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The Best & Hottest Products From Pregnancy To Preschool
January 2014

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Happy Tot Morning breakfast blendsHappy Family

Happy Family
believes that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and is happy to introduce Happy Tot Morning breakfast blends. These yummy fiber-rich flavor offerings come in convenient, shelf-stable pouches and are packed with Omega-3’s from Salba®, the super chia, and whole grain oats, which is the perfect way to start your tot’s day off right. These pouches come in two delicious flavors: Banana, Blueberry Yogurt & Oats; and Apple Cinnamon Yogurt & Oats.

innobaby  Packin’ SMART Stack N Seal 2Tier
The VIP Bag innobaby Packin’ SMART Stack N Seal 2Tier is an all-in-one storage solution designed to store both liquid and dry! Put an end to diaper bag mess. Store, dispense and organize formula, cereal, snacks, water, extra juice, pacifiers and more in one convenient unit. Twist-to-Seal design and quality construction innobabyallow you to stack and interlock multiple containers. Holds approximately 1/2 cup or up to 10 oz. of powdered formula, Dishwasher-, Freezer-, and Microwave Safe, BPA-, Phthalates-, PVC-, Lead Free.

My Spot by Vive VitaTired of hearing arguments over who was sitting where and who stole whose seat? No more! My Spot place markers from Vive Vita are a fun visual cue for kids to respect each other’s space. Vive VitaColors and fun characters make for easy recognition. They are comfortable and portable, and even have a nameplate for personalizing. Perfect for meal times, group settings, even time outs!

Acu-Life True Easy SyringeHealth Enterprises

Have you collected a pile of medicine cups and dispensers that never seem to be accurate or the correct size? Toss them. You only need one – Acu-Life True Easy Syringe from Health Enterprises. Ensure accuracy with color-coded dosage and easy-to-read calibrations in tsp and mL, from the smallest dose to the largest. Oversized grip makes it easy to use and hold. BPA-free.

Eco Nuts
Eco Nuts Clean-All Powder
We love Eco Nuts products as much as we dig the owners themselves for being really cool, creative, and honest people. So we’re really excited about the new Clean-All Powder, an incredible multipurpose scouring powder. All natural and superb for scouring pots and pans, cleaning bathrooms, tile, porcelain, metal and more. This is specially formulated to keep from scratching delicate surfaces, deodorize, and power its way through all kinds of messes. Made with the gentle, all natural, organic Soapberry powder (which is really cool and you can read about that here) and is phosphate and fragrance free, can be used on decks, floors, tile, chrome, porcelain, stone, wood, formica, metal, ceramic, linoleum, and more.

Hempz Hydrating Bath & Body OilHempz Treats

VIP BagHydrating Bath & Body Oil with 100% Pure Natural Hemp Seed Oil and a Miracle Oil Blend™ is a silky, lightweight, non-greasy essential moisturizer that vanishes into the skin harmonizing the body sealing in moisture leaving skin feeling smooth, conditioned, heavily hydrated and radiant. Shea Butter and Vitamin E effectively hydrate creating an extra layer of moisturization. Paraben-Free, Gluten-Free, 100% Vegan, THC Drug Free. Ideal for all skin types and also includes Jojoba Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, and Avocado Oil. Fresh Pineapple & Honey Melon fragrance.

Mama Mio Clean Slate

Always wash your face and always start with a VIP Bag Clean Slate. Get rid of make-up, including eye make-up and the day’s dirt, gently without leaving skin tight. Mama Mio doesn’t stop at a gentle cleanser – it packs it with firming proteins, moisturizing omegas, pre+probiotics, and organic aloe leaf juice. Only missing ingredients are the nasties. Mama Mio

Flushable Toilet Seat Covers from Mommy’s Helper

If you cringe at the thought of taking your little one potty in public bathrooms, you’ll love these Flushable Toilet Seat Covers from Mommy’s Helper. The adorable Froggie pattern is perfect for either gender and they are compact yet unfold to a generous size for hygienic seating. Best of all – you just flush away when finished, unlike other disposable brands.

Über MomThe Wipebox MINI from Über MomWe can’t make a travel tissue pack last before it gets crushed, crumbed, torn up or lost. Über Mom gets it and we are so excited about their new Wipebox MINI,, a stylish and durable case for tissues or small wipes to keep them clean and fresh. Made from recycled Polypropylene.

Buncha Farmers All Natural Stain Remover Buncha FarmersEver NOT worn something in fear of your little one staining it? Giving up on some clothes because you can’t remove a stain? Buncha Farmers All Natural Stain Remover works on grass, red wine, ketchup, blood, grease, underarm stains, and the most stubborn of stains on clothes, car seats, walls and carpets. It’s made with all-natural, biodegradable ingredients, and enhanced with borax to soften the water and aid the cleaning process. There are no artificial dyes or perfumes, just the fresh, clean scent of natural eucalyptus and the deodorizing power of litsea. Will not discolor clothes or fabrics. Best of all, it works!

MAM Training and First Brush setMAMChildren will develop great habits with the Oral Care line from MAM. When baby starts solids, the MAM Learn to Brush Set makes tooth brushing easy right from day one. And with mom and dad's help it's even easier. Trendy colors and shapes arouse baby's interest and encourage him to clean his teeth. A round head adapts perfectly to baby's mouth. The set includes the Training Brush has a long, ergonomic handle that allows parents to assist perfectly with the first cleaning strokes and includes massaging heads for massaging sensitive gums
and, the First Toothbrush has a shorter and compact handle to help your toddler learn independent tooth brushing correctly from the start.

DLVR Maternity graduated compression socks

These are not your Grandmother's compression socks! DLVR Maternity's stylish Graduated Compression Socks can help you manage mild swelling and fatigue in your feet and legs.DLVR Maternity These light, graduated compression knee-high socks (8-15 mmHg) are made of a soft, nylon/spandex knit and are available in black, white and bright pink.

Fisher-Price OVERjoyed Giraffe Teether
Fisher Price
Fisher-Price knows how exciting each stage of a baby's development can be! The bright and fun OVERjoyed Giraffe teether will provide both relief and sensory delight to a teething baby. There are plenty of teethable surfaces and intriguing textures to explore.

líllébaby® visible & kissable toteWe flipped over the VIP Bag líllébaby
visible & kissable totes when we saw them at a recent trade show! We know the VIPs will enjoy the roomy interior and zippered pocket.líllébaby®

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*** colors & patterns may vary and products are subject to change
Joovy TooFoldJoovyOO. And wow. We're always excited to see what Joovy comes out with next, and these new strollers are no exception! The Joovy TooFold stroller is highly engineered for the very active, on-the-go family. It has sporty good looks and functionality intended to make every mom and dad proud to push. The TooFold has an anodized, ultra-lightweight aluminum frame and a dynamic extending wheelbase that offers easy conversions from a single to a double stroller. With a built-in stand-on board or optional second seat, you can quickly accommodate two children. It features a unique, patented, one-hand quick folding frame, stands when folded. All-weather canopy with viewing window and a built-in zippered storage pocket and cup holder. A canopy extension for extra sun protection. Removable and washable padded seat liner. A large waterproof shopping bag. The TooFold is equipped with a multi-position handlebar that can be customized to different heights and positions. The TooFold sports high-end 12-inch pneumatic rear wheels, mudguards and a superior suspension system. Truly versatile, the TooFold is more than your average stroller: It’s a dream come true for the active family looking for a stroller with versatility, functionality and high-end quality. Joovy Qool

The Joovy Qool is the culmination of first class engineering and upscale design in a revolutionary new stroller. The Qool (graphite gray frame) is super-lightweight, has the most amazing handling and its maneuverability is second to none. The anodized aluminum frame has a narrow width, adjustable handle bar and an incredibly compact fold. Sealed bearing wheels and large pneumatic tires add to this dynamic ride. Should the road get bumpy, the Qool’s high-tech suspension will work effortlessly to ensure that baby’s ride stays smooth and bump free. We’ve introduced a cantilever system to the Qool’s four-wheel suspension. This means the stroller will glide over any bumps, curbs or rough patches you encounter. It’s like having shock absorbers on the stroller. With the simple push of a button, the swivel front wheels lock in place to assist with off road terrain. The one step linked brake is easy to set in place when needed. Parents can position the Qool seat forward or rear facing depending on their preference. It is easy to change the configuration and this can be done in a matter of seconds. For baby’s comfort, the Qool seat is fully padded and comes with a removable, washable seat pad insert. Should baby need to nap while you’re out on a stroll, the Qool seat has multiple recline positions. The footrest is adjustable and offers ample legroom. We know that moms and dads come in different sizes so the Qool is equipped with a handlebar that adjusts to four height positions. The handlebar is covered in leatherette for a great grip and easy handling. The large, easy to access basket is perfect for all the take-along necessities. The canopy on the Qool is extremely generous and even has a zippered extension to offer more coverage for baby if necessary. The canopy includes a sunroof window so you can see your baby while strolling. The Qool folds with the seat in either forward or rear facing positions. For the most compact fold, the seat can be removed and stored separately. The wheels are easy to remove and put back on with its quick-release functionality.

Joovy TooQoolNeed to fit more than one? No problem! The Too Qool has a lightweight aluminum frame offering incredible handling and maneuverability in a double stroller. The Too Qool comes equipped with two, full-size seats, and can be used with a bassinet (accessory) or infant car seat adapter (accessory) offering use from birth to 55 pounds per seat. The options are almost limitless with combinations of bassinets, car seat adapters, ride-on board and seats. Too Qool seats come in ten beautiful colors and, for baby’s comfort each seat includes a soft neoprene seat insert that is machine washable. Parents can position the seats on the Too Qool in many different configurations to best accommodate their children and needs. The Too Qool front seat is adjustable to forward or rear facing. It is easy to reverse the seat in one easy step. The rear seat can be completely removed and the Too Qool converts to a single stroller in seconds. Attachment of the Too Qool seat, bassinet or car seat mounting adapter is quick and easy with the Qool universal mount. Should baby need to nap while you’re out on a stroll, the Too Qool seats offer a multi-position recline and an adjustable footrest. The Too Qool’s four-wheel, cantilevered suspension system is the latest in stroller ride technology. This suspension, coupled with the Too Qool’s sealed bearing wheels, ensures that your children will have a smooth and comfortable ride and handling will be smooth and effortless as you stroll.
Joovy Caboose VaryLight
Joovy understands that as families grow their strolling needs change, even on a daily basis. The concept behind the VaryLight is the term variable – an adjective that describes changeability. There has never been a tandem stroller that expands and contracts the way the VaryLight does to meet your family needs. With various riding configurations, it’s like having several strollers in one! The Caboose VaryLight includes a unique telescopic frame that expands the stroller from a single to a full-size double in seconds. In it’s compact position (43.5 inches long), the Caboose VaryLight can be used as a standard single stroller or with a newborn in an infant car seat. In this compact mode, there is still enough room for an older child to stand on the rear platform. When strolling with two children, the frame extends to provide more room for your older child to sit on the rear bench seat – even when the front seat is fully reclined. The older child also has the option of standing on the built-in platform. We know that older children love this feature as it allows them to easily hop on or off. The stroller measures 49.75 inches long in extended position. The VaryLight features Joovy’s new buckle system for securing children comfortably into the seats with a 5-point harness in the front and a 3-point harness in the rear. A swing-away tray that can be attached in either front or back to hold snacks and drinks, and an oversized canopy with sun visor extension provides extra protection. The wheels on the Caboose VaryLight offer an exceptional ride – featuring polyurethane tires and sealed bearings to ensure smooth handling and superior maneuverability. Quick-release wheels make it easy to take off the wheels for storage. With a one-hand fold, the stroller can fold up easily in the single or extended position. Parents with infants have a choice of mounting select infant car seats in the front or rear of the Caboose VaryLight with our car seat adapters (sold separately). Other accessories available are a custom rain cover that expands to fit the VaryLight and a parent organizer with cup holders. The real beauty of the Caboose VaryLight is not just in the modern frame and contemporary styling, but rather that in a matter of seconds, parents can change the seat configurations to accommodate the needs of their family.

Dolci Babi Naples Collection crib in Grey Satin Finish

Have you heard? Grey is . . . well, grey is IT right now. That's why we're swooning over the grey satin finish on this lovely crib! Comfortable and classic, the Dolce Babi Naples Collection uses traditional elements like dentil molding and fluting to create an environment that is both timeless and thoroughly modern. A raised half-round molding appears on the high arch crib and on the drawers of the other pieces in the collection as a unifying motif. Bun feet add a lovely contrasting accent to each piece. The crib converts easily to a toddler, day, or full-size bed. All drawers include generous storage with full extension ball-bearing drawer glides and adult-size drawer boxes with dovetail construction and corner blocks for extra sturdiness. Tops and drawer fronts are replaceable. Dust covers on the drawer bottoms keep clothes clean.

Dolce Babi

Moll Champion Adjustable Desk and Maximo Adjustable Chair

Why buy the same desk and chair over and over again? The Moll Champion Adjustable Desk is tailored to fit your child with adjustable desk height and tilting desk surface. Uniquely designed with Moll brand German engineering, this ergonomic desk adjusts to fit your child at every growth spurt. The desk height and desk surface adjust fully to ensure healthy posture and encourage good study habits. A fun yo-yo style pulley makes it easy for your child to adjust the desk to the best height. This individualized ergonomic comfort reduces strain on your child's back and neck. The unique adjustable desk design ensures the same ergonomic benefits for your child from preschool through high school. A pinch-free, child-friendly button makes it easy for your child to position the work surface at the perfect angle for reading, writing and creating. A magnetic anti-slip strip with a built in ruler and magnifying glass keeps books in place on the tilted surface, and roomy compartment on the back of the desk neatly stores power cords and cables. It is made for wear and tear with easy-to-clean, exclusive melamine resin-coated chipboard. We've coupled it with the Maximo Adjustable Chair, with adjustable seat height, seat depth and backrest height that offer ergonomic comfort at every age. Maximo Chair conforms to your individual needs and can be adjusted anytime to match your child's growth. The seat and oscillating backrest are ergonomically shaped to ensure healthy posture and reduce back strain. A wide five-armed base provides stability and prevents the chair from tipping. A secret compartment on the bottom of the chair adds more fun to Maximo Chair's functionality.Moll Wide base prevents tipping and universal rolling casters provide mobility on bare floors and carpet. Easily lock the chair from swiveling so your child remains attentive and focused. Washable, removable seat and backrest covers.
BOBBOB Revolution SEBOB: Your go-to stroller for everyday activities and not-so-everyday adventures. A BOB is more than just a baby stroller. The BOB Revolution SE Stroller with swiveling front wheel for superior maneuverability locks forward for increased stability when jogging or if the terrain turns tough. Ready to handle your many places to go and things to do, with easy, two-step folding, a lightweight frame for convenient transport and storage, and State-of-the-art, adjustable suspension system that provides an exceptionally smooth ride. A five-point padded harness helps keep your child comfortably secure and ultra-padded, adjustable reclining seat offers enhanced seating comfort. Multi-position canopy adjusts for protection against the elements.BOB Motion Large viewing window lets you keep an eye on your baby. Low Boy Cargo Basket provides plenty of undercarriage storage and there is additional space in large seatback pocket. Internal seat pockets provide a great place for snacks and toys.

The BOB Motion stroller is ideal for moms on the move and for everyday adventures. Compact and lightweight, it easily transitions from strolling to storage with the one hand, quick fold and automatic frame lock. Four pneumatic tires mounted on high impact polymer wheels, paired with the rugged spring suspension system, provide a smooth ride over bumps in the road ahead. The Motion stroller is suitable from birth up to 65 pounds. With the included click n go adapters, the Motion instantly becomes a complete travel system with matching BOB B-Safe infant car seats or any Britax infant car seat using click n go.

Naturalmat Coco Mat

We know that an organic mattress is best for baby. Made by hand in England, the Naturalmat Coco Mat with Protector is the most breathable and natural organic crib mattress. It is filled with coir from the only certified organic coir plantation in the world. Coir is made from coconut husks which are extremely supportive and breathable. The coir is then wrapped in our unique organic lambswool which is bathed in a mixture made from extracts of lavender, lemon and eucalyptus making it completely anti-dust mite as well as maintaining the excellent thermal insulating properties of natural wool. NaturalMat
hansgrohe Raindance Select E 120 AIR Green 3-Jet Handshower Set, 2.0 GPM

We get it. The shower is sometime's a Mom's only escape, as brief as it is. That's why we should make the most out of it, and enjoy it to the maximum with the Raindance Select E 120 AIR Green 3-Jet Handshower Set, 2.0 GPM from hansgrohe. It has three spray modes: RainAir, Rain, WhirlAir and a 30° adjustment. A moment of peace and serenity, amplified.

BritaxParents have come to trust the Britax brand for safety, comfort, fashion and detail. The industry leader continues to raise the bar when it comes to safety and comfort features in seats. The newest Next Generation of car seats includes a brand new infant seat, updates and new fashions, protecting your baby from birth to belt and in style.
Britax B-Safe infant seat
The The B-Safe infant seat is lightweight and travel-friendly while offering Side Impact Protection to distribute crash forces and shield from vehicle intrusion. The tangle-free five-point adjustable harness has four harness heights and two buckle positions. A removable comfort pillow, shoulder pads and belly pad provide extra comfort. A 30-pound weight capacity, large multiple position canopy, and ergonomic carry handle are just a few of the features we love. The adjustable base has five positions for proper seat angle and positioning and lower LATCH connectors make installation quick and easy and easy-to-read level indicators on the base show proper angle of recline. Now you can get safety and style with the BOB B-SAFE Infant Car Seat by BRITAX. The safety of BRITAX is now available in fabrics designed to match BOB strollers (select colors). Install the infant car seat onto the BRITAX Infant Car Seat Adapter (sold separately) and convert your BOB stroller into a coordinating travel system.
Britax Boulevard
The Boulevard convertible car seat features True Side Impact Protection®, SafeCell Technology™, integrated steel bars, and energy-absorbing Versa-Tether® that work together to minimize head excursion and reduce the risk of head injury during a frontal impact. Equipped with Click & Safe® Snug Harness Indicator, an audible aid that lets you know when the harness is in the appropriate range of snugness. It features a five-point tangle-free quick-adjust harness, two buckle positions, plush, easy-remove cover with matching comfort pads and infant body pillow to provide extra comfort and easy cleaning without disassembling or uninstalling the child seat, convenient harness holders, and premium lower LATCH Connectors for quick and simple installation featuring a push button for easy release. Rear Facing 5-40 pounds and Forward Facing up to 65.

Britax Pinnacle 90The newest thing to happen to combination seats is here, and it’s a hit! Introducing the new Pinnacle 90. A new way to install your seat, quickly and easily, the ClickTight Installation System allows parents to easily and safely install the seat using the vehicle seat belt (in harness mode, without worrying about weight of child). Easily transition from harness to booster, the booster mode weight capacity is 120 pounds (90 in harness mode)! Packed with safety features we’ve come to expect only from Britax, like integrated steel bars to strengthen the connection to the vehicle and reduce forward flexing of seat during crash. Base with SafeCell Technology is designed to keep your child safe and secure in a crash by compressing and significantly lowering the center of gravity, reducing the forward movement of the car seat. True Side Impact Protection provides deep side walls and a head restraint with energy-absorbing EPP foam to distribute crash forces, shield from vehicle intrusion, and contain the head, neck and body while keeping them “in true” or aligned. Features also include an easy-remove cover, integrated cup holders, and so much more!

Britax Parkway SGL 2013The Parkway SGL 2013 features ISOFLEX, a Flexible Lower LATCH Connection System that secures the booster seat to the vehicle, preventing it from becoming a projectile when not in use, and stabilizing it during a crash. The belt positioning booster still features SecureGuard™ anti-submarining technology, which helps prevent the child from sliding under the lap belt (or submarining) during a collision. The Parkway SGL offers True Side Impact Protection® and easily converts to a backless booster while maintaining the SecureGuard feature. It also provides supportive high-density comfort foam to cushion the child, a quick-adjust mechanism to easily adjust the head restraint, and color-coded vehicle belt guides to help correctly position the vehicle seat belt. The Parkway SGL is designed for three-across seating in many mid- and small-sized vehicles, and fits children from 40 pounds and 38 inches up to 120 pounds and 63 inches. And yes, it has retractable Cup Holders.
Britax B-READYThe Britax B-READY Stroller is a modular stroller that can be converted from a single-child system to a two-child or twin system utilizing any combination of seats, bassinets and infant car seats in 14 possible configurations. The B-READY functions as a complete travel system from birth when used with the B-READY Bassinet or an infant car seat (both sold separately). When used with the lower infant car seat adapter kit, the stroller also becomes a complete twin travel system. The stroller features foam-filled rubber tires, a removable top seat, reversible with 4 recline positions, that can be positioned forward or rear facing (from 6 months to 55 pounds) as well as an adjustable, no-rethread five-point harness system; multi-position recline; large canopy; rain cover; and cup holder. A second child seat (sold separately) can accommodate a child from birth up to 35 pounds, and does not have to be removed to fold the stroller. The B-READY features a large storage basket accessible from all sides and removable parent pouch; an automatic chassis lock that locks the frame in a folded position; adjustable handle height with comfort grip; and a one-foot anti-scuff linked rear brake with red and green indicators. The B-READY is fully integrated for use with the Britax Chaperone Infant Car Seat using the Britax Click & Go Infant Car Seat Adapters (included) and can also be used with other infant car seat brands.
Britax Accessories
New Britax accessories make getting there safely easy and we’ve bundled them for your family trip! The Vehicle Seat Protector is crash-tested and approved for use with Britax seats. Engineered, non-slip material offers best-in-class car seat performance while keeping your vehicle seat clean and protected. Waterproof and easy to clean, with raised edges that contain messes and a front seat guard that protect from muddy shoes. Keep your child cool and shield them from UV rays and sun glare with the EZ-Cling Window Shades (2 per pack). The unique cling design with a lightweight, reinforced frame makes application and repositioning a breeze. The shade safely clings to the vehicle window with a UPF 30+ sun protection. The additional mesh screen provides shade to keep your child cool while maintaining driver visibility. Use the wire frame to easily remove the shade and store it away to reuse again and again. The 19 x 12 in size is designed for an optimal fit to most vehicle rear-side windows. The Britax Car Seat Travel Cart is a convenient alternative when traveling through airports with your car seat. Car seats attach effortlessly using the car seat LATCH connectors, the same connectors that secure your car seat tightly to your vehicle. When storing, its compact fold allows it to fit into small spaces, including most airplane overhead compartments. With its durable steel frame design and easy-glide wheels, the cart can be used with children harnessed in car seats for short travel distances. The raised platform protects the car seat from contacting the ground, while the one-hand telescoping handle adjusts to fit any height caregiver. Accommodates all Britax Convertibles and Harnessed Booster seats, and most other brands. No assembly required. The Backseat Mirror provides a view of your rear-facing baby at any angle while allowing installation to adjacent vehicle head restraints. The shatter-proof, extra large mirror is convex to reflect a head-to-toe view of baby. The adjustable attachment straps allow the mirror to securely attach to most vehicle head restraints, while its soft-feel frame design has a sleek, modern look. The Head & Body Support Pillow with full body and contoured head support provides superior comfort for your precious cargo. The reversible design has plush fleece on one side and moisture-control fabric on the other to offer all-season temperature control. The EZ-Dry wicking fabric draws moisture away from baby keeping the surface feeling cool and dry, while the plush fleece keeps your little one warm and cozy. The pillow fits both car seat and stroller harness systems and has been crash tested and approved for use with all Britax convertible and infant car seats for children weighing up to 22 lbs. Machine washable.
Colgate Nuzzle NestCalling all parents! The newest environmental, technologically advanced crib mattress line is sweeping the nation. Brought to you by Colgate, the Nuzzle Nest is the newest crib mattress with fresh, attractive designs and a component unlike any other. The Nuzzle Nest line contains AirWeave, a mattress material that’s unlike any ever seen in the United States before. Made of recyclable and recycled materials, AirWeave allows humidity and air to flow freely through the crib mattress just like nature intended. Not too hot and not too cold, AirWeave provides the ideal micro-climate for a baby and toddler. People always say ‘You can’t judge a book by its cover’, but in this case you can. Not only is the inside of the Nuzzle Nest innovative and unique, the outside is equally as perfect. The line is available in three exclusive designs and beautiful modern colors that will charm any new parent. With patterns like Dottie Lottie, Squiggles and Chic-a-Dee, Nuzzle Nest is ideal for attracting in-store attention as well as making an appealing baby shower gift. With unique mattress designs that look great, the Nuzzle Nest can add style to any showroom or nursery without the need for expensive bedding. The Nuzzle Nest has paired recycled content with a nature inspired spun matrix of recyclableColgate fibers, so expecting parents can rest easy knowing that they are helping to protect the planet and keep their baby safe by using the Nuzzle Nest. The innovative. AirWeave is naturally fire-retardant so it doesn’t require any synthetic protection.

Wagon Stroller from Go Go Babyz

We have had a love/hate relationship with traditional wagons until now. We love/love the new and one-of-a-kind Wagon Stroller from GoGo Babyz! The first wagon on the market with stroller-like conveniences like a telescoping push handle and rear braking system. Designed to meet the ASTM Stroller Safety Standards, the Wagon Stroller is the safest and most convenient wagon on the market that easily converts into a single or double stroller. The optional (MetroMoms included), custom seats with a 5-point safety harness can be set in two positions: upright and reclined. Need more space for your sports gear or groceries? No problem! One or both of the seats can be easily added or removed to convert this stroller back into a more traditional wagon. Unlike standard wagons, utility wagons or folding carts, the Wagon Stroller features a wider foot print to accommodate your little ones to safely ride inside without the fear of tipping, a hands-free foot brake and the ability to simply fold down completely in order to fit in the trunk of your car or on the side of your garage for storage. Go Go BabyzWith a weight limit of up to 150 lbs, the Wagon Stroller is the perfect solution for sporting events, theme parks, picnics, trips to the farmers market, family walks (and yes, even your pets!).
Xbox 360 with KinecRadioShack is the easy stop for parents who want to the 411 on electronics. Get the ultimate gaming and entertainment experience right out of the box with this Xbox 360 4GB Kinect Bundle. It has a sleek design with a glossy black finish that looks every bit as good as it performs. Built-in Wi-Fi® lets you easily connect to Xbox LIVE¹ where you can play with friends and experience a new world of entertainment. Kinect™ Controller: Kinect brings games and entertainment to life in extraordinary new ways without using a controller. Imagine controlling movies and music with the wave of a hand or the sound of your voice. With Kinect, technology evaporates, letting the natural magic in all of us shine. Included Kinect Adventures will get you off the couch and into the game in a whole new way. You and your friends and family will jump, dodge and kick your way through 20 pulse-pounding adventures set in exotic locations.
RadioShack 1:15 RC Camaro ZL1 and Propel Toys® Stealth Flyer Indoor RC HelicopterRemote controlled toys have never been so much fun, and we've bundled two of our favorites. The RadioShack 1:15 RC Camaro ZL1 has a full 7-function remote gives you great control as it reaches speeds of up to 600fpm. Up to 120-ft. control distance; 600fpm forward and can climb a 15° angle. We've combined with the Propel Toys® Stealth Flyer Indoor RC Helicopter, This bird includes a hobby-style collapsible blade, contra-rotating propulsion and a swinging tail boom. Long-range IR controller lets you guide movements from the ground and singing tail boom provides a realistic "yaw" and "sway" motion.
Angelcare AC420 As a parent, your baby’s safety and wellbeing are always at the top of your mind. Luckily, the Angelcare AC420 Sound Monitor offers crystal-clear sound quality so you hear every peep, every cry, every laugh that baby makes when you are out of the room. Plus, the Parent Unit features all the latest in baby technology including a full color digital display with Temperature display so you know that baby is sleeping in comfort and Sound Lights that “show” you any noises coming from the nursery. Parent Unit has a gentle little glow to guide you when you walk into baby’s room. This system operates on the 927 MHz and 2.4 GHz frequency bands with a range up to 250 meters/820 ft. (open field); between 80 meters/262 ft. and 100 meters/328 ft. (indoor). Automatically converts to battery mode in the event of power failure. Parent Unit operates with 4 NIMH rechargeable batteries (included) or AC adapter. Nursery Unit operates with 3 AAA regular batteries (not included) or AC adapter. Allows you to select your desired movement sensitivity level. Angelcare
Stokke Tripp Trapp Tripp Trapp® from Stokke™ is the children’s chair that grows with the child™ and allows baby to sit at the family table. We absolutely adore this innovative and trendy chair that allows children as young as 6 months to join the family table. The grow-with-me design means it can even go to college with them! It’s sturdy and gives perfect support at every stage. It can be adjusted to custom fit your child’s body through its unique depth and height adjustable seat and foot plate. This enables comfortable and correct ergonomic seating for children of any age.

Logitech Bluetooth Speakers Z600Beautiful. Effortless. Wireless. With gentle curves, a fabric finish and contemporary colors, the Logitech Bluetooth Speakers Z600 perfectly complements the good looks of your home. Use your computer (with Bluetooth A2DP), tablet or smartphone to control your music and stream audio wirelessly. Whether next to the Z600 or across the room, you’ll enjoy wireless freedom and simplicity. Up to 3 devices can be connected at the same time. Wherever your audio is stored—computer, tablet or smartphone—switching is as easy as pressing Pause on one and Play on another. Despite its small footprint, the Z600 delivers clear, room-filling sound. With 3 drivers in each speaker, this system is engineered to provide superior acoustics for any space.
Logitech Harmony 650 Universal Remote
With its color screen and one-click activity buttons, the Logitech Harmony 650 Universal Remote will bring you showtime in no time. Delivers effortless control of up to 5 A/V components in one easy-to-use remote. Color screen shows you icons for your favorite channels and the commands needed for your devices. With support for 5000+ brands, you can be confident it will control the devices you have. Jump to your favorite channels, switch screen sizes or access video on demand content with one click. Constantly updated device database ensures that your remote won't quickly become obsolete!Logitech

Dream Cheeky iStrike ShuttleKids (and adults) can take friendly warfare into the sky with the Dream Cheeky iStrike Shuttle. This 3-channel Helicopter is wirelessly controlled by your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad through Bluetooth®. With the free and fully equipped iStrike Controller app you can make the iStrike Shuttle go where no Dream Cheeky gadget has gone before. Make it hover above the unsuspecting heads of your targets and drop an iStrike Bomb at the exact right moment. Its unique design and flying pattern give the iStrike Shuttle an almost human character. Yet it’s surprisingly easy to control. It even comes with an attachable bright orange training wheel that makes landing easier. Novice or devoted flying object expert; find out which of the many control modes suits you best and take over the sky!
Dream Cheeky O3
Just hitting the market, the Dream Cheeky O3 is a certified waterproof MP3 player that allows you to listen to your favorite music while you swim. Its elegant design allows you to move freely in water without being entangled in cables. The built-in 2 GB memory can hold up to 20 hours of songs; enough for an entire week of swimming workouts. You can even listen to the radio! Its rechargeable battery has enough power to play your music nonstop for over ten hours.
Dream Cheeky Wireless Work Station
Working from home? The Dream Cheeky Wireless Work Station lets you comfortably type on your tablet or smartphone while streaming audio or video conferencing. The ergonomic, full function keyboard and stereo speaker system connect wirelessly with Bluetooth devices, and a built-in microphone enables speaker phone and video conferencing, making this the perfect mobile work station. Its USB ports allow you to charge your devices when the Station is connected to a power source. It has a noise reduction and voice echo cancellation system for sound enhancement.

Dream Cheeky
Beco GeminiDesigned by a babywearing parent, active sailor and rock climber, Beco combines perfect ergonomics, excellent weight distribution and stylish design from top quality fabrics. Each carrier is handmade by a skilled seamstress in facilities which apply high social and economical standards. The  Gemini has a foldable head rest and adjustable base for growing baby. This 4-in-1 carrier lets you front carry (facing in and facing out), back carry, and hip carry. Newborn to toddler (7-35 lbs).

Benbini New moms have enough to remember and worry about like times since last feeding, diaper changes, medicine doses, naps, glasses of wine – but the Benbini Mommy Watch is all they need to keep track and fashionable. Just mark your time on the Benbini with the arrows on its bezels. (Like a bookmark, but on a watch. And with less reading.) Glance down anytime and know how long it's been since you started. It even has a left/right switch to remember which breast you fed from last.Benbini We love the clean modern colors and no clasps to mess with. Small, functional, stylish – brilliant!

Ninja Turtles Toddler Bed from Delta ChildrenSofia Toddler Bed from Delta ChildrenSuper Ninjas and Princesses continue to trend, and Delta Children has bedroom accents sure to please any child!

The Ninja Turtles Toddler Bed and the  Sofia Toddler Bed are each the ideal bed to transition your little one from crib to big boy/big girl bed. Constructed with a high quality plastic and a metal frame, the beds are both lightweight and sturdy providing safe sleeping and exceptional durability.

Ninja Turtles Chair Desk & Multi-Toy Bin from Delta ChildrenThe Ninja Turtles Chair Desk is the ideal place for your little crime fighter to play, color, or study after a long day of school. Featuring an awesome 'Turtle Power' design and all of your child's favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the brand new Chair Desk is the ultimate desk for both work and play. The Chair Desk also features a storage box under the seat so your little one can keep his toys and belongings in order. We've bundled it with the Delta Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Multi-Bin Toy Organizer! It features six uniquely sized fabric bins supported by a sturdy wood frame, and is finished with colorful illustrations of your boy's favorite turtles, Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo. A fun option for easy organization of toys large and small, it encourages kids to clean up in record time.

Disney Sofia the First Upholstered Chair & Multi-Toy Bin from Delta ChildrenKeep your child's playroom organized with the Delta Disney Sofia the First Multi-Bin Toy Organizer, Lavender. This Sofia the First toy organizer features six uniquely sized fabric bins supported by a sturdy wooden frame. It's finished with colorful illustrations of characters from your child's favorite movie. It makes a great option for easy organization of toys, both large and small. We've bundled it with the Disney Sofia the First Upholstered Chair. This brand new Disney Sofia the First Upholstered Chair is the perfect comfort chair for your little princess. It features the beautiful and caring Sofia the First Princess of Enchancia and a purple pastel dreamland design. Delta ChildrenThe Upholstered Chair is also built with a sturdy durable frame making it great for studying and relaxing after a long day.



Ark by Ah Goo Baby®

We fell in love with Ah Goo Baby®'s s Plush Pad years ago and are head over heels for the new Ark. It’s the world’s most comfortable, full-size contour changing pad made with 100% air-molded memory foam to relieve pressure points to keep your baby relaxed during changings. It is made up of billions of high-density, elastic micro cushions. When the temperature-sensitive cells come in contact with the warm areas of your baby's body, they get softer and more pliable. In cooler areas, they stay firm. The cells will literally float to conform to your baby's tiny contours. The cells shift so your baby doesn't have to.Ah Goo Baby Includes safety strap and water-resistant, machine washable cover. BPA-Free, Hypo-allergenic, and anti-microbial.

Tiny LoveGymini® Developlace™

An enchanting activity gym that stimulates, interests and amuses babies from newborn to toddler? Right on! The Tiny Love Gymini® Developlace™ has five modes of use from newborn to toddler in 1 product: cozy environment for newborns, activity gym, tummy time mat, crawling tunnel and an activity wall for toddlers. Toys adjust to baby's development and include no less than 11 activities. Beautiful and colorful grassy nature theme with TinyLovesmiling animal figures creates a fun and engaging design. The mat encourages gross motor skills, imagination and creativity, and development of the senses. 
Scandinavian Child Svan Baby-to-BoosterScandinavian Child introduces the new Baby-to-Booster, a new high chair combining Svan’s signature modern design, function and safety. Staying true to Svan’s roots in ergonomic, beautiful, high quality and functional seating, the compact, multi-stage high chair is a perfect size for any home; from urban apartments to suburban colonials. Baby-to-Booster is easy to carry and move from the dining room to kitchen and folds for easy storage when it’s not in use. The one-handed easily removable tray and guard allows it to be used from six months to five years, moving from a high chair to a booster. Supportive, safe and comfortable seating are provided for a child with a 5-point safety harness, adjustable seat depth and footrest. The chair includes a wipeable, removable seat cushion and additional colors are sold separately.
Scandinavian Child Svan Totseat
Svan also introduces the multi-award winning chair harness, the Totseat® from Scotland, a new addition to its children’s seating line. Made of fabric, this portable, washable and easy-to-use seat is designed to safely anchor a little one in an adult chair in the absence of a high chair. The Totseat weighs mere ounces and easily folds to fit in a diaper bag, purse or tote. The Totseat’s design can be easily adapted to fit a variety of adult chairs and provide perfect seating for babies and toddlers. Created with input from safety experts, pediatricians and physiotherapists, the Totseat fastens high across the back of the chair and features a 3-point adjustable safety harness for optimum comfort and safety of the seated child. A cummerbund is also included for use with open-back chairs to provide additional support. Svan

Balboa Baby® Shopping Cart Cover

The soft, quilted Balboa Baby® Shopping Cart Cover provides a clean and secure surface environment for babies by creating a comfortable “nest” for baby with a 360 degree germ free zone. Combining simplicity and convenience, the Shopping Cart Cover features four elastic corners that secure Cover to the cart while providing easy one-hand installation. Toy loops allow you to attach baby‘s favorite playthings, and an extra wide safety strap comfortably keeps baby secure while attaching Cover to shopping cart or high chair. And unlike other bulky covers, the ultra soft quilted material of the Balboa Baby® Shopping Cart Cover folds up so small that it can fit into your diaper bag so you will always have it with you. It also doubles as a restaurant highchair cover. 
Baby Brezza Formula ProSay goodbye to the time and hassle of manually preparing baby’s bottles. Introducing the Baby Brezza Formula Pro, the revolutionary new way of preparing your baby’s formula bottles. The Formula Pro uses worldwide patent-pending technology to measure, dispense and mix water and powdered formula to the perfect temperature and consistency. With the push of a button, you can prepare a bottle within seconds that has no air bubbles. The water and formula powder are stored right in the machine, so it’s always ready for you when your baby gets hungry. The machine works with all bottle sizes and all formula brands and types. You can also choose the amount of formula you want to make: 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 ounces. The easiest way to prepare baby’s bottles is now right at your fingertips. Baby Brezza

Uncommon Goods Golf BBQ Set and wooden beer toteWe've found Uncommon Goods for the extraordinary Dad! Golf and BBQ: separated at birth? Both involve the outdoors, great friends, and knowing in the clearest of terms that you wouldn't want to be doing anything else. These weekend favorites are combined in this three-piece stainless steel Golf BBQ Set with soft insulated handles that look just like golf grips. The tongs, spatula, and fork are perfect for the guy who loves the links, sausage or otherwise. Whether you're eager to show off your favorite local brew or enjoy a crisp pilsner with your picnic lunch, bringing your beer to-go gets a handsome touch in this rustic Wooden Beer Tote. Handcrafted in Western Montana from red cedar wood, this sturdy carrier offers a wooden dowel handle and convenient bottle opener attached for all-in-one appeal. Uncommon Goods bicycle chain ring cufflinks

Kick your look into a higher gear with these hip, bike-loving Bicycle Chain Ring Cufflinks. 3D printed from stainless steel, each cuff is precision crafted to look like a chainring—the gear that pulls the drive chain on a bicycle. Instead of a traditional pivot clip, the cufflinks are held in place by a bike pedal that is inserted through the buttonholes. A funky accessory that handles formal occasions with a laid-back style, it's not only perfect for French cuffs, but can also be worn displayed from an open collar button. Made in the USA.

 Uncommon Goods
Duux Ultrasonic Air HumidifierDuux is all the evidence you need that high-tech products can be beautiful. The products provide parents an array of exclusive baby electronic products that are known for quality, usability, reliability, simplicity, and great design. The Ultrasonic Air Humidifier has ultrasonic technology that provides immediate cool mist using 80% less power than other humidifiers while protecting your family from harmful bacteria and steam. The built in nightlight will make a child feel safe and the water tank will last up to 16 hours.

Duux Air PurifierKeep the air clean and save space with this compact, elegant Air Purifier. Including detachable HEPA-filter and built-in vaporizer to spread a nice aroma through the room. Additional nightlight will make a child feel safe in the dark.

Duux Baby ProjectorFill a child’s room with stars, turn up a sweet lullaby and set the soft blue nightlight to simultaneously provide a peaceful slumber for babies and toddlers. DuuxThe Duux Baby Projector provides a mesmerizing comfort.

vtech InnoTab® 3S

Learn, create and connect! The vtech InnoTab® 3S, the new Wi-Fi learning app tablet, opens up a world of interactive game play and learning fun! Educational games teach reading, math, social studies, science and much more - but your child will have too much fun to notice they're learning! Play your own videos and MP3s, and connect to other InnoTab® 3S tablets and smart phonesvtech to share messages and more! Equipped with a kid-safe browser, your child can view pre-approved websites. Connect to the Learning Lodge™ for hundreds of software cartridges and downloads for more learning fun!
Jabra Revo WirelessUnplugged but still connected. Experience total wireless freedom with maximum Dolby® sound. The new Jabra Revo Wireless seamlessly combines ultimate sound quality, durability and state-of-the-art design. Tidying up the playroom has never been this much fun! Jabra
líllébaby® COMPLETEThe líllébaby COMPLETE baby carrier includes every carrying position and ensures your baby is position ergonomically correct in every setting. That's right! When baby is ready to see the world, the face forward position has many benefits, including facilitating early speech development and enhanced social development. The COMPLETE's unique seat design ensures an ergonomic sitting position when facing forward, so you can rest assure your baby’s hips are safe. The seat adjusts to baby’s size and allows baby’s legs to naturally spread apart in every carrying position. líllébaby®The adjustability of the líllébaby COMPLETE makes it possible to use the carrier during the various stages of the baby wearing years. It even fills in the  babywearing “gap months” when other "wide seat" carriers comes short in offering a solution.

Urban Xplorer HalfPack RT

The HalfPack RT™ from Urban Xplorer is the best messenger bag, best laptop bag, best backpack! Excellent for use as a school bag. Multi-Use bag for use as a back pack for school, laptop and tablet backpack, or simple travel bag. Half backpack, Half messenger bag, a classic bag that incorporates modern day functionality with vintage style. Designed to easily transition from a business bag to casual travel gear for a weekend road trip. New for 2014 is NylonUX™ Ballistic Fabric. And of course, we are featuring the Electric Burnt Orange. Hook 'Em!

Urban Xplorer

O3 Obersee Diaper Bag Conversion Kit

Love your favorite handbag? So do we. So why not convert your handbag into a diaper bag now that you need a diaper bag? The O3 Obersee Diaper Bag Conversion Kit is a 4 piece set that includes a Cooler Bag, Wet Bag, Clothing Cube, and a Changing Station. This kit allows you to easily convert your existing handbag into a diaper bag by giving you the organization and functional features of a diaper bag, without the need to actually have to carry a diaper bag! This is GREAT for dad too! All bags feature carry straps that allow for easy attachment to the stroller when on the go. The cooler bag features a roomy insulated interior for holding multiple baby bottles and/or food. The wet bag features a zipper top and a water resistant interior for storing wet items and features a carry strap. The clothing cube is an ideal bag for keeping clean baby clothes or other baby items organized inside your bag and features a mesh front for easy viewing of contents. The changing station features a large changing mat and a diaper packing cube that is large enough to hold a sufficient supply of diapers, wipes, and anything else you might need for aO3 Obersee diaper change. The changing mat folds around the bag for a tidy all-in-one changing solution.
Summer Baby Touch® 2 Digital Color Video Monitor SummerThe Summer Infant  Baby Touch® 2 Digital Color Video Monitor is an award-winning touch screen baby monitor that is the ONLY one of its kind. Featuring an innovative, high resolution 3.5" color video screen and an easy-to-use touchscreen interface, the Baby Touch® 2 gives parents controls right at their fingertips to conveniently and securely see baby, day or night.
Summer 3D Lite™ Convenience Stroller
The 3D Lite™ Stroller is a durable stroller that has a lightweight and stylish aluminum frame and is one of the lightest and most feature rich convenience strollers on the market. With an easy to fold frame and carry strap, you can be on-the-go or stow and go with ease.

Summer SuperSeat® Deluxe: Island Giggles
The SuperSeat® Deluxe: Island Giggles offers 360 degrees of floor time activity fun & booster in one. 3 stages convert it from a soft foam support seat to activity seat to booster seat. It’s a secure and comfortable area for your growing infant to learn to sit up and interact with their environment around them. With the SuperSeat® Deluxe: Island Giggles your baby can experience play while sitting up with the adjustable toybar full of exciting toys and textures. It’s the ideal place to keep baby entertained, safe and happy. Features 3-point safety harness and chair straps for booster seat mode.

Summer Infant Bentwood Booster Seat The Bentwood Booster Seat is a stylish, lightweight wood seat that is a great feeding booster seat. A fashionable cushioned seat, 3-position recline, and 3-position tray provide comfort and support for your growing baby that can be used at home or on the go.

Summer EasyStore Comfort Tub
EasyStore Comfort Tub offers versatility and convenience for bathing your little one. The tub folds easily and compactly for storage and travel. The large tub includes an inclined positioner that can be removed as your baby grows. The inflatable base provides an extra soft, padded cushion for your little one.

Snowtime Anytime Fort and Snow Balls

Snowball fight! Anytime of the year... without a mess! Snowtime Anytime indoor snowballs are safe anywhere. Kids and adults love them! They're many games in one, exercise and laugh non stop, and you can even decorate with them. Feels like snow, made out of soft material, no mess, no slush, hours of fun! These will keep kids and adults busy for hours, and get them exercising without even knowing it. These soft snowballs are machine washable and dryable on gentle cycle and are approximately 3" in diameter. We've coupled a set of 20 Snowballs with two Snow Forts for hours of fun!

Snowtime Anytime
M2 Baby Monitor from iBaby LabsWherever you are, keep your baby close with the M2 Baby Monitor from iBaby Labs. Now parents can take comfort knowing their baby is safe and secure even when they have to be away. Remotely view your baby with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Download the free iBaby View App from the App Store and connect to your M2 baby monitor in seconds and start watching your baby. The iBaby View app allows you to capture images of your baby with a simple touch of a button. Plus, images will be captured automatically when the motion or sound sensors are activated, chronicling your baby’s movements. All photos are saved to your phone and app libraries and are easily shared with family and friends. Up to four users and devices can share control at the same time so both parents and grandparents can check in on baby at anytime, from anywhere. iBaby LabsWhether at work, out to dinner or across the globe, you can keep your baby close even when you have to be away.
Guidecraft Better Builders 100 Piece SetDiscover the all new Better Builder Series from Guidecraft! With super strong magnetic force, unique rod and ball configurations and myriad design possibilities, Better Builders are a wonderfully inventive way to help children discover principles of science, construction, and engineering while developing their creativity skills. The 100-piece set includes handy storage bin and deluxe 22-page Activity Guide which explores magnet science and provides sample building models for all ages. Magnets are safely and securely embedded in the over sized rods. Metal balls ensure a quick and strong connection. Tested to ages 18 months plus. An Oppeheim Platinum Best Toy Award Winner. For ages 2+.B

Guidecraft Jr. Rainbow BlocksThe Jr. Rainbow Blocks 40 Piece Block Set is an adventure in color and light! One-third smaller than unit block size, Jr. Rainbow Blocks are a new challenge in creating structures and extending traditional block play. Smooth hardwood frames with inset, colorful, transparent acrylic windows are ideal for color exploration and light table fun. 40 piece set. Ages 2+.

Peg Perego SiestaThe multifunctional, ultra-compact Siesta high chair from Peg Perego has a sleek design and easily accommodates a child's growth. The Siesta follows a child from birth through the toddler years. The multi-functional high chair can be used as a comfortable recliner, perfect for keeping a young baby close. As the child grows, the five recline positions and nine height positions provide a perfect spot for relaxing, eating or playing. Dinner will truly be a family affair, as the Siesta's multiple height settings and removable tray allow child to sit at the dinner table. The Prima Classe fabric can quickly be wiped clean with a damp cloth. It's a smooth move from one room to the next with the Siesta. Floor-friendly caster wheels allow for an easy transition from kitchen to playroom, and automatically lock for safety. When it's time to put the Siesta away, it folds quickly and compactly. This compact fold makes thePeg Perego Siesta perfect for urban living spaces and is easily stored when not in use.  

Dapper Dude matching father and son neckties

Is there anything cuter than Daddy/Son moments? From Diaper Dude, the new Dapper Dude matching father and son neckties so they can look equally dapper. Both 100% silk, Dad’s tie is 58” and boys 14” (ages 3T-6) or 17” (ages 7-12) and have a Zipper. Zipper ties are pre-tied with a zipper built in to the knot. You can unzip the tie to remove it and zip it up to wear it. *Adults should supervise while toddlers are wearing tie. Diaper Dude
P’Kolino Little Reader Chair Comfy foam, supple fabric, arm rests and book pockets plus a wide contoured seat and ergonomic arms for maximum comfort make  P’kolino's Little Reader Chair one of the best children’s lounge chairs on the market. This sturdy toddler tag-a-long chair is optimized for little readers. And creates the perfect environment for relaxing with a good book or just a little down time. The wide-base and strong angular lines make this chair not only attractive but also supremely stable (so it does not topple over like most foam chairs). It is feathery light so with the aid of the handle your little one can tote this chair to their favorite quiet spot. Constructed of premium high-density foam and upholstered in cozy, stain-resistant faux suede.

P'kolino Monster Storage BinThe stylin Monster Storage Bin is playful too! With a big zipper mouth for easy filling and joyful smiles, rope arm-handles for easy maneuvering and big hugs. Playful Monster personalities; because not all storage needs to be boring. Fabric is a combination of durable canvas and colorful plush. These monsters will be welcomed!

Kids Kore and Teen Kore Wobble Stools

Does kiddo have a sore back? Stiff neck? Aching joints? They may be sitting in the wrong kind of chair. We simply weren't designed to sit still all day, yet many of us do - at work, at home, in a studio or classroom, in front of a computer. Regular chairs force children's bodies to conform to an unnatural posture. The innovative Kore Kids Wobble Chair allows children's knees, hips and back to find comfortable and ever-changing positions. Homework, drawing, eating and playing video/board games are no longer sedentary activities. The Kore stool rocks and spins on a gently domed base, encouraging active sitting and exercising the back. Exercises back, legs, and abdominal area, relieves sore muscles and stiff joints, and allows a wide range of movement at large desks or work areas. Colorful choices make it a good fit for any Child's room. Kids can't tip it over. Ideal for children with ADD or ADHD; provides an outlet for restlessness and extra energy. KoreMade in the USA, the Kids Kore Wobble is for boys and girls ages 4 to 12, and don't worry - we also are featuring the Teen Kore Wobble for older kids.

phil&teds poppy

We love the phil&teds philosophy of helping parents adapt and survive. The new poppy has five modes to adapt to your family through baby’s 5th birthday! We love the large food tray and the cushy, easiest to clean seat we’ve ever seen. Seat is seamless and waterproof – soft and spongy aerocore – so no cracks for food to get stuck in. Simply wipe clean or run it through the dishwasher! Aerocore is insulating, hypo-allergenic, UV resistant and non-toxic. poppy weighs in just under 9 pounds – easy to move and store. Once highchair days are over poppy can bring junior to the family table and then converts to ‘my chair.’

BabyHawk Mei Tai, Oh Mei and Oh Snap carriersBabyHawk is known for originality, and it shows. The modern Mei Tai is borrowed from the ancient Chinese method of babywearing. Traditionally a large square or rectangular piece of cloth, the Mei Tai was secured by tying its four corners together. Today's Mei Tai come in a variety of colors and patterns, offering on-the-go families an excellent, comfortable, and stylish solution for carrying babies and toddlers. Form meets function for easy and stylish babywearing! The Oh Snap! is an amped-up version of your garden-variety soft structured carrier. With additional buckle adjustments around the waist, the carrier fits easily on any body type (hour-glass, pear shaped, etc...) and can easily be worn by people of vastly different sizes. Buckles on the top straps also offer another method of customization, allowing a form fit for petite frames and larger frames as well as between smaller and larger busted women. It's the hybrid carrier of your dreams! Borrowing its form and function from the BabyHawk Mei Tai and the Oh Snap!, the Oh Mei! offers the ease of of a waist buckle with the custom, over-shoulder tie options found in the Mei Tai. Snap the buckle around your waist, tie the shoulder straps, and you're ready to go. And... all of these carriers are made right here in the USA.BabyHawk

Brian James Footwear

After countless requests to bring the comfort of pediped® to ladies' shoes, pediped founder Angela Edgeworth decided to create Brian James™. She named the company after her husband, who—besides her two children—is the love of her life. Brian James™ embraces the core features and beliefs of pediped®: comfort, quality and style. And she has done it! Brian James Footwear combines fashion with function, allowing Moms to be stylish while walking in comfort. MetroMoms at the event may choose a $150 gift certificate to brianjamesfootwear.com.

Brian James Footwear


Exceptional quality, unsurpassed comfort and distinctive styling have made the award-winning company one of the fastest-growing children's footwear brands in the United States. pediped™ creates footwear that most closely resembles the natural shape of a baby’s foot. pediped offers more than 130 designs for boys and girls between their three lines, Originals®, Grip ‘n’ Go™ and Flex®. Originals® (soft-soled shoes for newborns to age 2), Grip ‘n’ Go™ (thin rubber-soled shoes for children ages 9 months to 3 years) and Flex® (rubber-soled shoes forPediped children 1 to 8 years). MetroMoms at the event may choose a $100 gift certificate to Pediped.com.
Kelty Junction 2.0KeltyKelty was the first company to introduce backpack-style child carriers to the outdoor world. Since the first KIDS carriers hit the market, Kelty has refined their original designs to create the most comfortable,Kelty Low-Love Chair easy to use, and safe child carriers available. The Junction 2.0 is a sure fit with its five-point, adjustable harness for your little one and a simple torso-length adjustment system so that it fits both mom or dad comfortably. The versatile Junction is ideal for running around town hands-free or hitting the trail for an afternoon hike.

The Kelty Low-Love Chair is a super-comfy folding chair made just for two.Kelty Lowdown Chair Perfect for all-day summer festivals, family sporting events, or getting cozy around the campfire, the Low-Love Chair folds up and fits into a deluxe carry sack for easy transport. The Low-Love Chair has a slightly reclined design for increased comfort.....the perfect chair to kick-back! Two bottle openers attached, adjustable beverage holders and arms, carry sack and durable frame.

Whether cheering junior’s soccer team, toasting marshmallows around the campfire, spending a day at your favorite music festival, or relaxing at the beach, the super comfortable Kelty Lowdown Chair allows you to take a load off just about anywhere. The Lowdown Kelty Soft-Top TableChair has been constructed to offer a slightly reclined designed for increased comfort! Durable steel frame, adjustable arms and beverage holders, carry sack and bottle opener! Slightly reclined for comfort.

Kelty’s large, easy-folding Soft-Top Table has beverage holders and mesh pockets for drying clean dishes or storing playing cards. This table can be used for a game of chess or checkers on its prinKelty Lumaspot Rhythmted board-game. PVC-free, durable steel frame, beverage pockets and carry sack.

A lantern, spotlight, and speaker for your MP3 player all in one, the Lumaspot Rhythm is sure to become a campsite favorite. A spotlight mounted to the top of this light swivels, giving campers the ability to light the campsite with a lantern or a 160-lumen spotlight. For entertainment, plug your MP3 player in and listen to tunes while sitting around the campfire. Mood-enhancing colored LEDs can be set to disco mode, complimenting your tunes.
Kelty Whippersnapper 60°
From campouts to year-round sleep-overs, the fllece Whippersnapper 60° will keep your little one snug and comfy all night long. Available in boys’ and girls' styles, this bag features fun colors and graphics your kids will love.

Kelty Ticket Pouch and Cache BoxTraveling? Ever had a difficult time keeping your money, cards, phone, passport, show tickets and other small items organized and easy to find? If so, you’ll love the Kelty Ticket Pouch. With card sleeves, zippered pocket, and protective padding, the pouch is easy to use and sized to accommodate boarding passes. Sensitive electronics and rugged outdoor environments don’t always mix. That’s why Kelty developed the Cache Box. Small size designed to accommodate everything from smart phones and batteries to cords, each Cache Box features internal elastic straps and pockets to keep cords and small parts secure.

Chuggington StackTrack Rescue at Rocky Ridge Action Playset

Stack your track as high as the sky with Introducing the Chuggington StackTrack Rescue at Rocky Ridge Action Playset from Tomy, as seen in the episode "Chug Patrol and the Rescue at Rocky Ridge." While speeding through Rocky Ridge Mine, Koko loses control and gets stuck in a pile of rubble. Wilson must practice his new Chug Patrol skills and come to her rescue! Drive Wilson through the mine entrance gates, up the track, and to the boulder drop, where Koko is stuck. Careful! The boulder careens down the super steep track, as Koko and Wilson race down the mine shaft, through the crash walls, and back out to safety! The playset includes: Sturdy and easy-to-connect track and risers, 2 High Performance Die-Cast Engines (Wilson and Koko), Boulder drop with tumbling boulder, 1 Set of entry gates, 1 Set of crash gate and an adaptor track piece that allows you to connect TOMYyour existing Chuggington Die-Cast track to the new and improved track. 


Brand new to the market and sure to be a hit with moms, Clearinse is the answer to uncomfortable, gunky noses. The only product of its kind on the market, the system utilizes saline to loosen up nasal congestion and aspirates to help your family breathe more easily. Nasal congestion is common and can disrupt eating, sleeping and breathing. Salt water irrigation and aspiration is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics but until now, this has meant juggling saline and aspirators. Clearinse makes saline irrigation/aspiration quick and easy and gently by doing both with one product!Clearinse
Born FreeBorn Free Nursing ShawlThe Born Free  Nursing Shawl allows mom to be stylish and discreet when nursing in public. So many styles to wear throughout the day! Soft comfortable fabric for mom and baby. Full coverage scarf with neck opening to wear when nursing. Soft breathable fabric available in black.
Born Free Bottles
Born Free Bottles offer natural milk flow for an experience similar to breastfeeding, allows baby to control the flow and helps prevent nipple confusion. Naturally fuss free, clinically designed to reduce colic and gas with the leak-free ActiveFlow® venting technology; preferred by moms with colicky babies. Naturally safe BPA-free and PVC-free plastic and glass is long lasting, eco-friendly, and easy to clean. Nipples, collars, valves, and sippy cup spouts and handles are interchangeable on all Born Free bottles and transition cups. Bonus silicone bottle sleeve protects bottle and provides a no-slip grip. Soft silicone nipple available in 5 flow rates.Born Free
LeapFrog LeapPad2 PowerLeapFrogCreate, learn and explore with the #1 kids’ learning tablet. The LeapFrog LeapPad2™ Power learning tablet includes 9 apps, 4GB memory and loads of exciting features in a kid-tough tablet designed just for kids! Take pictures and videos with front-and-back cameras/video recorders. Play, draw and write on the 5" touch screen with the included stylus. Tilt and shake for motion-based play, customize and care for a lovable pet, and create masterpieces in the Art Studio.

LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea PartyKids will love learning with the Musical Rainbow Tea Party! The lovable light-up teapot bubbles with personality while percolating "tea," and teaches kids about colors, matching, manners and counting, too! Kids will love matching and building motor skills as they play. Host a special tea time for two to learn lessons in sharing. And, best of all, the Musical Rainbow Tea Party features 50+ songs, phrases and tea party sounds! The 10-piece set lights up in six colors and features songs and surprises. Tip the teapot to see it light up, hear fun sounds and see the "tea" move realistically. Teaches colors & matching, manners & greetings and counting.  culture, science, geography, mathematics, health and more. Parents can connect to the free, online LeapFrog Learning Path to see specific details of their child’s learning progress and share achievements and artwork with family and friends. For children ages 3 to 9 years.

Kidoozie Deluxe Build-A-Road with Elevator

The Kidoozie Deluxe Build-A-Road with Elevator from International Playthings is a 240-piece set of easy to assemble flexible track that can be constructed an infinite number of ways. No tools are required - kids simply use their imaginations. The easy assembly builds confidence. Comes with two battery-operated cars, a multi-directional connector and a turnaround. Also includes an exciting elevator!

International Playthings

i-Mat from Creative Baby

The first in a series of themed interactive soft foam mat, the i-Mat from Creative Baby will tap into every child's potential for creative learning as it stimulates, teaches and entertains from the moment parents put their child on it. Featuring a full color illustration of animals from around the world, the i-Mat serves as a visual fun playland with dozens of cute animals that babies will enjoy looking at and exploring. Name bubbles are included to start the visual connection of words and the names with images. The Voice Pen that brings the i-Mat to life. By touching the pen to the mat, the animals "talk" and songs play. As the child grows, the parents can begin teaching their child up to three languages (English, Spanish, Chinese) simply by touching the pen to the image. When the child is old enough to hold the pen and activate the mat on their own, he can playCreative Baby learning games on the mat that challenges them to seek things out while they learn about the animals and the world around them.
RoboMeWowWeeRoboMe! You have to see it with your own eyes to believe it! Technology and personality combine in dishwasher-safe. The storybook-style illustrations of this engaging dish set are sure to bring delight & fun to any restaurant, kitchen or dinner party pretend play. This customizable robotic toy from WowWee features a light-up LED face and mood indicator to provide interactive fun and includes a remote controller so you can direct his movements and enable games and guard or autonomous modes. Multiple sensors help RoboMe to navigate his environment, interact with people and objects and avoid obstacles Facial features are customizable. You can even program RoboMe with your iPhone or iPod touch (devices sold separately) to respond to your touch and voice commands!
ArtSee Studio
ArtSee Studio™ from WowWee transforms simple drawings and paintings on the iPad into animated games and activities! The magical adventure begins by securing the iPad 1, iPad 2 or iPad 3 into the protective case, and then launching the app. Using the wide range of interactive tools that are included with ArtSee Studio™, kids can quickly turn a blank canvas into an explosion of the color, sound, movement, games and activities. The creativity is endless! 
HABA Click-clack Ball Track
Timeless toys with tomorrow’s standards, HABA prides itself on the wholesome, cheerful designs of its European toys. HABA favors wood as its material for most of the toys. The beech and maple they use are regenerative and the natural markings make it unique. HABA is one of the only toy companies that obtained the world renowned PEFC certification. They use safe, non-toxic, water based lacquers on the products (not paints) and recycled corrugated with as little foam as possible to their items. The red ball zips down the Click Clack turbo track, the blue one takes the chatter track. Click-clack they drop down a level! On the way there are things to watch and hear: kaleidoscope, mirror and little bells. The Click-clack Ball Track includes three big balls.


KidDesigns Barbie Shopping Spree Cash Register

Shop 'til you drop with the KidDesigns Barbie Shopping Spree Cash Register. This cash register lets girls shop for whatever they want. But don't just sit behind the cash register take turns with your friends to be the shopper and the cashier. "Can I get a price check?" The built-in microphone and pretend scanner complete the true shopping experience. Let's go on a shopping spree. Realistic-looking cash register has working keypad with LCD readout. Use the keypad orKidDesigns pretend scanner to ring up your purchase. Working microphone for price checks and store announcements. Accessories include debit and credit cards, lots of play money, signature pad and stylus, open/closed signs. Cash drawer holds all of the money. 
Architec HousewaresArchitec HousewaresArchitec Housewares has unique, modern, updated and functional kitchen solutions and we’ve bundled a few items for your kitchen. Original Gripper Cutting Board has 300+ soft, gripping, feet thermally bonded to a durable Polypropylene cutting surface. Dishwasher safe and won’t dull knives. Hold Bowl is designed to hold three different ways for best comfort and dexterity. Holding strap makes it impossible to struggle while tempering, scraping, mixing or pouring; and unique lip design means you can crack eggs and your counter tops are safe! Everything runs inside the bowl! Feather-lite! Non-Scratch Silicone Spoonrests are especially great for glass cooktops but protect any counter. Made from high-heat resistant silicone and nylon, designed with generous room for all spoons. Dishwasher safe.

EcoSmart from Architec HousewaresArchitec Housewares now delivers a new level of sophisticated design to the world of Eco housewares. We have bundled a set that features patented Polyflax™ and Polypaper™ material developed by EcoSmart™ by Architec. Made from recycled translucent PolyPropylene with flax husk or cellulose content suspended inside, the material produces an amazing-looking surface that is unique to each piece: Polypaper™ Serving Bowl, Serving Spoons and Purelast™ Measuring Spoons. All of which are manufactured in the USA by a zero waste Eco Factory that generates a portion of its own power.

Eco Nuts Dryer Balls

Eco Nuts Dryer Balls are a reusable, healthy, natural and chemical-free alternative to dryer sheets. Dryer Balls work by lifting and separating clothes allowing air to circulate, and can reduce drying time by 10-25%. They fluff and soften the laundry through gentle friction. These wool Dryer Balls are an alternative to the plastic PVC dryer balls. Place them in your dryer and as they tumble with your clothes they will keep laundry soft and reduce the drying time. They last for years. We recommend you start with 4 per dryer load and increase as needed. Eco NutsYou can also use a linen spray or an essential oil to scent the balls before drying to scent your laundry.  
Bert & Bratt SterilizerBe confident that you are reducing your child's risk of coming into contact with harmful germs and bacteria in 4 minutes with just the push of a button of the Bert & Bratt. Simply place pacifiers, bottle nipples, small teething toys and some sippy cup tops inside, and push button. By reducing contact with commonly found germs you are lowering your child's risk for infections such as pneumonia, ear infections , strep throat and bronchitis to name a few. Bert & BrattForget about boiling water, using chemical cleaners, dishwashers or steam to sterilize. Place it in your nursery, diaper bag, purse or car so you have the ability to sterilize whenever the need occurs!
Uncle Milton National Geographic™ Ultimate Dino DigsKids will love digging deeper into science and discovery with the National Geographic™ Ultimate Dino Digs™ from Uncle Milton. Carefully excavate the bones of a dinosaur from real clay rock with the included dig tools! Then assemble the bones to complete your very own dinosaur skeleton! Kit includes excavation tools, brush, and safety glasses. Best of all, no batteries are required!

TUncle Milton Dino Xcavatorhe Dino Xcavator™ offers an exciting way to learn about dinosaurs without dirt and mess. The skeleton of an extinct T. rex has been discovered! Now it's up to kids to carefully remove each bone. If you touch the sides of the pit, the angry T. rex will roar back to life and you'll lose a turn. Collect the most bones to win! Then test your dinosaur knowledge with the included dino trivia cards!
Uncle Milton Milton Fire and Ice Volcano
By using just a few simple household ingredients, kids can create an exciting volcanic eruption with the Uncle Milton Fire and Ice Volcano™. Follow the included recipes to create volcanic eruptions with household ingredients (ingredients not included). Ice volcano eruptions light up with built-in LED.

Uncle Milton
Cloud b Twilight Turtle TunesTwilight Turtle Tunes is the first Cloud b character to feature wireless Bluetooth technology! Utilizing a new free Cloud b app, parents can choose from a pre-set library of melodies and sounds that can be combined to create a customized mix to play wirelessly via Twilight Turtle Tunes’ speaker. A premium app is also available which allows users to access their personal music libraries to create totally unique mixes. By utilizing Bluetooth, the melody and twilight effect can be programmed forCloud b up to 24 hours. Just like the original, the new Twilight Turtle Tunes T3 glows in blue, amber and green and projects 8 real constellations.
Razor Kix ScooterColor Outside the Lines. With it’s refillable chalk bar, the Kixi Scribble® scooter from Razor lets little tykes leave their mark as they develop their balance and steering skills. The tricked out, 3-wheel design is the ideal size and set up for young riders and delivers hours of colorful fun.

Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Motorized Railway Castle Quest SetFisher PriceWith the Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Motorized Railway Castle Quest playset from Fisher-Price, kids can join Thomas the Tank Engine on his mission to rescue the king's missing crown. The Castle Quest playset is based on the Thomas & Friends King of the Railway DVD and part of the TrackMaster Motorized Railway system from Fisher-Price. Use the crane to swing the missing track in place so Thomas can continue on his journey and escape the crumbling castle. Help Thomas escape the swinging trap, a falling gate, and descend into the abandoned mine, and escape with the crown. Fisher-Price also gives little engineers the option of using a stationary track instead of the swinging one.

Dora the Explorer Skate & Spin Dora & BootsSkate & Spin Dora and Boots  brings the bilingual skating duo and the skating escapades of the new DVD Dora the Explorer: Dora's Great Roller Skate Adventure to life. The toy features two modes of play: Dance mode, in which Dora and Boots will move in three different preprogrammed dancing patterns with music, and Free Play, in which music plays and kids can skate Dora and Boots around to create their own routine. Once you've chosen your preferred mode of play, press the heart-shaped button on Dora's skate to begin. To move onto a different song simply press Dora's skate again. Boots must be connected to Dora in one of three ways in order to dance: on the back or front of Dora's roller skates to dance in a conga line or by linking their hands.
Imaginext DC Super Friends Batcave
Kids will love helping Batman™, and his sidekick Robin, devise crime-fighting strategies from this  Fisher-Price Imaginext Batcave secret command center equipped with all sorts of gadgetry. Fisher-Price Ready for Potty Dora the Explorer PlaysetThere’s a Batcomputer, secret walkways, a Batwing, an elevator, jail and more. Turn the Batman™ or Robin figures on any of the 3 activation disks to make cool things happen throughout the Batcave! Plus, there’s a launcher that lets young super heroes fire projectiles at approaching intruders! And when Batman™ needs to race into Gotham City just place him on his Batcycle and send him off to save the day! Have an iPhone®? You can bring the Imaginext® Batcave to life! Download the free Imaginext™ Batcave app and bring it to this Batcave for interactive fun on your iPhone® screen. 

Baby Dora is learning how to use the potty! The Ready for Potty Dora the Explorer Playset knows when she's gotta go and will ask you to put her on the potty. Once she is on the the potty and done using it, she will sing and celebrate to let you know how excited she is to be using the potty like a big girl. Includes potty, sippy cup, and storybook about Dora's first potty adventure.
Green ToysDumptruck & Rocket Need help hauling a big load while helping save the planet? The Green ToysDump Truck is ready to get working. Made from 100% recycled plastic milk containers this really is the most energy efficient vehicle on this or any planet. The super cool eco-design has a workable dumper and no metal axles. Rocket launches into another eco-friendly deep-space mission! Made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs that save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, this spacecraft takes off in search of other planets while still taking care of this one. The fully equipped, 2-in-1 set includes a detachable top capsule and two astronauts that sport molded spacesuits, helmets, and dual-tank backpacks. Powered by a main booster and three auxiliary fin boosters, the Rocket has a large door that flips down to double as a set of steps up into the main cavity, while the detachable nose cone capsule has its own door that opens to reveal buttons, dials, and of course, the signature Green Toys 8-track.Green Toys We've bundled these Green Toys, all of which have no BPA, Green Toys phthalates, PVC or external coatings, and also are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Packaged with recycled and recyclable materials and printed with soy inks. 
GeleeoSweaty backs a problem? Geleeo brings you a ground-breaking product, the one and only cooling gel pad made for kids! The pad was designed and created by a parent, for parents, to solve the problem that children easily become overheated in their strollers. Inside, a proprietary hydrophilic gel keeps the pad at a few degrees lower than the temperature of its surrounding environment with no need of refrigeration. The pad constantly stays cool and discharges body heat by itself without any external assistance. One pad can be repeatedly used for heat dissipation on a daily basis for years. Geleeo provides an effective outdoor freshening method without fan, ice or other traditional techniques. Now kids, for the first time, can enjoy a low maintenance, high performance, and long lasting outdoor cooling product. Geleeo
Watch Over Me Dream Station B Kids ToysWatch Over Me Dream Station from B Kids Toys is a new, intelligent baby monitor that creates comfortable sleeping and waking up environments for newborns. Watch Over Me Dream Station features a proprietary smart sensor technology that detects body motion and sound, and can automatically adapt to provide an ideal and consistent sleep environment for newborns during each of the five phases of sleep. Parents can customize the device by setting it for use at any desired stage of sleep. User friendly and fashionably designed, Watch Over Me Dream Station is a must-have for parents looking to soothe their child to bed, comfort them when they inevitably wake up during the night and allow them to happily wake up from their sleep.

B Kids Splash n Slide Waterpark Wonder and Pounding ShapeWe’ve bundled these B Kids favorites: Splash n Slide Waterpark Wonder is a floating water slide and spinning water wheel keeps young hands active and happy in the tub. Adds great bath time fun for toddlers. The Pounding Shape wooden bench features soft rubber edges and is designed for fun and learning while building fine motor skills. Foster early shape and color recognition as your child matches and taps each shape through each hole, flips it over, and taps again! Includes mini mallet and four pounding shapes.
Deluxe Dinner Kit from Blue Box Toys
This Deluxe Dinner Kit from Blue Box Toys lets your little one prepare delicious dinners for family and friends. Use the magic handle and attach the different utensil heads to create fun interactive sound effects for real playtime pleasure. Includes Electronic Handle, Knife, Spatula, Colander, Flying Pan, Cutting Board, Plate, Spoon, Fork, Carrot, T-Bone Meat, Tomato, Lettuce, Broccoli, potato, and slice onion. Blue Box Toys

Pet Head

Furry family members deserve to be pampered too and Pet Head has put together some top hits from their dog and cat line to help us do that. Products like De Shed Me Miracle Deshedding Shampoo, Oatmeal Natural Shampoo, High Maintenance Leave-In Conditioner, Magical Deodorizing Spray, and morePet Head items make the perfect collection for your little furball, and safe enough to use on all family members!

Just Play Doc McStuffins

The Doctor is in! We've bundled two of our favorite Just Play Doc McStuffins toys to give every aspiring physician hours of fun! Disney Doc McStuffins Doctor's Bag Playset includes 7 glittery & sparkly pieces - Doc's bag, syringe, blood pressure cuff with working gauge, otoscope, bandage cuff, sticker sheet, and of course, Doc's magical stethoscope! Your little Doc can "practice" her skills and nurture her favorite toys back to perfect health with the Doc McStuffins Make Me Better Lambie Playset. The playset includes a Lambie figure, a lights-and-sounds thermometer, a color-change cast, a cloth, a bandage cuff for Lambie, a bandage cuff for kids, a play bottle, a bandage box, three bandage sticker sheets, a reflex hammer, and play scissors. Just PlayThe cast changes colors with icy water, and when kids press the button on the thermometer, they will see it light up and hear different phrases and sounds.
Educational Insights Chet the Cat™ and Friends Dish SetEducational Insights
Chet the Cat invites boys and girls to step into the world of make believe as they cook and eat with Parfait Poodle, Educational Insights Chet the Cat™ and Friends Baking SetReady Rabbit, and Marv the Parrot.
The 24-piece Chet the Cat™ and Friends Dish Set from Educational Insights is perfect for kitchen or restaurant play, and even tea time.

Cupcakes, sprinkles and lots of fun! The 9-piece Chet the Cat™ and Friends Baking Set will engage young bakers.

Educational Insights Chet the Cat™ and Friends Cooking SetThe 7-piece Chet the Cat™ and Friends Cooking Set will delight any young chef.

All are made of food-grade, durable melamine that is dishwasher-safe. The storybook-style illustrations of this engaging dish set are sure to bring delight & fun to any restaurant, kitchen or dinner party pretend play.


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Open to MetroMoms Insiders who are expecting and/or have children up to age 6


Pre-set buffet, laughter and opportunities to view the Best & Hottest products from pregnancy through preschool, meet and mingle with other moms/expectant moms and take home a Best & Hottest Product of your choice (plus gift bag)


Thursday, January 23, 2014 from 6:30-9pm; VIP entry at 6pm


The Original Pancake House at Village on the Parkway, 5220 Beltline Road, Southeast corner of Beltline and Dallas Tollway, Addison, TX 75240


Moms will draw numbers at the event to determine the order in which they each will choose one Best & Hottest product. VIP reserved priority seating is available, and VIP ticketholders will draw numbers first. Every mom also receives a gift bag. Moms with VIP tickets will receive extra items marked with VIP Bag.


Regular tickets $50/mom; VIP tickets $65/mom


Space is limited. Tickets are not transferable. Last day to cancel for a full refund is January 16 (see Cancellation Policy).


This is a mom's night out; no children will be permitted; no exceptions.



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