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Best Toys for the Holidays


the toys

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Pom Pom your world by placing pom poms on the items you love! Pom Pom your room, your school supplies, and even your style. The Pom Pom Wow! Sparkle Pack from Maya Group includes 55 sparkle pom poms in 6 colors and 60 adhesive dots. >Learn More *Not in Second Pick Bags
MetroMoms with a Second Pick can collect, stack and display your favorite Disney Tsum Tsum characters! Each 9-Pack collectible set includes 3 large, 3 medium, and 3 small figures, of which 3 are exclusive and 1 is mystery. Track your collection with the included Series 3 Tsum Tsum Collector Guide and find all of the "common, lucky, and super lucky" Disney Tsum Tsum characters to complete your assortment! Find both sets. Collect'em! Stack'em! Ages 6+. >Learn More
WowWee's Elektrokideez are fun new miniature collectable figures styled and dressed in their favorite music genres. Ultra-rare A-list characters such as Hip Hop's Queen E and Country's star-studded Nash are joined by ultra-cute B-list and C-list characters. Dance couples who complete each other's designs compete for the spotlight with glitter and glow-in-the dark varieties. All designs include the signature Elektrokideez lightning bolt belly button. Set up a miniature concert with the most soulful figurines to hit the stage, twirl their hair, or use them as pencil toppers. A must-have for the school pencil case! >Learn More
The World’s Smallest toys are designed with the same working functions as the originals, but in the smallest sizes ever created! They are as amazing as the originals. Brands include: Rubik’s Cube, Perplexus, Duncan Imperial Yo-Yo, Etch A Sketch, Little Green Army Men, Magic 8 Ball, Fisher-Price, Sock Monkey, Doodletop and Polaroid. >Learn More
Say hello to the newest addition to the Begin Again Toys Bathtub Pals! Blue Diver will be the start of the show (and help verbal skills develop) when kids create underwater adventures galore. Made from natural rubber, this fun character bubbles through his helmet, just a real, old-fashioned diver, when submerged and then drains easily after playtime in the bath, at the beach or in the pool. Dishwasher safe (top rack preferably) for easy clean up. Characters have large openings for easy drainage - helping to prevent black mold build up. Made from sustainably harvested natural rubber. >Learn More
Tonka Tinys are the perfect vehicles to take on the go. These micro-sized vehicles are built Tonka tough and feature the same great styling as the classic Tonka vehicles. These vehicles are perfect for vehicle-loving kids or collectors. Tonka Tinys have working wheels to allow kids to create their own adventures! Choose from 22 different replicas of real-life trucks. Each vehicle comes with its own garage for storing and stacking! >Learn More
Players have a frantic rush to place their cards on the card stack in Identity Games' Poopyhead Card Game. But they must place them in the right order: Toilet - Poo - Paper - Wash your hands. Once a player cannot play a card, he or she immediately pushes the whoopie cushion. Now, whoever has the most cards left, will need to place a poo on their head. After 5 games, the player with the most poo on his head loses! >Learn More
 Tactic Games' Family Alias is a tongue-twisting word explanation game for the whole family. By taking turns, players explain words to their partners using synonyms, opposites and hints. Your partner changes on every round. With two types of cards, Family Alias provides the equal game challenge for adults and children alike. Wild cards and kids cards can make the game even more exciting! For each correctly guessed word, the explaining and guessing players get to move forward on the game board. The first player to reach the victory space wins! >Learn More
Precision RBS is the most innovative line of rubber band launchers EVER! They’re like nothing you’ve ever experienced! RBS delivers intense fun – with more ammo, more power, and more on-target accuracy. The lightweight Talos holds up to 12 rubber bands in two sizes, launches up to 30 feet and includes a built-in extender for even more power when you need it. It’s perfect for quick, smooth action. The adjustable barrel length enables small and medium bands. Looking for quick, agile action, Talos is the one. >Learn More
The Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Scan Color Chameleon teaches preschoolers colors, counting and more in a fun, interactive way! This adorable toy Chameleon encourages preschoolers to explore the world of colors and numbers. Press the button on the Chameleon’s tail to scan one of the 10 paint splats and Chameleon will identify that color! Or, spread the paint splats on the floor, pick a play mode and be prompted to follow directions, sing, count, play games and more. Kids can even try scanning other items from around the room, like a book or a toy, to see what happens! They'll have a blast with this "colorful" friend! There are 3 fun & interactive ways to play: Colors, Counting and Games. >Learn More
CHiP from WowWee is an intelligent, friendly robot puppy. CHiP is your loyal robot companion with all the lovable qualities of a real dog. CHiP shows affection, learns new tricks and loves to play. Roll his ball and he’ll bring it back to you. Pick up his front legs and he’ll dance with you. Rub your nose against his and he’ll nuzzle right back. CHiP is a technological breakthrough. Equipped with an adaptive personality, CHiP’s character changes and grows over time. His artificial intelligence algorithms are applied to data from a large array of high tech sensors. Real-time processing helps CHiP see, speak, listen, and feel, all while exploring his own world independently. SmartBand technology allows CHiP to recognize you as his one and only owner. He will greet you, follow you and play with you just like a real puppy. He’ll also let you know when he feels hungry or needs attention. >Learn More
So easy, anyone can fly! Introducing Lumi from WowWee - the drone that is so easy to control. Instead of concentrating on keeping Lumi airborne, you can focus on playing fun games or creating your own custom air show. Lumi features one-touch tricks and stabilizes itself in auto-pilot mode, leaving your hands free to play app-based games that let you interact with Lumi in the air. Walk away with the included beacon and Lumi will follow you, while avoiding both objects and walls. >Learn More
Coji from WowWee is a fun robot who teaches kids the basics of coding with Emojis. Smiley faces and other emoticons are familiar to kids and adults alike. With Coji, you can string emojis together with arrows and images and you have a set of commands that kids all over the world can learn to use, regardless of their language or reading level. Your junior coder will have fun controlling Coji. Send Coji a set of recorded commands and he’ll react by moving around, making funny sounds, and displaying different emojis on his screen. Coji challenges his playmates with different skill-testing games that encourage critical thinking. In one game, your child will use emoji code to safely direct Coji’s digital avatar through a maze - avoiding obstacles along the way. In another, Coji becomes a physical controller for the digital world. >Learn More
The Little Partners Tri-Side Learn and Play Art Center Easel art station is designed to encourage young artists’ creative side with a special place to color, paint, and play. It includes a Chalk Board & Magnetic, Dry Erase Board, and felt board, Four Non-Spill Paint Containers, and Eraser Hang parchment paper, use dry erase markers, crayons, paint or any other way to let your child express the artist inside of them. Easily Stow Supplies. Storage shelves help keep all of your important art supplies organized, and the art tray and cup holders allow for easy access during those creative moments. Learning & Growing Never Stops. Like all Little Partners Products, this art easel is made from real wood. Layered Pine makes it a sturdy and long lasting, so you can count on it holding up after years of use. >Learn More
The Vintage Cotton Canvas Teepee from Pacific Play Tents is perfect for hours of indoor or outdoor imaginative play. Great Americana graphics. brightly colored panels and a mesh window for ventilation and easy viewing. This teepee is four-sided, each side is 45-inch wide and it is 64-inches high at it's tallest point. It is made sturdy with bamboo poles which allow for easy assembly and extra durability. Includes carry bag for storage and portability. >Learn More
Engage in role play with the elaborate BRIO Central Fire Station. One truck has light/sound functionality for extra action. BRIO creates innovative, high-quality and well-designed toys with clean, simple designs that spark children's creativity and imagination while encouraging and supporting each stage of their development. For over a century, our mission has been to create happy childhood memories. All wooden parts are made from 100% FSC-certified beech wood from sustainably managed forests and are built to last for generations. >Learn More
Welcome to the BRIO Family Home, a modular play house. Build it according to suggestions in the leaflet or customize - the modular pieces in plastic and wood offer lots of options. It comes with interior details and characters, creating a unique social play focus around real life situations for your child to engage in. The Village encourages social roleplay and invites children to play together by telling stories from their everyday life. A variety of different characters help to get the roleplaying started. All pieces of the Village theme are modular-scaled to fit the rest of the BRIO World and can easily be connected and expanded with the other themes in the BRIO World. >Learn More
Introducing the Magnetic Stick N Stack Shape Mags. This100 piece set includes some all NEW never before seen shapes too! You can create the picture that is on the box, with the dome top – or create what your heart desires. This is a fun and entertaining set for a first timer, or for those magnetic stick N’ stack pros. Let your imagination and creativity explore! Bring this with you wherever you go. It’s fun for a large age range, kids, and teens and even for adults. >Learn More
Kids love this attractive, high-quality toy replica of the popular Caboose Stand-On Tandem stroller. And what's not to love? The clever design features of the Joovy Toy Caboose allow your child to secure and transport two or three cherished toy friends at once, for hours of role-playing fun. And with our toy car seat adapter attachment system the Toy Caboose is fully compatible with the Toy Car Seat (which we have included) – just like the real thing. The Toy Caboose tandem stroller sets the highest standard for toys, designed with realistic features to maximize role-playing fun. We have combined both the Toy Caboose and the Toy Car Seat it with the Joovy Toy Playard, to cover all of baby doll's needs! >Learn More
Bluebee Pals are a Bluetooth-enabled interactive and lovable plush companion that sings, reads and answer phone calls. Our innovative lip synchronization technology allows Bluebee’s “mouth” to move while you’re reading storybooks, engaging in learning apps, singing songs and much more. The award-winning Bluebee Pals will enhance your child’s learning journey in a variety of ways. They can stream any song, story app (in any language), educational software and activities, to capture and retain your child’s attention all while promoting fun interaction. Bluebee Pals wide range of app compatibility introduce an exciting communication device that fosters educational opportunities for all mainstream and special needs children. >Learn More
Wonderhood’s creative building toys are sure to be at the top of every little girl’s wish list this holiday season. In addition, parents will feel good about giving Wonderhood toys to the girls in their life as it encourages interest in math and science. To build the Wonderhood Grand Hotel, girls connect beautifully illustrated, durable plastic Design Panels that spark the imagination and inspire girls to invent stories. Sturdy construction and the included figurines allow girls to really play with their creations and act out adventures. An Activity Journal is also included with every set, introducing fun female lead characters as role models - like Chelsea, a budding architect, and Emmie, a super star food scientist. Girls can solve the Journal's Design Challenges, and record their own design ideas too. >Learn More
It's game time! We have bundled three favorite board games from Wonder Forge. Suspicion, is a game of secret identity and deduction. Really Bad Art is a game of lofty ideas and horrible craftsmanship. Stick Stack is a game of tilting tactics. Are you up for the challenges? >Learn More
The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Crawl-Around Learning Center is the ultimate active learning center. Baby will love moving from panel to panel, discovering new and fun activities all along the way. Panel One is all sorts of fun as your little one gets big rewards by sorting the four different shapes and sending them down the chute again and again. Press Puppy to learn about body parts and colors. Playtime is calling on Panel Two, where baby can dial up tons of fun (& friends), and discover a special message you recorded just for them. Panel Three offers all sorts of hands-on activities with a mirror, jumbo rattle roller, fish bowl clicker and more. And Panel Four provides fun surprises with a peek-a-boo window, a place to add a family photo and much more! Plus, crawling through the arch activates musical rewards, encouraging baby to keep moving and exploring. >Learn More
Tactic Games' Mölkky is the insanely addictive outdoor throwing game from Finland. Mölkky can be played on grass, gravel, beach, dirt or any outdoor surface. All you need is an outdoor space, a few friends, and a Mölkky set. Groups of all sizes and ages can play together. The official Mölkky rules allow for up to 26 players per game. >Learn More
Construct real electronic circuits inside the Death Star as you activate authentic light and sound effects from Star Wars movies! The Uncle Milton Death Star Electronics Lab Kit is a real circuit lab that includes over 20 experiments using more than 70 components for hours of fun play and real STEM learning. See if you can make all the functions of the Death Star fully operational like activating the super laser, initiating the tractor beam, triggering the battle alarm or even powering Darth Vader’s breathing machine! Authentic Death Star design lights-up and makes a great display on your wall for fans of all ages. Includes activity guide with full color diagrams for each experiment and educational learning on the different functions of real world electronic components. >Learn More
Go on an incredible journey through an ant colony! The unique Uncle Milton Virtual Explorer Antopia Adventure 4-in-1 system combines exciting virtual reality and augmented reality technology with hands-on Ant Farm live ant habitat activities and real STEM learning. Use the classic Ant Farm habitat to see live ants dig tunnels and build mountains as you explore the underground world of ants. It's break-resistant, and escape-proof. Use the explorer activity guide poster with your ant habitat to learn about ant behaviors, anatomy, and more. Find answers to each activity and match them with the VR and AR cards which then unlock exciting virtual adventures. Go on Amazing 360-degree Virtual Reality Journeys through an underground ant colony by using the high-quality virtual reality goggles with your smart phone and the free app. Just scan the VR cards and unlock realistic virtual experiences as you observe and learn about different ants. >Learn More
Play and explore the Go! Go! Smart Animals Happy Paws Playland by VTech. This exciting playland for pets has three light-up buttons at the top of the elevator that introduce time concepts, colors and play sing-along songs, melodies and fun phrases. Put the adorable SmartPoint cat in the elevator and move it up and down to trigger playful responses on each floor. Then, hop on the slide to travel back to the first floor. Place the carefree cat on the eight SmartPoint locations, and she'll respond with songs, melodies, sounds and phrases. The playland also includes a turning telescope, swinging hammock, a secret trap door and more that help build fine motor skills. Chloe the carefree cat teaches the letter C, the color orange and the name of the animal through pretend play. Features 7 sing-along songs and 26 melodies. >Learn More
It's all systems go for learning with the Go! Go! Smart Wheels Blast-Off Space Station by VTech. Your little astronaut will love helping the rocket lift-off from the launch pad for an outer space adventure. They can maneuver down the space ramp, spin the solar system or even pretend to escape from a black hole. This out-of-this-world playset includes a variety of features to strengthen motor skills and teach cause and effect. Along the way, they'll use the included SmartPoint rocket ship to zoom past five SmartPoint locations to hear fun phrases, music and more. Press the toy rocket ship's light-up button to hear sing-along songs and learn the letter R. Collect other SmartPoint vehicles and connect to other Go! Go! Smart Wheels playsets (sold separately) to encourage your child's creativity. >Learn More
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle BattleSnap Game is first high-impact battle game that brings the amazing TMNT heroes and villains to life allowing kids to experience battles in a completely new head-to-head way. Get ready for the ultimate battle game between the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and their Archrival Villains! Choose your Battle Power: Pizza, Weapons or Mutagen. Choose one of six Interchangeable Game Figures. Snap in your Game Figure onto the Battlesnap Card and load onto the Sewer Slam Crane. Release them on a collision course to excitement. The strongest power wins the round. The first player to collect 4 delicious pizza slices wins. >Learn More
Get little ones moving and giggling with air-powered, unpredictable fun. With its slim design and ball storage, the Playskool Chase 'n Go Ball Popper packs whole-body play into a compact size. This active toy for babies and toddlers features multiple ways to play and helps encourage a variety of developmental benefits. Kids can practice their gross motor skills, explore cause and effect, practice eye tracking and practice making predictions. And the music is sure to keep them moving and grooving again and again! >Learn More
Hank comes to the rescue in the new Finding Dory movie and helps Dory escape from the MLI in a Coffee Pot. Kids will love being able to carry their very own Dory around and replicate key scenes from the new Finding Dory movie! The Coffee Pot Playset by Zuru comes with an exclusive Finding Dory character with a special yellow MLI tag as she has in the movie. We have bundled with the Finding Dory Bailey Robotic Swimming Fish and the Finding Dory Robo Fish Baby Dory Toy. >Learn More
We have bundled our favorites from Aeromax for fun pretend play. Our Robot Bundle includes the Aeromax Robot Helmet, Robotic Engineer shirt and Sky Scrapers flying discs. Our Astronaut Bundle includes the Aeromax Youth Astronaut Helmet, Astronaut shirt with NASA logo and Sky Scrapers flying discs. >Learn More
Season 1 of MagicMeeMees is here! Go into the tiny worlds of MagicMeeMees, they are 100th millionth the size of you! They live inside your fruit bowl, candy jar, refrigerator and so many more places. There are 8 Playsets to collect. All come with an exclusive MagicMeeMee character. Discover the "Secret Place" in each playset and see how what MeeMotions your MagicMeeMees show you! >Learn More
Protect the town with the Playmobil Take Along Police Station. Don’t let complicated construction keep your kids from diving into a great play experience. The Take Along Police Station is easy to assemble with pieces that snap together to form an action-ready set. Monitor the situation from the headquarters, answering emergency calls and dispatching the police officer. The officer races to rescue and tracks down criminals on his speedy motorcycle. Once captured, prisoners can be locked away in the station’s jail cell. But beware! Some will try to escape through the breakaway window. As an added bonus, this set doubles as a take along case. Set includes three figures, police station, lockable jail cell, motorcycle, station control board, computer, phone, walkie talkie, handcuffs, and additional accessories. >Learn More
Rocket to the moon and explore the skies with the Playmobil Space Shuttle. With this state-of-the-art space vehicles, kids can discover the depths of the universe, visiting new planets or a nearby space station. Use the functioning cannon to break up any meteors or debris that gets in your way by shooting laser darts at it. Then use the light-up thrusters to propel you forward to your next destination. >Learn More
It's The Game of Thrones Plush Cub Plush Set. A litter of wolf cubs is discovered by the children of House Stark. They adopt and raise the cubs who grown to become fearsome guardians and loyal companions! Set of 3; each cub is 9" tall. >Learn More
We've bundled three must have toys for baby! NogginStik, the light up rattle, helps parents encourage early milestones in infants. It's not just a cute toy. It's an educational tool that guide parents and caregivers through activities and interactions that will promote healthy brain development and bonding, and bring enjoyment to both parent and child. NogginRings is part of SmartNoggin's Classic Milestone Maker line and is designed to encourage parent-child interaction, and grasping and reaching skills. The new NogginSeek Peek & Seek Rattle helps help encourage your baby’s early milestones through play. >Learn More
The Zing Air Storm Firetek Crossbow is the crossbow with power swing technology, amazing accuracy and 3 stick anywhere starts, this crossbow is the one to beat. Pick your target, then quickly, load aim and fire. For the power shot, push and hold the button and extend and lock the body of the crossbow. Watch as the arrow dart soars up to 45 feet to your target and STICKS. The amazing darts will stick to any surface for 15-30 seconds then auto-releases. Incredible. The whole world in your target. What will they stick to next. >Learn More
Tactic is pleased to introduce the Ty Beanie Boos Games, licensed by Ty, Inc. the world’s #1 plush company. We have bundled our favorites: Domino Game, Friends Board Game, Coconut and Party Game. Each game provides entertainment and developmental skills for little ones. >Learn More
Does your family have a know-it-all? Introducing the brand new trivia game innovation, iKnow. To master the iKnow game, players can’t rely on their wit alone. Players need to carefully balance their knowledge about the different game categories with how well they know the other players. iKnow offers players a unique game experience. The clues lead the players step by step to the correct answer, and give the players interesting insights to every single phenomenon in questions. iKnow’s two-pronged game mechanic makes it possible for everyone to have a chance to win, even without a mass of trivia knowledge. Just know what the other players will know, and you're on your way! We have bundled with expansion packs: Amazing Earth, Lifestyle, America and Innovations. >Learn More
Sing-a-ma-lings are your sweet, huggable friends! Each sings, harmonizes, and jibber-jabbers. Press her hand to change modes. We have bundled into sets of two. >Learn More
Now you can build the world of the cutest, most-collectible characters with the Shopkins Kin'struckins Deluxe Food Court. This adorable set comes with a buildable two-level food court and 8 buildable figures that you can mix and match! Build, Shop and Kin'struct your Shopkins world! Includes: 8 Buildable Figures, Deluxe Set and Accessories. Figures included are Candy Apple, Candi Cotton, Suzie Sushi, Little Sipper, Banana Splitty, Fiona Fries, Soda Pops and a Mystery Figure. >Learn More
Kids will be swept into the enchanted world of Disney Junior's Sofia the First with the beautiful Sofia the First Magic Dancing Sofia Doll that magically interacts with her light-up wand. Kids will love dancing along with Sofia as they learn how to perform specific dance moves such as twirling, spinning in circles and figure eights. Sofia first teaches each graceful move, then the child and Sofia can practice sequences together, until they're ready for a full performance as a grand finale! She is dressed in her iconic tiara, Amulet and ball gown which magically lights-up as she dances, sings, talks and plays music. Everyone will be ready for the royal ball with Magic Dancing Princess Sofia. For Ages 3 & Up. >Learn More
Factory Entertainment is thrilled to announce a couple of brand new additions to its line of collectible role-play / cosplay swat (soft weapons and tactics) weapons -- from Suicide Squad, and we are featuring each separately: Harley Quinn's good night bat and Harley Quinn's mallet! To ensure the accuracy of each piece, WB provided Factory Entertainment designers with access to the original screen used props from the film, as well as various assets and imagery from the set in order to truly capture what's seen on screen. Both the good night bat and mallet feature the as seen wording around each piece and other fine details, making these SWATs perfect for living out your Harley Quinn role-playing / cosplaying fantasy in an fun and friendly way. >Learn More
It's Kitty Surprise from Just Play! How many kitties will you get? Made with soft huggable fabrics and beautiful details, each precious mommy Kitty comes with a surprise number of kittens in her litter – either three, four, or five! Now one of the kittens will really purr! Your little one will love to cuddle, groom and nurture the entire Kitty surprise family. >Learn More
How many puppies will Mommy have? How many girls? How many boys? Find out how many puppies Mommy has when you open Mommy's pouch and reach inside Just Play's Puppy Surprise. You might have a boy or a girl, or a puppy that is smaller than the others. That means it's the runt of the litter! Ages 3+. >Learn More
Create, Animate and Share! Stikbot Studio Pro wants to act in your creations. Simply pose them for a photo or download the free mobile app. A green screen allows you to capture the best photo and video and save time editing. You can digitally recreate the background of your scene and easily cut and edit footage to create the sequence you need. >Learn More
The Madame Alexander Spacepop is a fully articulated fashion doll wearing a dazzling outfit and accompanied by her devoted space pet. We have bundled her with the Not Your Average Princesses CD and Canal Toys Sketch Portfolio. >Learn More
This retro-inspired Strawberry Shortcake House Playset includes a classic Strawberry Shortcake doll with fashion from the 1980s, classic Custard cat figure and plenty of party accessories like balloons, cakes and more The perfect place to play with all of your classic Strawberry Shortcake dolls. >Learn More
Kids and fans can experience the world of Yo-kai Watch with the Yo-kai Watch Model Zero and Yo-Motion Medals (watch sold with 2 exclusive Yo-Motion Medals, additional medals each sold separately, subject to availability). Fans can imagine summoning Yo-kai characters, and when used with the medals, the Yo-kai Watch Model Zero projects animations, plays sounds, phrases, and most play a Tribe song. Kids can insert one of the collectible Yo-Motion Medals displaying a Yo-kai into the watch to hear the character’s name, Tribe song and more sounds. >Learn More
My Little Pony Guardians of Harmony are ready for action and adventure! Inspired by the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic animated series, this 13-inch Spike the Dragon figure roars, makes stomping sounds, his eyes light up, and he even launches fireball-like projectiles. It comes with removable armor that can seat a Guardians of Harmony pony figure, a badge accessory that the child can wear, and a little Spike the Dragon figure for imagining even more adventures with this trusty dragon friend. >Learn More
Set off on a snowy journey up the mountain with Anna and Sven! The Anna doll, wearing her travel dress and cape, is accompanied by her reindeer friend Sven. Of course, Anna also comes with a carrot for Sven in case he gets hungry! Your little dreamer will have so much fun creating Anna's outfit and accessorizing her with the included Snap-ins -- her bodice, skirt, peplum, and cape are all removable for easy outfit changes. We are featuring bundles of these Disney Frozen Little Kingdom dolls. >Learn More



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