moms participated in a hula-hoop contest, while the dads had to feed and change a "baby" - one handed! It was so funny to see grown men get so competitive over baby bottles filled with water and diapers that just would not come off of the doll. It was all in good fun, though.

We decided to add a little culture to our lives by going to the Dallas Museum of Art for a private, guided tour for moms and their babies. We had a good time hanging out together. . . the group that hosted it is Metro Moms and they have events all over the metroplex that moms can go to with their little ones. Just another fun outing!

I don't know if you have heard me talking about my new found fun Mommy time, but I love going to this group called the "Metro Moms." There are many activities that you can do with them, but my favorite are the classes that you attend so you can have time out of the house, meet new people and then get great stuff and learn the latest ideas in child development and rearing! I have been to several of these events and love everything about them..... If you go to the website there are several things that this has on it....if you are a member, you can get discounts on things like museums and other educational places plus you have lots of opportunities to meet new people.

Man, I had a great time last night! I sat with some great friends and even met a new one! That's why I love the Metromoms! Not only because we score great gifts, like I did last night, but we're given the opportunity to have some great conversations with old friends and new friends.


metroplexbaby.com is a great social network for moms in the dallas area looking to get out to some great local events and hear speakers on topics to better your mommy skills and become a better parent. One of the greatest perks besides the uplifting speakers is there raffle bags and quarterly best and hottest event. They come up with some amazing finds that make me want to get pregnant again so I can have these. I always leave the event with great stuff and a rumble under my breath "where was that when I was pregnant"


So off Andrea and I went to the Metro Moms Best and Hottest Event and drew number 5 and 6 out of 100. We both won TFK strollers. It was a great night and we signed up for another event in two weeks. We have so much fun with the Metro Moms.


I love MetroMom events!!! They have really informative luncheons and super fun events for the kids. A little something for everybody.

Last week I went to a metromom's event, it was pretty neat. For those that live in the dfw area, I would check out their website at: www.metroplexbaby.com, their events are awesome and you get to meet a lot of great moms!

My Mommy got to go to a MetroMoms Event last night! She saw other mommy friends and ate a really good dinner...The most fun was the raffle. Every mommy there gets to pick a balloon which has a number in it. That number is the order in which you get to pick a prize. Mommy got 92 this time and got a cool prize!

... Other Notes

ZimbioMay 15, 2008, "Orbit Baby will help Texas parents get strong this weekend,"  Zimbio

"Orbit Baby is dedicated to every child having a happy, safe, childhood. And that’s exactly the theme of the MetroMoms event scheduled for this weekend in Texas. Slated for Sunday May 18th at 10am at the Wiggly Play Center in Frisco Texas, the MetroMoms Getting Strong Event will feature a variety of contests, prizes, and games; expert advice on home and family safety; and the opportunity to check out innovative new baby gear."

Mom BLog NetworkDecember 2007, "Bumble Bags Stroll Dallas Museum of Art,"  MomBlogNetwork

"On Tuesday December 4, Metro Moms of Dallas strolled the Dallas Museum of Art. The Bumble Collection was a sponsor of the event that included a guided tour of the museum and a lunch at the Atrium Cafe. … A “Metro Mom” is a super mom who believes that life only gets better with kids, and that you do not lost your sense of style by becoming a mom."font>

Happy Panda"Afternoon Tea With Pandas," November 18, 2007, HappyPandaandBaby.com

"Happy Panda is a proud supporter of events that bring moms and kids together. Stay tuned for more panda sightings and a special thank you to Metro Moms for helping spread the word about our Happy Panda products."

Basq NYCOctober 2007, basqnyc.com

From parenting tips to issues on kids health, Metro Moms works with the community to keep them informed."

baby starAugust 2007; October 2007, babystar.com
Baby Star appears at MetroMoms events

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June 3, 2010

Modern Babies & Children Fall 2009 "MetroMoms Best & Hottest Products 2009" pp. 68-69
Modern Babies & Children Spring 2009 "MetroMoms Best & Hottest Products 2009" pp. 60-61
Modern Babies & Children October 2008 "Making Time For Moms" by Rebecca Klein, pp.68-69

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MetroMoms/Metroplex Baby & Kids Hundreds of moms gave their reasons why Metroplex Baby & Kids and MetroMoms are their favorite DFW Family Resource

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July 27, 2008  

D MagazineJanuary 2008: "Spending 9+ hours a day at the office is tiring. Makes us wonder how some moms can handle a full-time on top of raising a child. If you're a mom and you're trying to figure it out for yourself, don't miss [MetroMoms'] Balancing Work & Motherhood workshop"

October 2006:
"If you're a mom or mom-to-be, check out the Metro Moms group. They enjoy food, conversation-about what else- being a mom, and informational sessions."

Fort Worth Star Telegram July 27, 2007 "Group Gatherings, Mommy Style" Star-Telegram.com

World News Network 21 Products Moms Need To Know About

The Not So Perfect Parent Radio Show Barb and Tina – Metroplex Moms

BzzAgent "This is a great Dallas Area site for parents. Need something to do? Check out the calendar, or head to their MetroMoms events. Great products, witty answers from Ask Barb, and a Savings Card that is good all over the web."

eHow"How to Find Things for a Toddler to do in Fort Worth, Texas"

Dallas ObserverJuly 28, 2007 DallasObserver.com


topix.net"Shop Talk," July 26, 2007, topix.net
MetroMoms "has a few events with stylish expectant and new moms in mind"

The Dallas WeeklyMay 9-15, 2007, The Dallas Weekly
La Bella Belly Maternity and MetroMoms team up to host “Posh and Pampered: Supermom in the Making” a special Mother’s Day event for the lovely Mother-to-Be. [An] exclusive Mother’s Day treat.

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