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The Best & Hottest Products From Pregnancy To Preschool
July 2010

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the products
* colors & patterns may vary and products are subject to change

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▬the goody bags

timi & leslie toteEvery mom
will receive a goody bag. Moms with VIP tickets will receive all items in a regular gift bag plus additional items designated in orange and marked by VIP gift bag.

Why are these coveted timi & leslie VIP gift bag totes so popular that even celebrities carry them? They’re big and roomy with an inside pocket and are great for going to the beach, the park, grocery shopping, travel carry-on…or anything you can think of! You can’t buy these special editions anywhere – but VIP moms will tote Best & Hottest goodies home in them!timi & leslie

On Tray

OnTrayAny mom knows the challenges of grocery shopping with little ones. We juggle snacks, toys, grocery lists and coupons. It takes such a mom to invent something that makes these trips easier. Introducing OnTray by 42 Kids. Clip it on to most any grocery cart and fill it with snacks for the kids to entertain themselves. Clip another one to hold your coupons. Stores easily in your purse or bag and of course, it is dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and BPA free.

Real Kids Shades Flex glassesReal Kids ShadesOur children’s eyes are more susceptible to sun damage than our adult eyes. Real Kids Shades provide 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays. Created by parents who simply wanted safe, comfortable, attractive, durable and affordable sun protection for their children’s eyes, RKS lenses and frames are shatterproof, lead and BPA-free. Even cooler than the sunglasses themselves – many of the RKS styles can be fitted with prescription lenses, and RKS have passed the most rigorous testing regimens on three continents. We love these VIP gift bag Flex glasses, perfect for 3-7 year olds. Put some shades on.

Boon Saucer
We adore Boon's feeding line in the fresh blue and green colors. The Saucer Stay-put Divided Plate has a unique edgeless design that helps prevent little hands from lifting it off the table. The divided sections keep foods separated and a slip-resistant base grips the tabletop to keep the plate in place. And of course, it is BpA free and dishwasher safe.

Hoppop ZazoAhhh, the wonderful world of Hoppop. Where beautifully designed, comfortable, innovative and quality baby and toddler products make you wish you were little again. The VIP gift bag Zazo grooming kit includes a brush, comb and mirror in the prefect size for little hands to use and hold. The brush bristles are super soft for babies and children, and the design is stylish enough for any nursery! Hoppop

Rhoost edge omA modern take on a classic product, the Rhoost Edge turns sharp edges into furniture fashion statements, keeping your little ones safe, your tables unharmed and your personal style intact. The Rhoost Edge works great on tables of all kinds (indoor and out!), granite countertops, butcher blocks, and buffets, basically any piece of furniture with aRhoost corne. It installs without screws or adhesive and is available in plum, brown and black. Edge is BPA free and made from a recyclable thermoplastic elastomer.

BornFree Formula & Snack Dispenser
BornFreeBornFree's VIP gift bag BPA-Free Formula & Snack Dispenser is 100% free of Bisphenol-A, Phthalates and PVC. The flat shape makes it easier to pack and take along, the flip top allows for opening and pouring with one-hand, and three compartments allow for multiple portioned servings. Dishwasher-safe, and no sharp edges. 

Pop PalsKeen Distribution
What's a Pop Pal by Keen Distribution? It's America's first insulating ice pop holder designed to help keep hands warm and ice pops cold. New sizes hold most major ice pops, yogurt tubes, and electrolyte pops. Pop Pals are made from a soft flexible FDA -approved plastic, are lead-free and contains no PVC, phthalates, and Bisphenol-a. It's also dishwasher-safe. The unique design and flexible material allows children of any age to use Pop Pals. Perfect for the Texas heat!

Jackson Reece Herbal Baby Wipes by Keen DistributionKeen DistributionKeen Distribution brings us Soothing Herbal Baby Wipes from Jackson Reece. They are Bio-degradable, mild and gentle. Infused with a unique natural balm, organic tea tree oil, aloe vera and aromatherapy essential oil of lavender, PH balanced and Hypoallergenic for children with sensitive skin and eczema, these soothing wipes are perfect for any part of your child.

Rockin Green cloth diaper & laundry detergentRockin GreenEven the cutest babies make big stinkies. You don’t need harsh detergent though – Rockin Green can safely clean a cloth diaper, a burp cloth, and everything in between. With 100% natural scents, Rockin’ Green Cloth Diaper and Laundry Detergent is made of safe, phosphate free ingredients, and is free of dyes, enzymes, whiteners and brighteners, which makes it good for the planet and gentler on your little ones. This bio-degradable detergent rocks a clean rinsing formula, so you spare some water by avoiding unnecessary extra rinses. The Hard Rock hard water formula will knock the stink out of anything you throw at it.

Safety 1st Healthcare Basics Kit

The Safety 1st Healthcare Basics Kit contains 7 essential items for keeping your baby healthy while on the go. The Easy-View Case for travel and storage has a Medicine Spoon with clear markings andSafety 1st an easy-to-hold handle, a Nasal Aspirator with small, flexible tip 4, an Emergency Contact Card for a compact and handy reference, a Digital Thermometer with Protective Case, Fold-Up Nail Clippers with curved cutting edges and easy-grip handle and a Medicine Dropper with Spill Guard provides accurate dosage readings and a convenient plug.

MD MomsWe love the baby silk products designed by MD Moms, pediatrician moms who know how to care for baby's sensitive skin. MetroMoms will be receiving one of three products: Hot days are no sweat for baby with Delicate Skin Comfort. This non-talc wonder smoothes on like a lotion then transforms into a silky, protective stay-dry powder to keep any fold or crevice comfortably dry and cool. The quick-absorbing, lightweight Moisturizing Balm is perfect for restoring and maintaining the skin's natural moisture barrier. Shea butter, aloe, oat, avocado oil, olive oil and marine silk soothe baby's dry skin, cracking or irritation. Antioxidant vitamins E and B5 and grapeseed oil help protect from environmental damage and reinforce the skin's natural defense system. Perfect for the bath, the Gentle All Over Clean is a concentrated 2-in-1 cleanser that is soap-freeMD Moms and tear-free. A blend of gentle ingredients that includes marine silk, aloe and antioxidant vitamins E and B5 is hard-working enough to clean away all evidence of baby's busy day, but ultra gentle so it won't interfere with the skin's natural moisture barrier.

Lille Baby Cell Phone PocketThe new VIP gift bag lille baby cell phone pocket attaches around the waist belt or shoulder pads of a carrier to keep cellLille Baby phones away from baby. It is designed to fit most cell phones, Blackberrys, MP3 players and compact cameras. The front mesh pocket is perfect for keys and pacifiers!

beginning... by Maclaren Nappy BalmBeginnings by MaclarenBaby and mum will have a nappy time with the Aloe, Shea and Cocoa butter infused with soothing Lavender and calming German Chamomile to nourish, soothe and protect baby’s delicate skin. Introducing the beginning... by Maclaren Protecting Nappy Change Balm. Applying a layer on your baby's sensitive tush will assist in soothing and preventing skin irritation, especially at night when exposure to wetness is prolonged.


the raffle

Every mom will take home a "best & hottest" product (get the details on how moms will choose):
*** colors & patterns may vary and products are subject to change
Maclaren Techno XLRA stroller with all the comfort that your child deserves, the Maclaren Techno XLR in Charcoal/Majesty features an aluminum frame with an umbrella fold and carry handle for easy storage and portability. The plush seat is removable and washable, contouring to your child's head and shoulders, while the hood is water-resistant for those rainy days. Its five-point harness makes for ultimate security, appropriate for children from birth on up and who are up to 65 pounds. TheQuest Zodiac double swivel wheels are lockable in the front and have an easy-to-use central foot brake. Includes a mesh shopping basket for easy toting and storage.

The Quest Zodiac is a lightweight, stylish solution. Suitable for babies from 3 months, this stroller offers a sleek new design with superior steering which makes it ideal for about town. It has reflective accents for added safety and a removable washable seat cover. Four seat positions and adjustable leg support adds extra comfort for baby. Like many Maclaren strollers, the Quest has a one-hand fold and carry strap making it ideal for easy transport.
The Racing Green Triumph stroller is dependable, resilient and at a lightweight 11.5lbs is the all purpose go fast stroller. This durable stroller meets the everyday needs of hectic family life. It has a larger hood that is water resistant, 5 second one-hand fold with a carry strap and is easy to clean with a removable washable seat. 
Maclaren Volo
The Volo is the lightest and simplest stroller on the go. Appropriate from 6 months, this 8.6 pound stroller has all of Maclaren's usual safety features as well as a breathable mesh seat (perfect for the Texas summers).Maclaren
Britax Chaperone Infant CarrierMoms have been fans of Britax car seats for years and we are thrilled that Britax now protects your children from Birth to Belt. The Britax Chaperone infant carrier offers True Side Impact Protection (distributes crash forces, shields from vehicle intrusion, contains the head and body, and keeps the head, neck and spine "in true" or aligned, to limit injury), Quick-Adjust Head Restraint & No-Rethread Harness (easily adjust the harness shoulder height and head restraint without disassembling the harness) and Anti-Rebound Bar (stabilizes child seat by minimizing rotational forces associated with front and rear collisions). You can easily adjust the harness height without having to re-thread the harness straps, and the seat has an Easy-to-Install Base with LATCH Connector Storage. It has a 30-pound Weight Capacity, Height Adjustment Knob (on base) for proper seat angle and positioning, Plush, Premium Cover Set with matching belly pad for extra comfort, Easy-to-Read Level Indicators (on base) that provide quick reference for proper angle of recline, an Easy-to-Install Seat-to-Base Design that self-guides carrier into a proper locked position, Ergonomic Carry-Handle designed to contour to your forearm to allow for more comfortable carrying of your child in carrier, an Extra-Large Canopy that blocks wind, rain and harmful UV rays from baby’s sensitive skin, a Front Harness Adjuster that provides effortless front adjustment when loosening the harness system, Built-in Lock-Off(s) that secure the vehicle seat belt so that the child seat does not move more than one inch side-to-side or front-to-back at the belt path, High Density Comfort Foam that provides an extra layer of padding to gently cushion the child, anBritax Advocate CS Convertible Car Seat Energy-Absorbing Foam Liner (EPS) that absorbs and distributes crash forces, Premium, Push-Button Lower LATCH Connectors for a quick, simple, and tight installation and a Five-Point Harness makes contact with the strongest parts of the body. Britax definitely did not leave anything out!

The Britax Advocate™ CS is a high weight capacity convertible car seat which introduces the revolutionary energy-managing Side Impact Cushion™ Technology, reducing incoming side impact crash energy by 50 percent by diverting crash forces away from the child. It also offers protection to the adjacent passenger in the event of a side impact crash. The seat features the Britax tangle-free, five-point harness, a rear- and forward-facing recline, and accommodates children rear facing from 5 to 35 pounds and forward facing from at least one year old and 20 pounds up to 65 pounds. It is also equipped with Britax True Side Impact Protection®, Versa-Tether®, HUGS™, premium LATCH connectors, and the Click & Safe® Snug Harness Indicator, which provides extra assurance when the harness is withiBritax Frontier 85n range of appropriate snugness.

Britax just introduced a new combination booster seat that offers the highest harnessed weight and height capacity in the industry. The Frontier® 85 Combination Harness-2-BoosterTM with True Side Impact Protection® allows children to remain in a five-point harness up to 85 pounds with a seated shoulder height of up to 20 inches. As a belt-positioning booster, the seat can accommodate children up to 120 pounds and 65 inches tall. Designed to keep children in a five-point harness for as long as possible, the Frontier 85 helps safely graduate children who are at least 2 years old and weigh at least 25 pounds from their convertible car seats. The True Side Impact Protection technology on the Frontier 85 includes deeper side walls, and works to distribute crash forces, shield from vehicle intrusion, contain the head and body, and keep the head, neck and spine aligned. The Frontier 85 includes a number of parent-favorite features: a quick-adjust head restraint, no-rethread harness, color-coded vehicle belt guides, Versa-Tether®, Harness Ultra Guard System (HUGS™) and premium LATCH connectors. The seat also offers big, comfortable armrests, dual cup holders, and a durable, washable cover. 

Britax Parkway SG
The The Parkway® SG belt positioning booster  introduces the SecureGuard™ Seat Belt Anchor. The SecureGuard — also known as an anti-submarining clip — helps prevent the child from sliding under the lap belt (or submarining) during a collision, reducing the risk of abdominal injury. The Parkway SG easily converts to a backless booster while maintaining the SecureGuard feature, and fits children from 40 pounds and 38 inches up to 120 pounds and 63 inches.The advanced safety features of the Parkway SG also help absorb energy in a crash, offering maximum safety to children. When used with the seat back, the Parkway SG provides Britax True Side Impact Protection® — a combination of deep side walls and head wings made from energy-absorbent material and an adjustable head restraint — which transfers energy away from the child during a side impact crash. Approximately one in four of all motor vehicle crashes that involve children occur from the side, and these crashes result in a significantly higher injury rate than front or rear crashes, according to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. True Side Impact Protection, combined with the SecureGuard, helps to ensure that children are properly positioned in the event of a collision, reducing the risk of life-threatening injuries.
Delta CambridgeThe not-yet available in stores Delta Cambridge 4-in-1 Crib not only grows with your baby but offers neat features such as the removable changer with 3 shelves, cabinet with one shelf, and removable hamper with casters for added convenience. Crib features 3 mattress support positions, stationary side crib for added strength, safety and stability, and included water-resistant changing pad. The 4-in-1 convertible crib converts to a toddler bed, daybed, and full-size headboard.

Delta Children's Products

Step2 Gather & Grille Playhouse

Get the gang together in the Gather & Grille Playhouse™ from Step2 for a sizzlin' good time. With an extended area for grilling & hanging out with friends, an outdoor patio area with built-in "grill" and bench for two, built-in kitchen with sink, Dutch door, working doorbell and large windows, they will be busy entertaining all summer. Quality construction means a playhouse that will last through years of little social functionsStep2.
Bloom Fresco LoftFits infantsto child fresco bloom is the only contemporary chair that stays with baby from birth to school age. The loft™ version of this 3-in-1 resting, feeding and play chair puts baby in command at the breakfast bar or counter top with an extra 6 inches in height. The endless features include super-sized adjustable feeding tray and second play tray made of FDA compliant food contact grade plastic and stainless steel, removable and dishwasher-safe; 360-degree swivel seat for easy access; pneumatic-assist, easy-lift height adjustment allowing infinite positions; multiple-Bloom Nanoposition reclining seat; 5-point padded safety harness, adjustable for growing baby; seat upholstery available in vibrant micro-suede™ colors and elegant, understated tones of leatherette; multiple-position footrest and enclosed castor wheels in base for easy 'lift and glide.'

You'll flip over the new nano highchair. Its sleek, minimalist design will fit any decor, and its space-saving flat-fold mechanism provides easy storage in any room. The nano has ‘up-to-the-table’ and traditional (tray) feeding modes and a super sized adjustable feeding tray (3-position) with deep lip to prevent spills. The tray is made of FDA compliant food contact grade plastic and stainless steel, and is removable and dishwasher-safe. A 5-point padded safety harness is adjustable for growing baby, and the nano has leatherette seat upholstery for comfort and easy clean in contemporary colors.Bloom The 2-position adjustable footrest helps the chair grow with your child. It is light weight for easy carry. Told you you'll flip!
timi & leslie CJ SatchelThe sassy CJ satchel from timi & leslie will put pep in your step! Made from faux leather, it also features timi & leslie custom hardware in an antique brass finish.

The gorgeous Camilla Duffle comes in lightweight quilted nylon, and features custom hardware in an antique brass finish. The CJ and Camilla come with many functional andCamilla Duffle fashionable accessories and features including a cross body, adjustable detachable strap so you can wear it hands free whenever you need to, a specially designed changing pad with a front mesh pocket where you can store your diapers, wipes and creams when you need to make a quick diaper change trip, an insulated bottle tote to keep bottles warm or cool, matching stroller straps so you can hang your bebe bag from your stroller, and water resistant, light colored lining so you can easily see everything in your bag. The inside key fob holds on to your keychain so you never have to dig for your keys.

  timi & leslie

Kolcraft Contours Classique 3-in-1 Bassinet

The Kolcraft Contours Classique 3-in-1 Bassinet offers classic style, convenient features, and elegant fashions for contemporary moms. The changing table securely attaches on top of bassinet rails and conveniently stores underneath when not in use. The hanging deluxe organizer and diaper stacker keeps baby's items handy. It comes with 4 locking casters which keeps bassinet and changing table in place or unlock to move from room to room. The handles on removable Moses basket lets mom take baby anywhere in the house. The solid wooden frame provides elegance and stability. The Classique Bassinet stores all of baby's needs right in one spot! It boasts 2 removable wicker storage baskets with fashionable fabric liners and a hanging deluxe organizer and diaper stacker. This bassinet has an adjustable 3-tier canopy to block light and mesh side windows for increased air flow. It also features ultra quilted and padded fabrics, a thick vinyl covered mattress, and a washable terry cloth fitted sheet. KolcraftUse the bassinet for infants up to 3 months or 15 lbs and the changing table for infants up to 25 pounds.  
3-in-1 Ready, Set, Go Trike by AlexThe 3-in-1 Ready, Set, Go Trike by Alex grows as your child does and converts from a safe and comfortable baby tricycle to an independent tricycle. The first Push and Stroll stage is appropriate beginning at 10 months, allowing parents to steer with the adjustable handle. High backed seat, safety bar and seat belt provide support. Footrests make strolling comfortable for little ones. The second stage is Start to Roll (15 months). Remove the headrest and safety bar. Pull-out the clutch for child to freewheel while parent maintains ride control. Stage 3 is Pedal and Go (24 months) Detach the steering handle, fold up theFirst Rocker Elephant footrests and push in clutch for a complete trike with non-slip pedals and rubber wheels for great traction. Easy assembly - tools included.

We love this adorable First Rocker Elephant covered in the softest fleece for a nice smooth ride. The enclosed seat with 3-point harness keeps your little one safe inside, while the wooden frame and handles provides a gentle rocking experience. Surface washable and suitable for babies up to 30 lbs.

Talk of the Farm
The Talk of the Farm interactive talking play mat will be the talk of toddlers! Little farmers can drive the truck over the musical notes and listen to the fun at Buttercup Farm while learning simple phrases,Alex Toys counting and following direction.

Complete Coverage™ Video Monitor SetThe Complete Coverage™ Video Monitor Set from Summer Infant is different from any other monitor in the market. The tilt feature and a helpful swivel design covers multiple angles. Included is one 7” LCD color flat screen AND a second 1.8” color video monitor handheld unit for added portability and parent convenience. You’ll love the 350’ range, belt clip & flip stand on handheld unit and LED sound lights. Summer Elite Duomat

The Elite DuoMat® features an extra high back and ultra dense molded foam to provide complete protection of upholstery. Prevents dents and scratches through many years of car seat use. The Elite DuoMat provides the ultimate protection for both your child and your car's upholstery through years of use. The Custom super grip vinyl front prevents car seat from slipping and stabilizing wedge secures Elite DuoMat in place. We love the mesh pockets to store toys.

Summer Infant SwaddlePod™The Summer Infant SwaddlePod™ was developed together with leading safe sleep experts. The SwaddlePod is ideal for very young infants in that it creates a cozy womb like feeling for baby and helps prevent baby from startling himself awake. Simple and easy to use, just zip baby into pod. The soft, comfortable spandex cotton blend stretches with baby's movements for comfort. The two-way zipper allows forSummer quick diaper changes.

Momma Couture City Bag

The City Bag from Momma Couture's Luxe collection is a fully insulated messenger style diaper bag that is the right size for your child's essentials, keeps you hands free and is Poppa friendly. It has an adjustable strap, external d-ring for hooking essentials or the smaller Momma's Wristlet,Momma Couture and an easy access slip back pocket. Inside is a unique wipes pocket to directly store and keep wipes moist and a see anything lining for easy cleaning. Function. Style. Easy.
Medela Freestyle Breast Pump Freestyle® by Medela®, is the first rechargeable, hands-free, double-electric breastpump that weighs less than a pound, is truly portable and powerful enough to empty both breasts simultaneously. Freestyle offers a number of new features including a rechargeable battery that affords three hours of pumping time with a single charge, a bright LCD screen, making it easy to read pumping information during night use. Its programmable memory allows moms to record their preferred pumping pattern, and a one-touch let-down button allows for faster milk flow. Freestyle’s hands-free accessories attach easily to most nursing bras and the motor can be worn on the waist with the adjustable belt, or placed on mom’s lap or a table. And it comes in a stylish black microfiber tote bag for discreet and easy portability.Medela Freedom is born.
Fisher Price iXLAn iPad for ages 3 and up? Just about. The Fisher-Price iXL is part digital book reader, game player, digital art book, MP3 music player, notepad and photo viewer. The base device comes with preloaded software for the various applications for instant out-of-the-box play. It includes a USB cable and software CD that is loaded with both PC management software and base software. It has a 3.5" TFT QVGA color screen, a built-in speaker, action button, tethered stylus, headphone jack, SD memory card slot and built-in memory. Kid-Tough Video Camera

Just out on the market this July, the new Kid-Tough Video Camera mirrors a real video camera, with the added benefit of being tough enough and easy enough for preschoolers to use. The Kid-Tough Video Camera is built Kid-Tough to survive severe drops. There are also simple controls, large buttons, 1.5” color LCD preview screen so kids can instantly playback videos. It also consists of rubberized dual-handle grips, built-in memory for storing up to five minutes and an SD card slot for memory expansion.
Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3: Shake ’n Go!® Speedway
Available beginning July 8, the Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3: Shake ’n Go!® Speedway gets kids ready for some revved-up racing action—Woody and Buzz Lightyear are in this race to win it! Just shake ’em up to hear their engines rev. Then, let ’em go and watch ’em race! It’s a head-to-head race of speed and fun, all the way to the finish line!
Tornado Tee Golf
The Tornado Tee Golf offers kids 3-6 the fun of golf with a whole new “twist"—"spinning” air tee tornado action that “magically” floats the ball above the tee! Just tap the “golf ball” pad to float the ball…and swing. Includes 3 balls, stationary tee for beginner or windy-day play and universal golf club for right- or left-handers. Fisher Price

Hoppop Atto Ride On

The beautifully designed, two-pound Hoppop Atto Ride On is light enough to easily be carried by your child, yet sturdy enough to last years! Take it to go – it easily hangs from the handle of a stroller or stroller hooks. Made of durable plastic, this ride on is recommended for use up to 44 lbs. Hop on! Hoppop
Rx DrugSAFEChildproof caps? High cabinets? Nothing is out of reach for adventurous toddlers. So how do we keep our kids from getting into medication that could harm them? Rx DrugSAFE offers an affordable, portable, yet secure way for caretakers to safely store prescription drugs, eliminating the risk of children getting to them. Made with lightweight steel and attaches to many surfaces, Rx DrugSAFE uses state of the art fingerprint technology to recognize up to 120 different users, preventing unauthorized access to prescriptions. It stores up to 8 different prescription bottles. Peace of mind!Rx DrugSAFE
My Own Leaptop™ by LeapFrogLeapFrogWith Scout or Violet as their guide, kids can enjoy a “just like Mom and Dad” experience that’s actually just right for them with My Own Leaptop. My Own Leaptop is kid-sized and kid-tough, but what makes it really special is how parents can personalize the play. Simply by connecting My Own Leaptop to a computer and using the LeapFrog® Connect Application, parents can select a child’s name, create personal “email” messages from loved ones, and make a custom music playlist. Alphabet mode lets kids hear letter names and sounds and see a fun animation with each letter they press. Music mode turns each key into a music-maker. And in animal mode, each letter corresponds with a different member of the animal kingdom, with animations to go along with the sounds. Brand new to the market, this toy is sure to entertain kidsCook & Play Potsy ages 2 and up.

LeapFrog just introduced the Cook & Play Potsy for ages 18 months and up. Children’s imaginations are sure to get brewing with Potsy, as they learn about healthy eating, opposites, colors and counting while they cook. And when kids stir the ingredients they can add music and rhymes to the mix. Every time kids drop food into Potsy, they hear fun sound effects and nutrition facts, then they can stir things up and add music and rhymes to the mix. And two learning and play modes keep the fun going.
Learn & Groove Color Play Drum
Kids can play on the drum in English and Spanish, in 3 different musical styles: classical, marching and salsa on the new Learn & Groove Color Play Drum. And as they tap and dance, kids learn about colors, opposites and counting.

Lille Baby Oslo & Stockholm bags

With the perfect Lille Baby blend of function and style, the brand-new Oslo diaper bag (left) is the perfect bag for the busy mom on the go. Slim and light but roomy, there are multiple pockets to keep your items well organized. The Oslo diaper bag can be carried over your shoulder, across your chest, as a back pack and even on your stroller with the convenient, built-in stroller clips. The cushioned changing pad includes a removable terry cloth liner for easy washing and tabs which allow you to have a diaper ready to go. Two hidden pockets under the front flap hold tissues and wipes and allow easy access. A magnetic top closure makes access to the bag quick and easy but also secure. The Stockholm diaper bag (right) is a practical tote that’s stylish enough to take mom anywhere. This shoulder tote can attach easily to your stroller using the convenient, built-in stroller clips. A hidden pocket under the front flap makes wipes super easy to access and the removable, padded changing pad makes diaper changes a breeze. This bag isLille Baby chock full of features that every busy mom needs with a stylish edge that make this bag look like anything but like a diaper bag.

oilo nursery lighting

Oilo’s lighting collection will put the perfect finishing touch on any nursery or room with the ability to customizeOilo lampshades by choosing from Oilo’s pattern and color palette to match a room’s decor. Oilo lighting features a sheet of white acrylic which encloses and diffuses the light to cast a soft glow and is available in 2 styles, Double Decker and Cylinder.

Flexibath by EasyWalker

The new FlexiBath brought to us by EasyWalker is the only hard plastic children`s bathtub which folds up flat with a simple touch of your hand! Non-slip surface is perfect for 0-4 years. PVC and phthalate-free. Three ultra-hip colours make it hard to actually store this bathtub out of sight! Take it anywhere, use it anywhere, and store it anywhere!


Kelty FC 3.0 Carrier

Kelty is synonymous with the adventurous, active family. Whether hiking or on any outdoor adventure, Kelty will carry your child on the road less travelled with comfort and ease. New for 2010, the FC 3.0 top-of-the-line trail-based carrier has a unique five-point, adjustable child’s harness for your child and auto-deploy kickstand. With a unique molded back panel, and numerous convenient extras such as Kelty’s Sun Hood and changing pad, this deluxe carrier exceeds all expectations.Kelty
Gloworld Music & Lights PlaymatHasbroSurround baby in a beautiful world of sensory experiences with the charming Gloworld Music & Lights Playskool play mat by Hasbro. Featuring loveable Glofriends characters, bright colors, contrasting patterns, and stimulating textures offer lots for baby to explore. From a rattle and a teether to a picture frame and a mirror, seven engaging toys can be repositioned for over head discoveries, tummy time, or sit-up play. To add to the fun, this active play mat includes a glowing sun that provides up to twenty minutes of cheerful songs or comforting nature sounds with adjustable volume. As an extra benefit for parents, the play mat easily folds up to store away or take on the go.
Playmobil Large Zoo
Kids can learn about different animals with the Playmobil Large Zoo. It includes five figures, elephant, giraffe, ponies, zebra, monkey, lamb, tractor with detachable trailer, baby stroller, and many other accessories. The set’s large, colorful, rounded pieces help children learn through play. Recommended for ages 18 months and up.
Poppin' Movie Snacks Play-Doh set
With the entertaining Poppin' Movie Snacks Play-Doh set, kids can create all their favorite "snacks" from the movie theater concession stand. Use the popcorn cranker to fill up a bucket of realistic-looking popcorn or create colorful "candy," a "hot dog," "french fries," or "ice cream" treats with a variety of molds. Don't forget to mold out a movie ticket, too! Set includes a movie theater themed playmat, four 2-ounce cans and one 5-ounce can of Play-Doh compound. My Little Pony Family Convertible

This fall, the My Little Pony brand will introduce a whole new look to its core cast. Girls will love the new look of each pony, which features bright colors, fun-filled hairstyles, and new sizes that reflect their age. With the Family Convertible set, girls can join little Pinkie Pie and her mom for a fun-filled adventure in the colorful pink and purple car, which features blue and yellow embossed balloons and a comfy car seat for little Pinkie Pie to relax in and enjoy the ride. The Family Convertible set comes with everything little Pinkie Pie and her mom will need for a full day "out on the town" including a grocery bag, lunch pail and travel "coffee cup."

Kokopax city and eco-classic carriers

The new carriers by kokopax are the perfect option for the urban family. The city carrier (left) positions baby at eye-level, making it a great way to see and interact with the world. It’s made with a lightweight aluminum frame and high quality custom designed fabric. The 5-point harness, adjustable frame and kickstand for easy loading and unloading are all features that make the kokopax city carrier a comfortable, safe ride for baby and parent. The eco-classic (right) is kokopax's premium carrier and incorporates the latest technology in green textile printing and consumer safety. The 100% cotton canvas fabric is printed using a combination of Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 and GOTS certified dyes. This carrier features the most advanced technology in shoulder strap construction and a stowable, padded waist belt for added comfort. A 5-point harness assures safety and security for both baby and parent and the adjustable frame provides the perfect fit for mom or dad. Using the convenient kickstand, the carrier is simple to load and unload. Distinctive features include a magnetic closure on the storage pocket, lightweightkokpax anodized frame and eco-friendly fabrics custom designed in the USA.


Everyone knows that airplane seat belts alone do not keep your young child safe. That’s why the FAA, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the National Transportation Safety Board, and the airlines encourage you to carry an FAA approved safety restraint for young children when you fly. Until recently that meant hauling a heavy, bulky car seat – never designed to be portable – through crowded airports, security portals and narrow airplane aisles. Then you had to wrestle it into unforgiving airplane seats for which it was never intended. Thank goodness for the CARES (“child aviation restraint system”)! Just carry a CARES in your pocket or purse, install it on the airplane seat in one minute, and turn any airplane seat into a safe airplane seat for your child! CARES is the first and only FAA approved harness type child safety device. This innovativeCARES - Kids Fly Safe restraint for kids 22-44 lbs takes the hassle out of flying with kids and keeps them as safe as a car seat.

Lassig Children's Collection

The Lässig Children’s Line is the ultimate in style, function and versatility. All products are made of 100% pollutant-freeLassig materials and contain no PVC, nickel, AZO dyes or phthalates. Organize all those car essentials with the Car Wrap 2 Go. The mini Square Bag functions just like mom and dad’s but is perfect for their needs; and the mini Wash Bag keeps their essentials well-organized with inner-compartments, removable mirror, hook for hanging, and a net side pocket. This set is everything your child on the go needs!


We know that infants’ vision is not developed at birth. It takes about three months for babies’ eyesight and focus to mature enough so that they can really discern people and objects. So how can you captivate their attention in the meantime? Introducing Tutortogs, a new line of stylish tops for new moms and others designed to capture newborns’ attention and help stimulate babies’ visual development. The fashionable shirts, which feature printed high-contrast designs, are nursing-friendly but not exclusively the purview of new moms. Tutortogs offers four simple yet elegant styles for the shirts—a polo with front-button placket, ruched three-quarter-length sleeves and a solid collar; a basic short-sleeve T-shirt with a scoop neck and fuller fit; a V-neck T-shirt with three-quarter-length sleeves; and a short-sleeve V-neck T-shirt. A set of four flashcards—a signature Tutortogs design printed on each—accompanies each article of apparel. The cards can be used for the same purpose as the shirts—to stimulate the baby’s curiosity and to aid in visual development.


animal folding chairs by Pacific Play Tents

These super fun animal folding chairs by Pacific Play Tents can be taken anywhere. Lightweight, multi colored steel frames add extra durability. Durable UV treated Dacronn material cleans easily with a damp sponge and mild liquid soap. Deluxe padded back and arm rest add supreme comfort. They even have a cup holder in armrest. These chairs come with their own carry bag and shoulder strap for easy transporting. You can’t miss the personality in Katie the Kitty, Ernest the Elephant, Peter the Panda, Larry the Lion, Pat the Puppy, or Freddy the Frog.
Pacific Play Tents
Citiblocs 54-piece color setsRemember when we used to daydream, invent, build and then knock it all down? One toy company has found a way to transform today’s eKid into a kid off the ole’ block.  CitiBlocs, the next generation of wooden construction pieces that stack up to a block party in the family room, now come in 54 piece ColorSets. On it's own, or as an addition to any Citiblocs building set, this is a wonderful way to get started building simple or complex structures with color accents. Build low and wide, or stack them high and narrow. Whatever your preference, the New Citiblocs 54 piece ColorSets will keep the beginning builder flexing his or her imagination while developing fine motor skills. CitiBlocs

KidsCraft Playhouses

A playhouse that your child truly can call his or her own! We can't rave enough about KidsCraft Playhouses. These eco-friendly products will encourage creative play in any child. All playhouses are made in the U.S.A. using 100% recycled cardboard materials.

The Creation Cottage has a  white exterior that provides a blank canvas that will provide hours, days, even weeks of fun and allow your child to create his or her own "home." The Shuttle Imagination will take your child on a new adventure every day. Fantastic!KidsCraft
Suitcase set of 3 by HABAThe brand new HABA Suitcase Set of 3 - in Traffic or Paulina patterns - are Ideal for dolls' dresses, little cars, building blocks and whatever else fits in. All the different bits and bobs are well stored away. If not in use and to save space, the suitcases can also be stored inside each other.
HABA Toys On Duty Tack Zap Hammer Game
The HABA On Duty Tack Zap Hammer Game will provide hours of imaginative play. 27 wooden pieces, cork board, wooden hammer and tacks lets your child build, pound and create in a safe environment.

Corner to Corner Arranging GameThe Corner to Corner Arranging Game gives kids ages 3 and up the opportunity to arrange fascinating color patterns - these tiles offer endless creative possibilities. The tiles can be arranged in a flat pattern or upright, thus generating new effects each time. The game includes motifs to copy, allows building in various dimensions, provides interesting play of colors and shapes and fosters creativity.HABA
ProGrade™ Health No Touch ThermometerSafety 1st offers you and your whole family the latest technology with the ProGrade™ Health No Touch Thermometer. You'll love the ability to check your sleeping child's temperature without having to disturb them. Simply position the thermometer above the forehead using the helpful audible and visual indicator and get an accurate reading in just one second. The thermometer works great for anyone in the family and can also be used to determine food, formula and bath temps. Features also include 10 memory recall for temperature, Fever icon for high temperature, Auto shut-off andSafety 1st Low battery indicator.
Mutsy Grow-Up!Mutsy Grow-Up!
Say bye bye to plastic booster seats and hello to soft cushioning in eye-catching colors.

The -up! from Mutsy flexible seat reducer with base allows your baby to sit comfortably on the average grown-up chair. A clever harness makes sure your child can be fastened safely. This bright and modern looking seat is suitable for children up to 4 years of age.

Wee WEDGiTS 30-Piece SetWEDGITS™ multi-dimensional building sets by ImagAbility are so fun and challenging, adults will love them too. The new Wee WEDGiTS 30-Piece Set provides even more of that wonderful sensation to little hands through its squeezy-soft design and primary color layout. This soft, poly-vinyl block set has smooth, rounded edges that provide hours of squeezy-stacking fun for children ages twelve months and up. The soft design provides a gentle, play set offering for high-energy children. mini WEDGiTS FunHundred Set

With a forty percent (40%) size reduction of standard mini WEDGiTS FunHundred Set includes 100 pieces in a storage tub.
WEDGiTS Starter Activity Tote
WEDGiTS Starter Activity Tote provides building ideas, a building platform and hours of fun! Included in an easy to carry tote bag, WEDGiTS Starter Activity Tote is packed with twenty primary-colored WEDGiTS Starter building blocks, aImagAbility WEDGiTS Building Board, and an exclusive set of 48 design cards for the Starter Activity Tote.

Grasshopper Kits

GRASSHOPPER® Preschool Prep Kits are designed to get kids ready for school all through play. The games are clearly laid out in full color guide books with straight-forward instructions and supporting illustrations. All of the materials fit easily into the custom GRASSHOPPER® no-spill carrying case which is designed with organized compartments, an easy snap lid, and a built in easel. Three kits are available. The ABCs and Simple Shapes & Following Directions Kits is a special double kitthat includes games with magnetic fish, letter building cards, and bumpy line coloring pages that improves children’s focus, turn taking, letter recognition, and early writing skills through play. The Getting Our Hands Ready Kit is packed with 10 playful games and an illustrated guidebook to get children ready for early writing and grasp. Children use dough stampers, mini crayons, Mr. Crunch and many more exclusive GRASSHOPPER® game pieces to get little hands ready for school success. The Snip, Glue and Grow Kit contains 10 multi-sensory games and craft projects, and an illustrated guidebook to improve early cutting skills, accuracy, and fine motor precision. GRASSHOPPER® uses exclusive engaging materials that allow children to develop skills while playing.

AquaBebeTwo years ago, the late Frank Foti, a veteran waterman, sought something other than inflatables that would entertain his 1-year-old at the beach while getting him comfortable with the ocean. He turned an old boogie board and rubber bicycle tire tubes into something his son loved. Beachgoers who saw it did, too, asking where they could get one. And so the AquaBebe was created. It features a comfortable and secure netted seat for your little one to get a feel for the water and be visually stimulated. The ocean-inspired graphics — originally sketched by Frank — resemble a treasure map. With a pretend steering wheel and a leash so users can be towed around a pool or calm, shallow water. Made for children under 35 pounds. As they grow older, they can lay on it, grab the wheel and start kicking. As they learn to swim, they can swim to it and grab through the hole in the middle. AquaBebe

Mumoocie spooning body pillow

Mumoocie spooning body pillow is curved so you can snuggle it close to your body regardless of your shape or size. It is perfect for both grownups and kids, and it helps in breaking the co-sleeping habit in your child when placed behind their body. Unlike ordinary body pillows, Mumoocie (the Mum Pillow) retains heat and scent, giving you the feeling of your loved one lying next to you. Mumoocie includes a mini voice recorder that provides an additional feeling ofMumoocie emotional security by allowing you to hear a familiar voice.
Kids Preferred Very Hungry Caterpillar BolsterGrow-With-Me Bolster Activity Cushion by Kids Preferred is inspired by the literary works of Eric Carle. This interactive cushion can be used from the age of 6 months and up. During the earlier stages, your child can lie on his or her tummy to play with the many interactive features. The features of this bolster include crinkle antenna, ring with sliding textured beads, ribbons for tactile exploration, and squeaker strawberry with pocket for in-and-out play. As your child grows, this bolster will help encourage them to sit-up independently. A storage pocket and melamine cup for drink or snacks is also included.

Eric Carle Activity Very Hungry CaterpillarThe Attachable Activity Caterpillar has multiple features that are sure to entertain your child. Antennae contain "Crinkle!" sound and the dimensional ball contains beads that make a stimulating sound when spun. Press the yellow body segment to hear "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." Ribbon tags help stimulate tactile exploration, while the ring with sliding beads creates "cause and effect" play. Teether rings, and an apple with pocket for in-and-out play are just a couple more that interactive features included in the Activity Caterpillar. Adjustable straps allow easy attachment to the crib, carrier or stroller.

Amazing Baby Developmental TurtleThe Amazing Baby Developmental Turtle has uniquely created and based on accepted research of how babies develop within the first two years of life, and most importantly, they are fun! This turtle has pockets for tucking in the play pieces with features that include music, jingle bell, rattle, crinkle and squeak. Feet are decorated for learning shapes, colors and counting. Turtle comes in a re-useable vinyl gift bag.

Kids Preferred
KushiesKushies It's My Planet LayetteEnvironmentally friendly fashion is taken to new heights with Kushies fun and playful It’s My Planet 2 organic layette. Made from 100 percent Certified Organic Cotton Interlock, It’s My Planet 2 layette features oversized graphics of the planet’s most beloved animals including tigers, elephants, zebras and rhinos. Each piece in the collection displays a fantastic multi-lingual print. A palette of soft colors is offered including pink, natural and blue. Layette items in the collection include bodysuits, long johns, sleepers, unionsuits, footed pants, gowns, hat, reversible bibs and blankets. Available in sizes preemie to 18 months.

Kushies PlaygardenLet your child create her own garden with the imaginative build and stack Playgarden. Magnetic creatures stick to the garden and the magnetic plant pieces stack and build. This unique garden window box doubles as a zippered carrying case for toddlers on the go! The many ways to play and succeed encourage independent play and build real life learning.

Bumbo Baby Seat

The award winning Bumbo Baby Seat distributed by Keen is designed to comfortably support baby, allowing them to sit up independently without any straps or fasteners. Made from one single piece of latex-free, low-density and lightweight foam, the Bumbo Seat provides a snug and comfortable environment for baby to sit up for feedings, play time orKeen Distribution quality time with the family and helps them transition into sitting. Recommended for babies 3-14 months, hygienic and easy to clean.

Diaper DékorThe Diaper Dékor's hand's free and step diaper disposal system makes disposing diaper as it should be - simple. No more inserting, twisting or pushing. Simply step on the pedal and drop the dirty diaper into the diaper pail. The unique rubber sealed trap door traps in odors, keeping your nursery odor-free. There are no batteries or filters to replace either. The odor resistant ABS plastic is easy to use and clean, even using bleach won't turn the plastic yellow. Diaper Dékor refills hold more diapers than the leading brand, up to twelve times as many! The new attractive, contemporary, clean design makes the diaper pail easy to fit any nursery style, and anywhere around the home after diaper phase is done. Available in three sizes to meet your family's needs. http://regallager.com/dekor.aspx
Baby Bjorn sun coverGoing hands free with a baby carrier can lighten mom's load, but when Summer comes, baby-wearing mamas often find themselves in a bind trying to shade baby. Leave it to BabyBjörn to have you covered.

The new sun cover is complete with UPF 40 fabric to keep tots shielded from harmful rays. The lightweight cover has a detachable sun hood and mesh for ventilation to keep all of baby's limbs comfortably protected even on the warmest days.

Baby Bjorn


New this summer from pediped® is an exciting line of machine washable footwear. Let them slip and slide, jump in puddles and walk in the mud. Thanks to this welcomed innovation, these machine washable shoes for kids 2-5 years of age will remain looking new as they are super-easy to clean. Moms and kids (as well as those around them) will be relieved to know that this pediped® Flex line extension features DRYZ® technology which resists odor development and helps prevent stinky feet! DRYZ® insoles wick away moisture to help keep sweaty, little feet dry and comfortable. Designed with the active child in mind, this collection features a lightweight, sporty construction.

Also new this summer is a sandal and ballet line that incorporates a revolutionary use of Memory Foam Technology (MFT) to provide the ultimate fit and comfort for little feet. MFT perfectly shapes to a child’s foot, supporting it in all the right places. This alsoPediped prevents foot slippage in the shoe and allows the child to walk confidently in a secure, comfortable fit.
Max LiquidatorSince the early 1990s, Prime Time has been producing fun, innovative toys and games that can be enjoyed both in and out of the water. The Max Liquidator is the ultimate water shooter disguised as a foam swim aid. It measures 24 inches long and 3 inches in diameter. Just pull back on the end piece of foam and suck up a load of water and take aim!
Blaster Board
The Max Liquidator Blaster Board is a water gun, kickboard and shield all in one. Kids love to float on anything in the pool, and the blaster board is the perfect fit. Pull back to fill with water and blast up to 30 feet.
floaties® Power Swim Trainer
floaties® Power Swim Trainer is two dynamic products sold together. The inflatable Kicker has a dual chamber with non-return safety valves for children 2+ years old and over 26 pounds. The floaties® Power Swim Trainer is designed to help teach the correct kicking technique in the water. When deflated, the Kicker can be tucked into a small space, Prime Time Toysmaking it perfect for traveling. The Bubble is an inflatable pad that fits on the back of a child who may weigh up to 55 pounds, where it encourages the proper horizontal swimming position, aiding beginner swimmers to improve with practice.
Star Kids Air Play Tray Table CoverEver had to pack a ton of toys for an airplane ride and then fish them out from under the seats? The early-childhood specialists at Star Kids who created Air Play Tray Table Cover did. This unique entertainment center reduces travel-time stress and covers table surface for good, clean fun! It unfolds and fits easily over most airplane tray tables. It’s full of exciting and educational activities like squeaky toys, peek-a-boo mirror, colorful beads, shapes and more. So whether the tray is down or in the upright position, it provides miles of smiles!

  Star Kids Products

Snazzy Baby Travel Chair

The Snazzy Baby Travel Chair is a portable, soft and slip-resistant high chair seat for babies and toddlers that turns an ordinary chair into a temporary high chair restraint system. Adjustable straps and features allow it to attach to most chairs, including outdoor furniture and shopping carts! The simple roll up feature of the 7 ounce Travel Chair with its own attached storage bag makes it truly portable. Perfect for sitting babies and toddlers weighing up to 35 pounds. A definite must-have for every diaper bag.  Snazzy Baby
EcoAquarium by Wild CreationsWe are wild about Wild Creations. Not just any aquarium – the EcoAquarium – the holy grail of an eco-system in balance. Living elements inside an eco-aquarium contribute to the needs of each other. A frog inhales oxygen & exhales carbon dioxide. The living plants & algae take in carbon dioxide and expel oxygen through photosynthesis, and the natural bacteria in the living gravel convert ammonia from animal waste into nitrites providing food for the living plants. Each element relying on the other. Did we lose you? Well, don’t worry, this balanced eco-system can be sustained with very little maintenance.Wild Creations
Bambino Mio nappy swimsuit and swim nappiesBambino Mio's swim nappies have a concealed waterproof layer, leak proof legs and waistband and there is no need to use an additional nappy. Recently launched is a coordinating nappy swimsuit. The new nappy swimsuit hosts all of the benefits of the conventional swim nappy plus provides a modest cover-up for girls. The integratedBambino Mio swim nappy in the nappy swimsuit means no other nappy is required for your baby when in the water. The baby won't be weighed down, but will be comfortable and stylish. Both are machine washable.
BornFree Smart Start Gift SetBornFree™ set the standard with safe and smart feeding products and accessories and they continue to surpass it. The Smart Start Gift Set includes everything new mom needs. The BPA-Free Microwave Sterilizer fits up to four bottles and bottle parts and steam sterilizes in up to 4 minutes. Side grips make opening and removing the sterilizer from the microwave easier. Three 5oz Plastic Bottles and one 9oz Plastic Bottle, and two Level 2 Nipples are BPA- Free and complete with the new innovative air vent that helps eliminate colic symptoms. A Day and Night Silicone pacifier, also BPA-Free, is an orthodontic silicone pacifier with a flexible handle that retains its shape and doesn't hamper sleep It also features an orthodontic collapsible teat that encourages the natural development of baby's teeth and gums and a breathable shield to reduce skin irritation and protect sensitive skin. The Twister Bottle & NippleBornFree Brush has an easy twist handle with a soft sponge to make cleaning faster and eliminate the risk of scratching.

Charlie Banana

Charlie Banana™ was created out of love for eco friendliness, quality and design. The One Size or Size diapers for infants and toddlers are a 2 in 1 system. You can use washable inserts or disposable inserts. A diaper with options! Charlie Banana also gives moms an eco-friendly option for feminine pads. Comfortable like you would not believe, stain free, chemicals free, stylish and cute, super convenient, eco friendly and economical. WeCharlie Banana have combined 2 in 1 Reusable Diaper System, Reusable Wipes, Reusable Change Pad, Reusable Mattress Pad, Reusable Nursing Pads and Reusable Feminine Pads in a cute tote for this event.

Stride Rite

Stride Rite’s Sensory Response Technology, or SRT shoes are designed to optimize the movements of the foot to allow babies to develop a healthy and natural gait during the critical learning-to-walk period. SRTs offer eco-friendly dri-lex linings or leather linings that act as a wicking agents, extracting moisture to help keep baby’s foot dry, comfortable, and breathing naturally. The upper is designed with ultra flexible materials throughout, that conform to the baby's' foot naturally. The outsole is engineered to allow babies to feel the ground beneath them and adapt to uneven surfaces while providing the proper support. The forefoot of the outsole allows for multi-directional flex, while the mid-foot provides stability and the heel provides cushioning. For stability, the mid-foot features an hourglass construction that mirrors baby’s foot, supporting bones and muscles in baby's feet that are not fully formed. The sensory cushioning system conforms to baby’s foot: sensory pods provide the ultimate feedback system because they move independently allowing the child to adapt to uneven surfaces. Finally, SRT has a removable foot bed with our unique check fit system that allows mom or dad to know if it is time to see a fit specialist. The new Glitzy Pets Collection from Stride Rite features funky, sparkly shoes that each come with a collectibleStride Rite charm. The Slingshot Collection feature a mechanized "rubber band" in the sole that propel kids forward with each step. Little ones will be charged to "super power" each day!



the details


Expectant moms and moms with children up to age 5


Pre-set buffet dinner, laughter and opportunities to view the Best & Hottest products from pregnancy through preschool, and to meet and mingle with other moms/expectant moms


Thursday, July 15, 2010 from 6:30-8:30pm; VIP entry at 6pm


The Dream Cafe near the Dallas Galleria at Village on the Parkway, 5100 Beltline, Addison, TX 75240


Moms will draw numbers at the event to determine the order in which they each will choose one Best & Hottest product. VIP reserved priority seating is available, and VIP ticketholders will draw first. Every mom also receives a gift bag. Moms with VIP tickets will receive extra items marked with VIP Bag.


Regular tickets $50/mom; VIP tickets $65/mom. Metroplex Baby Savings Card holders receive a $5 discount off their tickets.


Space is limited. Tickets are not transferable. Last day to cancel for a full refund is July 7. Please see our cancellation policy.


This is a mom's night out; no children will be permitted; no exceptions.



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