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The Best & Hottest Products From Pregnancy To Preschool
January 2009

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will receive a goody bag. Moms with VIP tickets will receive a special gift bag that includes all items in a regular gift bag plus additional items designated in orange and marked by VIP gift bag.

Miss Gigi-Mae Tether System & Book SetP.A.W. Prints of IllinoisThe Miss Gigi-Mae tether is innovative and very well-thought out to the last detail. This cute ladybug from P.A.W. Prints of Illinois has two velcro strips that makes it easy to attach to almost anything - stroller, highchair, exersaucer, shopping cart, a convertible car seat, diaper bag and more. The ladybug has four retractable plastic tether clips and two retractable velcro straps that hold larger items without loops, like stuffed animals. TheMama Mio Wonder-Full Balm "Learns to read" book has the same loveable ladybug character.

mama mioMama Mio
's VIP gift bagWonder-Full Balm is intense moisture for parched places! We reach for ours daily in this dry season to sooth away all those dry, itchy, rough patches; rid rough heels and elbows; hydrate the smackers, eliminate mild eczema, and even curb cradle cap! But you will find your own favorite millions of uses for this rich indulgence. It is nothing less than Wonder-Full.

Prince Lionheart Silicone BottlesWe love products that blend practical function with modern style, while ensuring that all materials and processes used in their production are safe and protect the health of children and the environment. Made of pure medical grade silicone, Prince Lionheart’s silicone bottles and nipples provide a safe, hypoallergenic way to feed baby. ThePrince Lionheart natural silicone material that has no open pores to harbor bacteria, thereby ensuring baby is getting nutrition as pure as nature intended, without the leaching of harmful chemicals. The bottles are unbreakable, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. Best of all, where most bottles with venting holes allow air into bottles as babies drink, Prince Lionheart‘s silicone bottle collapses as air is released giving baby a bubble-free bottle feeding, reducing the likelihood of colic reflux and spit-up. My Lil Monkeys

CartStopperCart StopperHave you done the awkward dance in a grocery store parking lot? You know, one foot on the shopping cart, kids, bags being loaded into the car...uneven pavement, slopes, and wind... Now there's an easy way to keep the cart from running away with your most precious cargo. Introducing VIP gift bagCartStopper by My Lil Monkeys, a simple and effective device that reduces the risk of child injury and vehicle damage related to “run-away” shopping carts. It holds securely to any clean, flat vehicle surface and immobilizes your shopping cart. Its compact design stores easily in a purse, diaper bag, or a car's trunk.

TIGI Rockaholic Detangler & Fun Times Flexible HairsprayBed Head by TIGI
Every new mom learns quickly that we do not have the luxury of a shower every day. Thank you TIGI for making a product that will make us feel like part of the world again, even on those days. Introducing the new Rockaholic line. The Born To Rock Leave-in Detangler & Defrizzer helps moms easily de-stress and detangle. Top it off with TIGI's Fun Times Flexible Hairspray. This strawberry lemonade scented spray provides hold while fighting humidity and protecting the hair from styling tools.
TIGI Lip Palette TIGI Bronze After-party crème eye shadowVIP gift bagVIP moms also will receive the fabulous TIGI Bronze After-party crème eye shadow and limited edition Lip Palette.

 VIP gift bageebee's adventures DVDs areeebees adventures DVD designed to engage both parent and baby with rich play experiences that provide powerful lessons that memorizing letters, numbers, colors and shapes simply can and do not. Watching and, importantly, “doing” eebee's adventures will allow you and your baby to see and learn first-hand what happens when you explore a crinkly, crunchy, smooth and bumpy paper mountain or roll, bounce, bop, bang, slide and toss your way around a world of balls and ramps. The DVD adventures vary from "Exploring Real Stuff," to "All in a Day's Play" and "Figuring Things Out." The series is fantastic, with a vibrant, loveable character, and is complemented by a line of hands-on toys.

Zak Designs’ Cozy Coupe Mealtime SetZak! DesignsAsk any mom her opinion of the Little Tikes brand and she’ll probably list “durable” and “fun” in her response. We love this well-made brand for its bright colors, attractive design, and the creative, imaginative play it inspires. The popular Cozy Coupe® is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2009 and to honor it, we are featuring a 4-piece Tableware Set from the Zak Designs Little Tikes collection. Zak Designs has captured the fun and durability of this classic brand with divided, tip-resistant plates and bowls, spill-proof toddler-sized drinkware, flatware shaped like keys, and snack containers. The products are BPA-FREE, PVC & Phthalate Free. Way to go, Zak Designs, you’ve made both toddler and mom happy! 

Boon Saucer
Boon ModWareBoon's ModWare is the perfect utensil set for the "growing up" toddlers. The ergonomic design has no sharp edges and the handles are designed with a soft, comfortable grip. This good-looking set is perfect for little hands and mouths. ModWear is complemented by the Boon VIP gift bagSaucer. Saucer's unique edgelessboon plate design helps prevent little hands from lifting it off the table. The divided sections keep foods separated and a slip-resistant base grips the tabletop to keep the plate in place.

The Mommy HookThe Mommy Hook
An indispensable mommy accessory, the VIP gift bagMommy Hook is the perfect strollerKeen Distribution hanger. Built to last, lightweight and versatile, The Mommy Hook® fits virtually all stroller handles and is made from durable, heavy-duty aluminum—it won’t break like cheap plastic hangers. Its rubber guide keeps it from slipping or sliding. It also clips onto shopping carts. Just snap it on and you’re ready to roll! The Mommy Hook® easily holds diaper bags, shopping bags, camera bags, groceries, purses, clothes, toys, sports gear, and much more.

dapple Spray Toy Cleaner dappleDo you run for the wipes or sterilizer at the end of a playdate at your house? It's inevitable that at least one kid had a runny nose... Introducing the brand new Dapple® Toy Cleaner Spray, perfect for cleaning what little hands touch – from toys to high chairs, swings and more. Made from natural ingredients such as baking soda to keep your home and environment a healthy clean, the Dapple Toy Cleaner Spray is in line with latest medical research - it is not antibacterial. It works like a thorough wash with soap and water – so baby can build up aMD Moms Baby Silk Daily Skin Protection strong immune system while enjoying clean surroundings. Just spray, wipe and play.™

Little bodies savor a daily loving touch! MD Moms' Baby Silk Daily Skin Protection is a quick-absorbing, lightweight moisturizer designed to soothe baby's dry skin, cracking or irritation. Made with marine silk, Vitamins E and B5, shea butter, avocado, oat and grape seed oil, this balm's delicate scent makes massage time a soothing experience for baby and parent. Moms at the event will receive a trial packet, and VIP gift bag VIP bags will also contain a travel-sized product from MD Moms.MD Moms 

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* colors & patterns may vary and products are subject to change
Trends For KidsTwinner Twist DuoIntroducing Trends for Kids ("TFK")... Extremely popular in Europe, this German company's high quality, innovative, sporty and versatile strollers just arrived in the U.S. and already are an instant hit.

We adore the Twinner Twist Duo, a sporty multipurpose double stroller for the growing family. What makes the Twinner Twist Duo unique is its ability to accommodate twins or two children of different ages including newborns, toddlers and growing children. Its modern design boasts a light weight, quick folding and compact aluminum frame and inflatable single-spoke wheels. Twinner Twist with Single Carry CotBlending functionality and a visually pleasing design, the Twinner Twist Duo provides parents with numerous features that put it a step ahead of the competition, including a narrow frame that fits more easily through tight spaces and and twoTwinner Twist with Double Carry Cot swiveling front wheels that allow for excellent maneuverability and can be easily removed for compact storage and easy transport. Particularly convenient and practical is the Twinner Twist Duo’s ability to accommodate children of different sizes. For example, a bassinet or car seat may be placed in one half of the stroller for a newborn while the other half has the full sized seat for a toddler. Or, one seat may be reclined for a sleeping child while the other remains upright.
TFK Jogster III
The TFK Joggster III is a multipurpose sport stroller for those who also enjoy a bit of luxury. Its modern design boasts a light weight, quick folding and compact aluminum frame and inflatable single-spoke wheels. ToTFK Joggster Twist accommodate the adventuresome and sport minded parents, the Joggster III features a suspension system with rear shock absorbers which, together with the inflatable all terrain tires, provide your child with an ultra smooth ride. A carry cot or car seat may be added for infants.

While the fixed front wheel on the Joggster III is ideal for sport related uses, it can be interchanged with an optional swivel wheel that is on the Joggster Twist. The Joggster Twist is a stroller intended for those who enjoy moderate activities such as walking and the convenience and versatility of a multi-purpose stroller. The swiveling front wheel which is ideal for everyday uses allows for excellentTFK Buggster S maneuverability and can be easily removed for compact storage and easy transport.

The fourth stroller in the TFK family is the Buggster S, a small compact stroller that offers the comforts of a larger sports stroller. Perfect for travel, shopping or everyday use, the Buggster S provides convenience while also providing the versatility of a multi-purpose stroller. Its modern design boasts a quick folding and compact aluminum frame that is both ultra lightweight and strong. Like all the other TFK strollers, a carry cot or car seat may be added to the Buggster S to accommodate infants.

Zen Collection™ Gliding BassinetFisher PriceWe flipped over Fisher-Price's Zen Collection™, featuring beautiful wood accents and earthy colors to complement your home décor. The Gliding Bassinet is a balance between beauty and function … The beauty and function of this baby bassinet work in harmony to sootheFisher Price Zen Collection™ Infant Seat baby. Plush bedding in premium textured fabrics and a beautiful sheer canopy create a soothing environment where baby can enjoy the gliding motion at a speed that’s just right. Music, nature sounds or simulated sounds of the womb complement baby’s soothing experience.

The Zen Collection™ Infant Seat is a balance between calm and stimulation... Ten different songs, two different recline positions, three different vibration speeds and a mobile with a free-hanging toy are some of the ways that the Zen Infant Seat help you soothe or stimulate your baby in a way that’s just right for him. Carry handles make it easy to take baby from room to room. The infant seat’s additional features include a three-point restraint and a plush head support for smaller babies.

Fisher-Price Rainforest™ Open-Top Cradle SwingOf course we still love Fisher-Price's well-known bright and fun patterns that are a delight to children, and the new Rainforest™ pattern brought big smiles to our faces. The Open-Top Cradle Swing lets baby take a relaxing swing (side-to-side or front-to-back) as she watches plush rainforest friends in the mobile above play “peek-a-boo” among the leaves. While baby reclines in cradle comfort, one of 12 different songs play, along with soothing nature sounds. And when baby’s trip to the rainforest is over, the mobile swings away…until another day. It features six soothing swing speeds, with a plug-in option that can save you money on batteries! Two-position reclining seat and 3-point restraint. Folds easily for storage. Fisher-Price Rainforest™ Bouncer

The Rainforest™ Bouncer features a tree frog and a monkey play peek-a-boo in the leaves near a sparkling waterfall. A toucan moves back & forth overhead. All the wonders of the rainforest are captured for your little one in this amazing bouncer. Baby bats at the hanging toys to activate the light-up waterfall and peek-a-boo action, accompanied by rainforest songs & sounds. Or, Mom can activate for continuous play! After a day of rainforest Fisher-Price Newborn-to-Toddler Portable Rocker adventure, turn on the bouncer’s calming vibrations and your little one is ready to relax in this comfy chair.

The Newborn-to-Toddler Portable Rocker starts out as an infant seat or rocker with a low-profile frame, very appropriate for newborns. Then, as your child grows, you can easily convert this portable rocker to an infant seat to add interactive toy play. Then, make it a toddler rocker. Flip out the kickstand to convert it from a rocker to a stationary seat for older babies or toddlers. The Newborn-to-Toddler Portable Rocker folds easily and has a built-in handle, so it can go wherever you and baby do. Fisher-Price Cheer For Me Potty

The Cheer For Me! Potty is fun for early potty-trainers. There’s an amusing clicking sound when you push down the handle. There’s even a toilet paper holder. With songs to learn and encouraging phrases and sounds to discover, the Cheer for Me! Potty really does make potty training fun! Because it looks familiar to a real toilet, it encourages kids to make the transition to the grown up “potty.”
 Bonavita Metro Lifestyle crib
The crib: It's the centerpiece of the nursery and often the most expensive purchase new parents make. New parents can get the most bang for their buck with convertible cribs. Recently named "Best Convertible Crib" by people.com, Bonavita's Metro Lifestyle Crib isBonavita an excellent way to really extend a nursery budget. It converts from crib to toddler/daybed (just by removing four bolts!) to full-size bed, so it's a lifetime investment. Stylish with cosmopolitan lines, the Metro Crib is perfect for parents who want modern and traditional, as well as many years of use. It is available in Licorice and Cherry.
Lascal M1LascalWelcome to M1, the new level in baby carriers. Lascal's M1 offers baby as well as parent the ultimate in comfort and with its sporty and fashionable look, and its high tech ventilated fabrics. The innovative three-way adjustable front piece creates a secure and perfect fit for babies weighing 8–30 lbs. The adjustable head support cradles the newborn’s head and later folds down when baby is ready to face forward. The bamboo fabric top cover removes for easy cleaning and also functions as a canopy against sun and wind. A ventilated lumbar support keeps baby's weight evenly distributed (minimizing strain on your lower back) and a unique, built-in back support in the front piece keeps baby's developing spine straight at all times. Ergonomically designed buckles make the M1 quick and easy to use. M1 is available in a variety of vibrant state of the art colors.
phil&teds TravellerIntroducing the only full-size cot/crib that's lighter than the baby! The phil&teds Traveller is feather-light (5.5 pounds), insanely compact (fits in the parcel tray of your phil&teds inline stroller or airplane overhead compartment), super-strong with an extruded aluminum frame and has a self-inflating, thermally insulating mattress. The Traveller is very easy to assemble and roomy enough for bigger babies. It accommodates newborns to 3 years. Did we mention that it's even waterproof? You can add a zippered UV mesh top to use as an outdoor tent or play space in the summer.Phil&Teds
Fleurville Sling ToteFleurvilleEssential designs for modern parenting. Fleurville's motto is a perfect fit. When MetroMoms co-founder Tina recently walked through the Fleurville products, she realized quickly that every design is carefully thought-out to the last detail, with style, function, quality and environmentally-friendly fabrics in mind. Our favorites include the Sling Tote, a hip and fashionable bag that is great for parents on the go. It can be carried 3 ways: over the shoulder as a tote, as a messenger bag, or attached to your stroller. This fashionable bag can be used long after your diapering days.
 Fleurville Re-Run Lark
New to the market, the Re-Run™ Lark is a super-lightweight and extremely versatile bag that can go anywhere. It keeps 5 plastic bottles out of landfill and keeps you looking great. Two layers of interior pockets and 3 very functional outside pockets provide superior organization. Use it as your everyday handbag or buy the optional accessory kit (includes O-rings for stroller attachment, wipe case, and changing cloth) and you're ready to go with baby in tow.
Fleurville Getaway Weekend Bag
Whether packing a bag for Grandma's house or a quick kid-free weekend, you can get away in style with the stylish new weekend bag - The Getaway. Extra roomy, large exterior pocket for frequently accessed items and mesh pockets inside keep you organized. The bag features very sturdy roller wheels and extra beefy handle so your bag won't slow you down. It fits comfortably in standard airline overhead compartments, so you don't have to check it.
Fleurville Lunch Pack
Lunch Pak is the ultimate preschool lunch box. It is fully insulated with an easy to wipe clean interior, and kidsFleurville Lunch Buddy LOVE wearing it as a backpack or it can be carried with the padded carrying handle. It has a hidden name tag so strangers can't learn the owner's name, but you can figure out to whom the bag belongs. The more traditional Lunch Buddy insulated lunch box also is fully insulated with water-proof lining. It has an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap and a name tag pocket and elastic drink holder inside.
Kuster K2Kuster K2 FoldedKusterHoly cow! Do you see how small this highchair folds? The K2 ultra stylish highchair by Küster is the latest must have. Ergonomically designed and easy to clean, the K2 has an adjustable, removable and dishwasher-safe tray, a  simple folding mechanism and comes complete with a 5 point safety harness, handy basket and self leveling feet. The tray can be removed to allow the chair to pull up to a table. Sweet! 

Kuster Jellybaby Changing PadsKüster's jellybaby changing mat is the first ever memory foam changing mat to be ergonomically shaped to hug your baby's curves. It is simple to wipe clean and it comes with a 100% cotton, machine washable liner. The special high tech material is warm to the touch, cradling your baby in softness and it's free from PVC! Küster offers three pleasing colors to compliment any nursery, blue, crème and pink.

Metroplex Baby & Kids readers can enter code messku to receive a 10% discount on any Küster order from
Safety 1st OnBoardEvery parent knows Safety 1st for its innovative childproofing solutions. We appreciate that the company's strong commitment to safety is reflected in so many other products. New to the market, the OnBoard Infant Car Seat is designed with the help of pediatric specialists to meet the special needs of preemies. It accommodates children 4-22 lbs. (rear facing). It offers 17% more leg room than most infant car seats, has side-impact protection, a 5-point harnessSafety 1st Avenue system with easy-to-use, up-front adjustment and an adjustable, stay-in-car base with BeltLock device for easy installation. It is very lightweight and ergonomic as a carrier and has a removable, washable seat pad.

Safety 1st's Avenue Convertible Car Seat accommodates children 5-35 lbs. (rear facing) and 22-40 lbs (forward facing). It also has side-impact protection, a 5-point harness system with up-front harness adjustment, 4 harness and 3 buckle locations. The removable cup holder can be used on either side. Avenue offers removable infant head support, soft harness covers and a washable seat pad.
Safety 1st High-Def Digital Color Video MonitorThe Safety 1st High-Def Digital Color Video Monitor offers 100% clear connection – anywhere, anytime. This 1.8” high-def color screen provides a clear, true-to-life view and state of the art wideband audio clarity ensures no static, no interference, and guaranteed privacy while monitoring. Remote digital zoom and pan DataLock technology means no dropped picture or sound. The monitor has background noise elimination, 650+ foot indoor/outdoor range,  auto night vision and channel selector, secure sound lights, low battery/out of range indicators, a rechargeable parent unit with belt clip and - the baby unit is battery operated or can be plugged in! Talk about versatility!Safety 1st ProGrade Childproofing Products

We were very excited to see the preview of the new Safety 1st ProGrade childproofing series last September and are happy that the products are finally available on the market! The set includes a Flat Screen TV Lock that prevents TV from tipping forward or backward, extends TV 6"-20" and pivots left to right for perfect viewing; Front Load Washer-Dryer Lock with a SecureTech™ indicator that shows parents when product is properly locked; Push Button Toilet Lock (also with a SecureTech™ indicator) with a convenient, sleek design for adult use; Clearly Soft Corner Guards designed with a soft shapeSafety 1st that easily conforms to table corners; Window Lock with SecureTech™ indicator and a sleek design does not detract from window décor; and the easy-to-operate Lever Handle Lock with sleek design and SecureTech™ indicator.
Britax FrontierKids want to grow up fast. Here's the booster seat that will grow with them and keep them safe longer. The Britax Frontier™ combination Harness-2-Booster™ boasts best-in-class forward-facing five-point harnessed weight capacity (from 2 years & 25 pounds) up to 80 pounds and also serves as a vehicle belt-positioning booster up to 100 pounds. Featuring True Side Impact Protection™ with one-hand adjustable harness height system, Versa-Tether® and engineered energy management zones, the Frontier is designed to be the safest high capacity seat in the industry. It is loaded with comfort and convenience features, such as comfort foam, dual cup holders and armrests. The Frontier is the ideal seat for the child graduating from their convertible car seat without compromising safety.
Bloom Coco PlexiMoms at the event will be among the first in the U.S. to see Bloom's brilliant new metallic silver cushion on the super-sleek and stylish Coco Plexi Lounger. Part of the new Glitz and Glam collection, this lounger belongs in contemporary living spaces with its iconic form and comfortable nest for baby. Sleek and minimalist in design with comfort and safety at the forefront, it makes a beautiful design statement in any home. coco bloom has a smooth self-rocking motion, soft-feel comfort seat and 5-point safety harness. The lounger is suitable for newborns upBloom to 26 pounds. Another plus - there is absolutely no assembly required! That should put a smile on dad's face!
Eebee'seebee Adventure Play mat & Activity Play HouseFrom the gentlest tummy time activities to the most imaginative toddler time explorations, the eebee Adventure Play mat & Activity Play House provides an ever-growing interactive learning environment for every baby. When in the flat position, this soft and stimulating mat with bold colors, range of textures, and engaging and simply re-configured discovery panels, sets the skill-developing scene for countless learning adventures. Tactile explorations… water pad and mirror play…push-pull games…inside, outside, over and through…open, close…and an exciting range of peek-a-boo variations are just a few of the games you can play as you exercise your baby’s motor, social and thinking skills. A simple change in the position of any panel—from left to right, top to bottom, inside to outside, first to last—will provide you and your baby with new games to play and opportunities to learn. eebee’s Bowl Me Over Set

eebee’s many playful expressions set the scene for silly social interactions. Together with a unique pair of “bowling balls,” the Bowl Me Over Set provides baby and parent with just what they’ll need to create their own “up-down-here-there-cause and effect adventures.” The soft, squeezable, plush set includes 6 brightly colored “eebee pins” (two green, two blue, and two purple) and two boldly striped and textured balls (one round, one cylindrical) so that baby can compare, share one with parent or playmate, or simply have one ball for each hand! eebee 17" doll

From grab-able hair to multicolored, velvety plush arms and legs and huggable softness, this eebee doll brings the adventures home for every baby.

eebees peek-a-boo adventures bookYour baby can play peek-a-boo with eebee on every soft-cloth page of this fun and colorful peek-a-boo adventures book. The curtains on the cover open and close, and inside baby can look for eebee behind a silky scarf, in a big, shiny raincoat, under a floppy sunhat, crawling through a pop-up tunnel….And roll a ball for a game of peek-a-toes! From exploring textures to anticipating outcomes, there’s no hiding the opportunities for playful skill building in this adventure.eebees laundry time book

The laundry time adventures book offers soft & fluffy adventures on every page. Take the soft towels out of the laundry bag and put them “into the washer.” Spin the peek-a-boo washing-machine wheel to wash the laundry; hang eebee’s pajamas on the line; then put them away in the drawers. When the laundry’s done, tuck eebee under a fluffy, fleece blanket. . . then enjoy creating your own laundry time adventures! Your baby will explore words, sounds, and textures; exercise fine-motor skills; play imaginatively. . . and get the laundry done. 
Goodnight Sleep TrainerSleep experts have written dozens of books that detail proven methods to help your child sleep through the night, but lets face it, it’s not easy to remember the details of a book you read when it’s 4am and your baby is crying. Thanks to 4moms, an innovative company formed by four mothers who strive to fill the gap of what's missing in the baby market. They worked closely with a pediatrician to take these same proven methods and put them into a simple to use electronic device, the Goodnight Sleep Trainer. By gradually increasing the time parents let their children cry it out, the children learn to soothe themselves to sleep while still getting parental support that is key to good child4moms development. Plus you can connect the goodnight sleep trainer to the web to track sleep patterns online and compare against statistical norms.
The New Svan BouncerWe loved the Svan bouncer before didn't think there was much room for improvement. Well, Svan found ways to enhance this already great bouncer. The best features of the Svan bouncer are its adjustability and foot bouncing action. It can be adjusted from nearly horizontal to upright. Safety certified for children between 6-to-30 pounds, the bouncer includes a 3-point safety harness, has washable fabric, toy loops and an ergonomic backrest. The best part about the bouncer? It folds easily so you can put it away when not in use, or easily transport it to grandma's or friend's house.
Primo Eurospa Bath & Changing CenterBending down to change or bathe your baby can be a pain. PRIMO's new EURO SPA Bath and Changing Center™ offers the convenience of a baby bathtub on a stand and portable changing table center in one! Perfect for your 0-24 month old, the bath is designed with 2 positions to comfortably accommodate a reclining infant or sitting toddler. A long drain tube allows the bath to be easily drained without lifting, and plenty of storage holds all your supplies within easy access. The stylish portable stand with 2 locking wheels allows the Euro Spa to be easily moved from the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or any room in the house. Easy to clean and made of non-toxic Polypropylene plastic, the Euro Spa is PBA Free, Phthalate Free, and Lead Free.

PRIMO CORALLThe PRIMO CORALL Bath Organizer holds bathing essentials and toys, hiding them when not in use! Forget the suction cups- this organizer adjusts to hook over the side of bathtub rim up to 3.5 inches wide.PRIMO Wizard Lizard Drainage holes in the bottom allow you to rinse and keepPRIMO Starfish your items dry. We have coupled it with PRIMO’s SHOWERPETS Wizard Lizard, a Shampoo or Soap Dispenser that sticks to most bathroom surfaces yet won’t drip even when facing down, and the STARFISH Bath Monitor, which not only displays the bath water temperature in F° or C° on the LCD screen, it also guards against overfilling the tub!Primo
Graco Sweet Slumber(TM) sound machineGraco's just-introduced Sweet Slumber(TM) sound machine creates sounds that help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep. In a world with phones, other children in the house and the clamor of life, Sweet Slumber's high-quality sound system masks unwanted noise to help baby fall asleep. Choose from a library of 12 soothing selections featuring white noise, nature sounds and lullabies. You can also share your favorite songs with the MP3 plug-in port. The soft glow night light helps parents check in on their little one and the well-designed controls are easy to use, even in a dark room. Compact size makes it easy to take with you and provides baby with a familiar environment even while you're traveling. The optional automatic timer helps ease your baby to sleep, then shuts off. And you canGraco plug it in or use batteries, so you can soothe your baby with sound anywhere you go.
Kushies RaingearKushiesKushies Rainwear for infants and toddlers are soft and light weight and do not restrict movement for busy toddlers. The jacket has two cute pockets on the front and one cute larger pocket on the back. The top halves are fully lined with 100% soft cotton fabric, and the bottom halves are lined with breathable cotton mesh. They have Reflectors around the hems for safety, a 100% vinyl exterior and can be worn over light or heavy clothing. 

Kushies Hooded Towel SetsKushies Hooded Towel & Booties keep your little one warm and dry. The luxurious, 100% cotton terry towel is over-sized for complete coverage and available in an assortment of bright colors. The matching booties feature non-slip soles to help prevent accidents on wet surfaces.
Kushies Playgarden
Let your child create her own garden with the imaginative build and stack Playgarden by Kushies. Magnetic creatures stick to the garden and the magnetic plant pieces stack and build. This unique garden window box doubles as a zippered carrying case for toddlers on the go! The many ways to play and succeed encourage independent play and build real life learning.
Kushies StacrobatsMore creativity awaits with the Kushies Stacrobats. Build imagination, balance, and dexterity with magnetic figures, balls, and base that are easy to attach. Connect them in zillions of ways! Begin with simple magnetic discovery and grow to learn stacking and balance. The many ways to play and succeed encourages self-expression and builds self confidenceKushies Pupa.

 Kushies' Pupa is a build and stick musical caterpillar that is sure to entertain. Stick balls together to create & build; squeeze to hear musical notes!  Full 8-tone scale lets you play tunes, including color coded songs. Colorful, fun, Kushies.
Z'fina Slingsz’fina first captured our attention with the very smart man sling™ - a very sleek “not your wife’s” sling made for the hip dad. Now we just can’t take our eyes of the rest of the collection. From the classy and sophisticated everyday chic collection, to the delicious and luxurious lush collection, to the organicZ'Fina and natural eco chic collection, to the modern and sporty 365 collection. You won’t be able to take your hands off the distinctive fabrics. With a wide range of styles created with the help of fashion designers, there's a z’fina baby sling for all parents.
Safety MateSafetyMate In the category of "why didn't anyone think of this sooner" is the SafetyMate®, a portable talking first aid for the home, car or diaper bag. Just push a button and SafetyMate immediately begins to talk mom, dad or other caretaker through step-by-step instructions for 30+ first aid issues, in either English and Spanish. It provides information for all ages – infant, child and adult emergencies. No more running to the computer or searching for the right book with instruction in an emergency. The interactive SafetyMate can walk you through potentially life-saving information while you're waiting for help to arrive, and can help you remember CPR or other life-saving techniques from a course taken longSafetyMate ago.
Bananafish Bailey beddingSince its founding over 15 years ago, Bananafish has become a leading manufacturer of infant bedding and nursery decor. It brings the latest in trends and style while maintaining a balanced collection that appeals to both traditional and contemporaryBananafish Brooke Bedding Set tastes. Our favorites include the Bailey 4-piece Bedding Set, which add a touch of glamour and class to your baby’s nursery. The rich brown damask design is complemented by blue and brown stripes, and the comforter is accented with cuddly plush. The pink and brown Brooke set adds the same distinction to a girl's room. Sets includes comforter, crib sheet, bumper and dustBananfish ruffle.
Hugga-BebeIt's bound to happen when you first put your child in an exersaucer, swing or jumper. The head bobs and your little one can't quite get steady. Forget wadding up blankets or towels to help your baby fit in a jumper or seat that's too big! Hugga-Bébé adjusts to your baby's unique requirements using our innovative Three Snap System. Another innovative product in the category of "why didn't anyone think of this sooner!"Hugga-Bebe
Cloud b Gentle Giraffe™The newest friend to the Cloud B®, Sleep Sheep & Friends™ collection, Gentle Giraffe™ offers a compilation of soothing sounds designed to entertain, educate and of course help achieve a better sleep. Conveniently tucked inside Gentle Giraffe's back is a removable sound machine that plays four unique sounds specifically composed to transport our young listeners to the beautiful and mysterious plains of the Serengeti. Gentle giraffe’s sounds will stir their imagination as they stroll through unexplored safari trails, listen to the rhythmic drums of a native tribe, gaze over the cliffs of the majestic falls of Victoria and hear actual sounds from the ever quiet and gentle giraffes. Gentle Giraffe, is part of Cloud B's endangered species line that helps bringCloud b awareness to the animals, their habitat and what we can do to help them. A portion of each sale goes to the Conservation International Foundation.
POUCHCalling all expectant moms - what if we told you that you could buy your entire pregnancy wardrobe for only $150? Well, almost anyway. Introducing the Classic Versatile Dress - Pouch. This one dress can be worn many ways. Try it as a halter, strapless, front-wrap, one-shoulder, Grecian halter, skirt and great nursing dress, using the apron for coverage. “How To” instructions included. Dress it up or down. Day to evening, office to errands, lunch with the girls. The Versatile Dress can do it all.POUCH Luxurious jersey 95% polyester/5% spandex … fluid, comfortable and flattering for expectant women of all heights, shapes and sizes. For all nine months & beyond - and we really do mean beyond because the dress is a hot seller for the non-pregnant as well!  And the best part - it's machine washable!
Organically Grown Boys 3-piece setOrganically Grown Boys Jacket Organically Grown Girls Bodysuit SetOrganically Grown Girls GownOrganically Grown Unisex Kimono Set"Wow" was our pure reaction when we felt Organically Grown's layette line. It not only felt soft and plush, but also had that high-quality cloth feel of well-made European lines. We also liked the fact that this "green" line did not go overboard by making their clothes look organic (you know, that soft brown with a grainy look). The layette line is well-designed in every respect. This company's goal was to make aOrganically Grown Baby difference to the environment by producing high-quality organic products. They succeeded easily in that endeavor, and in the process produced a line that will put a smile on a mom's face when she slips the soft, organic cotton over sensitive baby skin that deserves no less.
 Boon Bug Pod
We love the new Bug Pod by Boon. It provides a drainable scoop for collecting and rinsing toys and attaches to the wall with strong adhesive strips or screws for easy storage. The Bug Pod makes bath time clean-up fun & easy, stores & organizes bath accessories and reduces mold & mildew. boon
Pediped SamanthaPediped Demetri Pediped Isabella
pediped™ footwear’s line of larger, rubber-soled footwear, pediped Flex ™, is truly the "next best thing to bare feet." Pediped Flex are available in children’s sizes 6 to 12. The rubber soled Flex line comes in an array of styles for boys and girls and features exceptionally soft, flexible soles and uppers help to promote healthy foot development. PedipedThey also offer a unique fit system with each pair including an additional 2 mm insole to customize the fit so it is just right for each child.
BABYBJÖRN Potty ChairBABYBJÖRN Little PottyBABYBJÖRN Toilet Trainer BABYBJÖRN Safe Step Ah, potty training. What works for one child, does not work for another. With this in mind, BabyBjörn offers several bathroom alternatives for your child to feel comfortable when taking those first steps towards freedom from diapers. In addition, the clean-cut Scandinavian design and varying colors makes theBaby Bjorn BabyBjörn bathroom range a stylish complement to your bathroom. Whether you opt for the Potty Chair, the Little Potty or the Toilet Trainer and Safe Step, BabyBjörn has you covered.
Cars N Kids Car Seat MonitorParents today are not afraid to admit we often second-guess ourselves. We are over-worked and sleep deprived. Many accidents can be easily avoided, and the Car Seat Monitor made by Cars N Kids gives parents the peace of mind when traveling with a car seat. Similar to the warning beep that sounds for you to turn off your headlights or put on your seat belt, the Car Seat Monitor sounds a lullaby when your car stops, reminding you that the car seat is in your car. After installation, the monitor automatically sounds when it senses the baby’s weight in the car seat. After a delayed stop, a soothing lullaby plays. You will also be thankful as it warns you when your adventurous toddler tries to escape the car seat.
Skip*Hop Hare
Skip*Hop HareThe Skip*Hop Hare baby comb & brush set is a cute and clever all-in-one grooming set that complements any nursery. The bunny ears double as a useful brush and comb, each with a soft-grip handle sized perfectly for grown-ups' hands. The soft brush bristles are gentle on your baby's scalp, and the wide-toothed comb makes untangling hair a cinch. When you’re all done, yourSkip*Hop tot can coo at his perfectly coiffed locks in the round, baby-safe mirror on the bunny’s base.
Snuggle Nest from Baby DelightCo-sleeping parents everywhere fell in love with the original protective infant sleeper, the Snuggle Nest from Baby Delight. The NEW Supreme Snuggle Nest with Incline and Soothing Sound has not even begun shipping to retail stores but we’ve got it and love the upgraded features, including the built-in night light, the waterproof foam mattress, and the portability. Designed for newborns until baby begins to roll over, it incorporates preventative safety features as recommended by the SIDSBaby Delight Alliance. Parents place the Snuggle Nest between the adult pillows. The walls on either side of the product block the pillows, and the rear wall and base reduces risk of entrapment between the mattress and the headboard.
Baby Beehavin Stroller DVD Pouch How many times have we packed a portable DVD player to keep baby entertained and make our lives easier? At the restaurant, in the car, on the airplane, and now – for a stroller ride! The mom-invented Stroller DVD Pouch made by Baby Beehavin is the new stroller accessory that will haveBaby Beehavin parents rejoicing for the ability to play their children’s favorite DVD in most rear-facing strollers. Simply attach the pouch to your rear-facing stroller handle bar, insert almost any DVD Player, and let your child be entertained or soothed.
Uberstix SailboatUberBirdYour kids may have ‘collected them all’ but wait until you see the Award Winning Uberstix construction kits that have us yelling “Bravo!” They are engineered to work independently and/or integrate with all other major building systems including Lego, Zoobs, Zomes, and K'nex as well as recyclable materials you collect around the house! The Uberstix™ Sailboat uses recycled water bottles to make it float, and includes aUBERPULT lab sheet lesson plan that teaches the basics of sailing and the function of the keel and rudder. The UberBird™ has wings that flap and teaches kids about the workings of movable joints. Its fun to fling things with the ÜBERPULT™. Kids build a functional catapult and learn the physics that make launching objects through the air possible. Uberstix inspires creativity while teaching kids concepts in geometry, math, engineering and basic physics. Uberstix
SeatSnugParents notice the big difference in stability between a convertible car seat and a booster seat, because the booster seat is not anchored to the car. When a seat belt slacks or loosens the booster will rock and bounce around. SeatSnug allows the lap belt to be lightly tightened around a child’s hips, preventing seatbelt slack. By gently securing a child while riding in a booster seat, SeatSnug® substantially eliminates bouncing, rocking, tipping, falling over, submarining, and ejection, thus reducing the potential forSeatSnug injuries and death in vehicular accidents. SeatSnug® improves child stability and comfort, and parent’s peace of mind. Best of all, it’s easy to use!
BellyBraRemember when Maternity Belts made you feel like you where wearing a back brace? It’s time to retire the itchy Velcro and slip into the smart and feminine Bellybra support undergarment. Designed by a mom and recommended by health care and fitness professionals, the Bellybra offers gentle support for the lower back and abdomen during your third trimester of pregnancy. It is medically proven to reduce lower back pain! The stylish, lightweight fabric and three color options compliment anyBellyBra wardrobe instead of poke through it like traditional support belts. The Bellybra is a staple in any maternity wardrobe.
ORE Originals Peekaboo HangersWe still dream of that perfectly organized house and closet. O.R.E. Originals has created the cutest organizational solutions for kids. The Closet Dividers promise to help get yourORE Originals Hangers baby's closet organized. The set of 5 oval - shaped and measures 6 x 3 inches overall, and includes 3 sets of stickers (42 total) to organize by age range, clothing type or day of the week, so you can find the clothes you want and when you need them. They are BPA free & non-toxic, and they wipe clean. We are coupling them with the adorable Sugar Booger™ Hangers. This set of 5 in green or blue hangers are sized perfectly for children's clothes and features a 6-inch slot forORE Originals hanging pants. The smooth plastic is perfect for even the most delicate fabrics.
Room To Grow 4-in-1 Playard
It's a Play Yard - it's a Pool - it's a  Resting Space - it's a Changing Area: it's the 4-in-1 Playard by Room to Grow™. This safe area for indoor or outdoor play can be used with or without a removable 4" inflatable cushion, and has two handles for easy transport without breakdown. The Playard has mesh window ports for cross ventilation and viewing. When you remove the mattress and add water, you create a splash pool or tub. Simply turn play yard upside down with or without the removable cushion to create a changing table. Voila.

Room To Grow
Sparkabilities DVD SetThe Sparkabilities DVD series is based on the Playwisely developmental system and is designed to entertain your baby and develop essential learning skills - attention, recognition & memory. Babies LOVE Sparkabilities because the series has been created for specific developmental stages. Moms feel good about Sparkabilities because the segments are designed to develop cognitive skills. We love Sparkabilities because it is more than entertainment – we can almost see our babies’ cognitive wheels turning. The series currently includes Babies 1 for birth-8 months and Babies 2 for 6-24Sparkabilities months and offer learning in the areas of Art, Communication, Emotion, Language, Math, Music, and Reading.
Baby Silk by MD Moms When we sat down with the MD Moms, we felt like we were in a spa. These board-certified pediatricians understand that babies aren't miniature adults. They need special products formulated just for them, with ingredients that are gentle, pure and effective. That's why their Baby Silk® skin and hair products include advanced ingredients like marine silk, botanicals, Vitamins E and B5 to provide antioxidant protection, relieve dryness, promote healing, and protect the skin's natural moisture barrier. They also have a delicate botanical baby scent made from essential oils of orange and gala apple blossoms that's almost as yummy as that new-baby smell. Every Baby Silk formulation is clinically tested, hypoallergenic and free ofMD Moms lanolin, mineral oil, petroleum, waxes, harmful chemicals and known skin irritants.
BabeebriteBabeebriteParenting is an around-the-clock job! The hands-free Babeebrite pocket light by Mommy Bee Happy can be a big help with all nighttime duties such as feeding, diapering, looking for a dropped pacifier, helping kids to the potty, and even just making it across the hall to the kids’ room! The Babeebrite not only clips onto your shirt or shirt pocket, it also clips onto any surface up to 1 inch thick, such as a crib or headboard, stroller, car seat, rocking chair and diaper tote. You know it was made by moms because of its automatic on/off 7-minute timer and adjustable 90-degree arm. MostMommy Bee Happy importantly, Babeebrite does not affect yours or the baby’s night vision.
Pipila Pacifier Sterilizer
Have you ever packed your microwave or electric sterilizer when traveling from home? Pacifiers are a common breeding ground for harmful germs. Now you can sterilize them easily whenever you are away from home with the compact, portable and battery-operated Pipila pacifier sterilizer, brought to us by Hygiene Innovations. What, no water? The Pipila works by use of a UV/Ozone lamp, killing 99.9% of germs on a pacifier in just 5 minutes. It accommodates all standard-size pacifiers and runs onPipila two AA batteries. How cool!

Wagamama Baby Blankie Ball
Blankies are a child’s best friend but they can get pretty icky when dragged behind a little explorer. Wagamama Baby gives a stylish way to tote a treasured companion with the new blankie-ball, a luxuriously soft blankie which tucks into an attached self-enclosing pouch. The unique and attractive patterns are perfect for stylish moms and babies on-the-go, and the pouch protects the treasured companion while in tow. Good thinking Wagamama Baby!

Wagamama Baby
Little ReaderThe founder of BrillKids taught his daughter Felicity to read using flash cards, homemade books, DVDs and  PowerPoint slideshows. He realized that what was lacking in the market was a customizable, user-friendly tool for teaching babies to read. The tool he wished he’d had when he was teaching his daughter became Little Reader. We love the customizable features of the software (designed for 4 mos and up), and the web’s most comprehensive early learning resources available on theBrillKids BrillKids website. It is exactly what we were searching for years ago when our kids were little!
Froggie by Noah's Ark WorkshopWe love the Froggie 12 inch friendly green frog that is ready to be stuffed and loved. The "Noah's Ark Workshop" To-Go Kit comes with everything needed to bring Froggie to life right in your own home (no sewing required)!Noah's Ark Animal Workshop Each kit comes with: one green frog, a bag of stuffing, a wishing star, a birth certificate, a Noah's Ark medallion, a take home bag, and stuffing instructions. The closure is a locking snap/Velcro system as well.
LeapFrog Leapster 2 I Spy The new LeapFrog Leapster game I Spy lets kids discover treasures left behind by three legendary pirates! Kids will reveal pieces of their treasure maps while playing I SPY riddles and games that build thinking and vocabulary skills. Leapster2 players canLeapFrog connect online for extra activities and rewards. And parents can connect online to the LeapFrog® Learning Path to see what their child is learning. This fun game teaches logic and reasoning, problem-solving and vocabulary skills.



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Thursday, January 22 from 6:30-8:30pm; VIP entry at 6pm


The Dream Cafe near the Dallas Galleria at Village on the Parkway, 5100 Beltline, Addison, TX 75240


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